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Our Editor-in-Chief and primary author and researcher, Swiftwater Thomas F. Hahn, died Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007. 

He was closely connected with his Native American heritage and was a former Chief of the Kansas Delaware Tribe of Indians.

There was a memorial service and Life Celebration in Fort Myers Florida, on the side of a river in Fort Myers, Florida, where he had lived for ten years and spent much time authoring, organizing and researching the material you see on this website.  Thanks Swiftwater, may you find new meaning and wonder on a distant shore.

He was a good father, and mentor.  I miss him.  Chris Hahn (cfhahn@lenapedelawarehistory.net)


Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Red Road
Current mood: grateful

 I lost a dear friend this week, Tom Hahn. Tom often spoke about this spiritual road we share - it was the red road because of our Delaware Indian heritage. We often spoke about our roads in this journey we know as life.

  Thank you for sharing this road that all of us must walk upon even though the time was brief. You helped me to see there were trees and other interesting things to stop and see along the way :)  I was plodding along on some colorless, invisible road but you helped me to see there can be color, trees and clouds or anything else I want or need to see along this path life is guiding me.  Thank you for your gift of friendship.  I will never forget you. Somehow I know your spirit will still be here some where as I walk on this  road for whatever time life gives me.

Karen Lynn May 2007


O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
the fruited plain!
America! America!

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                                                   The Lenape-Delaware Westward Migration

Recent Additions 2005 -2007:
Florence Hahn Engagement Book 1979 Under construction. Last entry 1 January 2007.
17 November 2006 - Article on Delaware Trust Lands under History
22-31 October - 1-20 November 2006  Data from Tentative Interpretive Manual of the Grinter Place Grinter Place; Old Smith Cemetery photos under John Grinter
10 October - Jewell Grinter age 3 under Moses Grinter Family
9 October - George Grinter photo in WWI Army Uniform -  Under Moses Grinter Family
8 October - White Church Memorial Church and Delaware Indian Cemetery temporarily in under Wyandotte County         

7 - 8 October - Cunningham R. Grinter, Katherine G. Spaulding, and Henry C. Kirby Obituaries in Moses Grinter Family
4 -5 October - Photos of Anna, Cam, George, and Jewell Grinter and Henry Kirby under Moses Grinter Family
2 October - Newspaper article on probably the 1931 Grinter Reunion.
28 September - Improved photos Nathan Sr and Jr. graves markers; Clipper-Sasser-Hahn in Hunting Gear
23 September - Image of Annie Kirby and other Grinters in Grinter Reunions
17 September - Elizabeth Ellenberger in John Ellenberger Family
3 - 9 September -  Extracts from Morgan, The Indian Journals, 1859- 62, Part IV in History
1 September - 1950 envelope in Florence Torgeson Letters; official navy calling card 1959 Tom Hahn Military
30-31 August, 3, 10-12 September  - Items bought for Walter Hahn House according to Memo Book
27-29 August - James C. Grinter article in Francis Grinter Family
26 August - Moses Grinter Family; created new page Anna (Marshall) Grinter and Blue Jacket
26 August - Family Photographs, Tom Hahn Family;
20 August - Gage Park Pool Wheel, Topeka, Kansas, Tom Hahn Family
10-17 August -  Hood Family
1 August - Hood Family; image of David Blair, Strong Wise Owl and Bill Blair, Son of Strong Wise Owl
31 July - Gage Park Zoo photo in Tom Hahn Family
29-30 1-5 August Hood Family Descendancy Chart
24 July - Image of Jerusha Addeline (Hood) Coleman in Hood Family;
July - Deed Nathan Curtis, Jr. Family; Luther Curtis in Nathan Curtis, Sr. Family
15 July - Photos of Carrie Curtis and Sherman Watrous and "Thurza" [Theresa] Curtis Jones under Nathan Curtis Jr. Family
10-14 July - Curtis Family including 1875 Map of Bainbridge/Bennettsville, NY under Nathan Curtis, Jr.
9 July - Obituary Addaline Curtis Owen Varner in Addaline Curtis Family Folder
8 July - Children of Nathan and Clarinda in Nathan Curtis Curtis, Jr. family and 1850 census data
7 July -Photos in Tom Hahn Residence/Cabins and Military
5-6 July - Census  data for Clarinda (Hood) Curtis) and Nathan Curtis, Jr. Family and burial data for Clarinda
2-5, 6 July - Deed and other data in Nathan Curtis, Jr. and Nathan Curtis, Sr. Families
29 June - Rosanna Marshall Obituary
24 June - Monroe Curtis 1880 census entry under Nathan Curtis Senior
22-24, 28-29 June - Wahiawa entry and photos in Tom Hahn Military
21 June  - Betsy Hahn _Photo in Tom Hahn Descendants
20 June - Photo in Florence Torgeson Letters
19 June - Letter regarding Zoe (Cudworth) Curtis in Nathan Curtis, Sr. folder
14 June - Listing of officers at Wahiawa, Oahu in 1963 under Tom Hahn Family (Military)
7 June - San Miguel, R. P. in Tom Hahn Family Military; new page: Cudworth Family in Family History
28 May- Hahn Family Burial Plots in Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas
27 May - Donna Reineke/Pat Hahn photo in Christian Hahn Family
26 May - San Miguel in Hahn Military
23 May - Luther Curtis Family under Nathan Curtis, Senior Family; Tom Hahn Military-Winter Harbor
21 May - Delaware Town message
18 May - Article on scouting at San Miguel and experience in Vietnam  in Tom Hahn Family-Military
17 May - Moses Read signature in Read Family
15 May - San Miguel and Winter Harbor Memories in Tom Hahn Family, Military; Betsy Curtis Teed to Sarah Lovernia letter under Nathan Curtis Senior Family and census data in same; photo in Tom Hahn Family Pets
14 May - Curtis Bible Births, Marriage, and Death images; Hahn Family Plot Grid in Mount Hope Cemetery under Cemeteries
13 May - Image this page, photo in Tom Hahn Family, Pets
9, 11, 12 May 2006 - Data and photos in Tom Hahn Military- Philippines under Tom Hahn Family
5 May - Rev. Pratt 1859 letter in Baptist Missions under History
3 May - Photos in Tom Hahn, Walter Hahn, and Christian Hahn Families
24 April - Luther Curtis Marriage Certificate in Curtis Folder/Curtis Births in Nathan Curtis, Sr.
23 April - Photos in Tom Hahn Family Pictures and Tom Hahn Residences
21 April - Tom Hahn, Military, article on the Negrito of the Philippines
12 April - Bernice Taggart at 102 in Thomas Torgeson Family
10 April -
Catholic Native American Indian Mission Church School Records Sources Guide, Index Kansas - Archives - Marquette University and National Museum of the American Indian = in in Web Link; data in Steelsmith Family
9 April - Florence Torgeson photo of Florence Torgeson Folder; Thomas Torgeson photo in Thomas Torgeson Family; RPI, Shepherd College, Goddard College Graduation in Thomas Hahn Family
8 April - Gladys White obituary in Torgeson Family
6 April - Maggie Owen's handwriting in Margaret Owen Family
5 April - Tom Hahn Military; 1737 Walking Purchase under Treaties
3 April -  Beverly Hahn in Tom Hahn Family; Vietnam Safe Pass in Tom Hahn Military; Walt Hahn Photo in Walt Hahn Family
29 March - Photos Diane Torrey in Tom Hahn Family
28 March - Birding Page under Tom Hahn Family; photo Thomas Torgeson Family
27 March - Mary Christensen Obituary in Thomas Torgeson Family and additions to that family and Thomas and Margaret grave monuments; Maggie Owen obituary in Margaret Own Family
25 March - Photo to Tom Hahn Military
21 March - 1825 map of Missouri in Delaware Town; Zambales Province, R. P. officials in Tom Hahn Military
20 March - Torgeson Celebrations; Florence Hahn letter 5 November 1981n Tom Hahn Family; Torgeson Memories
18 March - Torgeson Memories; Hahn Memories 
17 March - Portion of Florence Hahn Letter about Chris Hahn under Tom Hahn Family
16 March - Florence Torgeson Letters November 1981, July 1983/Torgeson Memories
15 - 16 March - Hahn Family Memories
12 March Illustration Tom Hahn Family
8 March - Military Page in Tom Hahn Family
6-8 March Torgeson Reunions in Taral Torgeison (Thomas Torgeson Senior) Family
3 March - New photo of staffer Karen Lynn
27-1 March - Torgeson Family Celebrations; Thomas Torgeson Family
26 February - Torgeson and Walter Hahn Memories; new page Torgeson Family Celebrations
22-24 February - Torgeson Memories; Florence Torgeson Letters 6 November 1965, July 1980
20-21 February - Florence Hahn Letters November 1965, 5 September 1977, 4 September 1983; Walt Hahn Family Memories; Martha Defries in Audley Defries Family
19-20 February - Link to The Emigrant Tribes http://www.wyandot.org/emigrant.htm ; Chief William Patterson data in Biographies
18 February - Florence Hahn Letter September 1983; Mary Jane Grinter
16-19, 23 February - Torgeson Memories. Hahn Family Memories in Christian Hahn Family. Walt Hahn Family Memories in Walt Hahn Family. Thomas Torgeson Family Memories
15 February - New page Torgeson Memories under construction under Thomas Torgeson; family memory sections of Florence Torgeson and Orson Owen pages
14 February - Data on Chief Teedyuscung in Personalities
13 February - Maps and listing in Gilstrap Cemeteries under Cemeteries; 1935 photo of the Grinter House.
5-11 February - Photos in Tom Hahn Family
1-4, 10-12 February - Florence Hahn Letters July 1978, August, September, and November 1984, March, June and August 1985
25, 27-31 January - Florence Hahn letters January, February, April, May, June, and July 1984
19 January - Grinter House watercolor by Charles Goslin in John Grinter Family
15, 17-24 January - Florence Torgeson letters of April, May, July, August, December and November 1983, and January and July 1984 letters
14 January - Photos in Tom Hahn Family Pets
13 January -Photo of Hahn Kansas Delaware at the Annual Meeting 1995 in Kansas Delaware; Florence Hahn letter of November 1982
9-12 January -  Christian Hahn Family Celebrations, mostly Thanksgiving and Christmas 1930s-1970s
7 January - Bertha Hahn in Hahn Family in Family Histories
6, 7 January - Florence Hahn Letters of 1982 and July 1982
5 January - 17 January 1927 letter in Delaware Town folder
4 January - Estimate of goods to be furnished to about 2400 Delaware who were on their way to--the Currant River in Southern Missouri
31 December- January  - Florence Hahn November 1980 letter and August 1982 letter.
29, 2 January - Abstract of Merchandise to be Sold to the Delaware at the James River Fork of the White River by William Gillis, 1827
28 December -  May and July 1982 Florence Hahn letters and 1828 letter in Delaware Town Folder
27 December -  1825 letters in Delaware Town folder and March 1982 Florence Hahn letter
26 December - August 1825 letter in Delaware Town folder; addition of March 1982 letter in Florence Hahn Letters
23 December - Florence Hahn letters and Walter Hahn Letters of 1950; new data re apprenticeship of John Grinter
22 December -Florence Hahn letter of 29 August 1950 describing the death and funeral of Mattie (Defries) Hahn; addition of 1866 Delaware Pay Roll under Genealogy-
21 December -Florence Hahn letter of June 1915 in Florence Torgeson Letter; addition of Walt Hahn letter of May 1950 in Walter Hahn Folder
20 December - Walt Hahn letter of August 1950 in Walter Hahn Folder
17 December -Henry Lewis and Mercy Holloway photos under Hood Family; addition of new folder, the Shawnee Indians in Kansas; addition of a photo of the Hahn Family at the Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas, 1995
15. 19 December - In Delaware Town under History, addition of a letters of 19 May and 25 July
14-15, 18 December - Florence Hahn Letters of  December 1981.
12-13 December -  Florence Hahn Letters; addition to Pets in Tom Hahn Family; new entry - "Delaware who served in the Civil War in Florida," under History
11 December -  1865 Delaware Payroll under Genealogy; addition to Florence Torgeson Letters
10 December -  the Interior of the Home of Rosanna (Marshall) Grinter; addition of photos in Tom Hahn Family; addition of obituary of Frances C. Grinter in Moses Grinter Family
7 December -  2 July 1822 Letter and 6 November 1822 Letter in Delaware Town; addition of new page, The Delaware Per Capita Roll of November 17, 1863 under Genealogy
6 December - Florence Torgeson Letters
27 November - Obituaries for Martha Beckman Kilkenny/Leslie Beckman in Christian Hahn Family
25 November - Silver Lake Cemetery in Cemeteries
23-24 November - Photo to Walter Hahn Family
23, 27, 28 November -  Florence Torgeson Letters
21 November -  Photos to Addeline Curtis Family
19, 21, 23-27 November - Photos to Tom Hahn Family
18 November - Photo to Hulce Family
14 - Photos to Margaret Owen and Tom Hahn Families
13, 16 November - Addition of photos to Walter Hahn, Florence Torgeson, and Tom Hahn Families and
8. 10-12, 25, 26, 28 November - Additions to Delaware Town
7 November - Addition of photo in the Walter Hahn Family
3 November - Addition of photo in Margaret Owen Family
1-3 November - Additions and photos to Thomas Torgeson Family
28 October - Photos added to Tom Hahn Family
27-31 October - Photographs added to the Thomas Torgeson Family
23, 26 October - Photographs added to the John Hahn Family
19 October - Additions to Delaware Town folder
15-19, 29 October - Additions of Letters from Florence Hahn to Tom Hahn
11 October - Addition of photos in Tom Hahn Family
10 October - Addition of photo to Eudora, Kansas Delaware Cemetery in Cemeteries
9 October - Additions of Letters from Florence Hahn to Tom Hahn
4-8 October - Additions to  Delaware Town folder
3 October - Adding photos to Tom Hahn Descendants
29 September-1 October - Editing Tom Hahn Family
28 September - New photos in Tom Hahn Family, General, Military, and Family Pet Sections
26-27 September - Revising Hahn Family Pages
22 September - Addition of image of Emma Hahn in the Hahn Family Page
20 September - Addition of two Mary Ellenberger photos in Ellenberger Family Page
4 September - Revision and corrections made to the Steelsmith Family by Researcher/Descendant Vonda Moore
4 September - Additions to Grinter Chapel Cemetery Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas
31 August-2 September - Addition to Delaware Town
30 August  - Added new page
DELAWARE TOWN: The Lenape-Delaware Presence in Southwest Missouri ca.1820-ca.1830
26 August - Adding to incomplete listing of burials in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery at Kansas City, Kansas
19 August - Addition of Photo of Bernice (Torgeson) Taggart on Her 101st Birthday (Thomas Torgeson Family)
14 -21 August - Additions to
Stock Stolen from the Delaware Since 1854 Treaty (Completed)
10, 13 August - Additions to and completed work on the Delaware Census  1842 Roll
1-4 August  - Editing Curtis, Fair, Hahn, Hood, Hulce, and Owen Families
12-13 July - Added Descendancy Chart to the Hood Family
1 July - Adding data to Ellenberger Family
6-12, 16-26 July - Checking photos. Increasing text to a larger text font for easier reading
5 July - Addition of Descendancy Chart in the Hahn Family
4 July - Creation of Fair Family
2 July - Creation of Hood Family
1-4 July - Revision of the Curtis Family; addition of Nathan Arthur Sr. and Nathan Arthur Jr.
29-30 June - Creation of Hulce Family (Under construction)
27-28 June - Revision of Margaret Own Family
25-26 June - Revision to Orson Owen Family
21-22 June - Revision to Palmer Owen Family
17-18 June - Additions and revisions to the Porter and Read Families.
17-18, 20 June - Additions to the Benjamin Owen Family.
14 June - Additions to Anna Marshall   and Wilaquenaho Family entries.
11 June - Addition of Photograph of Annie Marshall in Anna Marshall Family Section
2, 6-11 June - Adding and revising Porter Family Data.
24, 31 May - 1-2 June
Delaware 1842 Roll or Census within the Fort Leavenworth Agency (Incomplete)  
22, 31 May - 1-2 June
Stock Stolen from the Delaware Since 1854 Treaty (Incomplete) 
18 May
- Added
Delaware Tribes
19 May - Added Listing of Burials in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery (Kansas City, Kansas) (Incomplete)

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Chris Hahn at a Southwest Florida Boardwalk with Wisps of Hurricane Katrina in the Background (2005)

North Beach on the Chesapeake Bay South of Annapolis, Maryland is one of Chris's Favorite Places to Visit. This of the North Beach Bay Fest was taken on 27 August 2006 (Chris Hahn Photo)

Chris Hahn - The Web Master and the Site Technical Manager, of Glen Burnie, Maryland and Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is a Kansas Delaware, the son of Editor Thomas Swiftwater and the descendant of Anna Marshall and WiLaQueNaHo. 
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Karen Lynn on a February 2006 Trip at Santa Barbara, California with her Father, his cousin Dick and his wife's brother Gary and Family Members. (Provided by Karen Lynn)

Karen Lynn, a Cherokee-Delaware, is from Laurel, Maryland. You may email her via

Arlene Ziegler Micucci at the Native American Museum Opening Parade in September 2004  Parade in Washington, District of Columbia. Arlene Micucci  of Summit, New Jersey, a Kansas Delaware, is also involved in Delaware and Nanticoke affairs in New Jersey. sweethawk_w0man@verizon.net

Martin Weeks of Norman,  Oklahoma is a Kansas Delaware. Martin is the son of Wanda Weeks, a former Kansas Delaware Chief, and Clarence Weeks and is a descendant of Anna Marshall and WiLaQueNaHo and Counselor of the Kansas Delaware.  martinweeks@cox.net                                                                                

Vickie Wilkins
is a Cherokee-Delaware. She and her family live in Bryan, Texas

Vickie Wilkins in a Cherokee Tear Dress. Like Vickie, many Delaware are also Cherokee. Vickie is a descendant of Mary Ann Marshall and Wilaquenaho. She and her family live at Bryan, Texas  bvw77808@yahoo.com

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