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Daughter of Audley Paul Defries and Mary Jane Grinter

Mattie Defries Wedding Photo, 3 November 1886
(Hahn Collection)

                                                       Martha "Mattie" Francis Defries
This image is from an undated Defries Family photo was probably taken at Kansas City, Kansas.  It is difficult to tell if she was younger or older than the photograph just below. (Hahn Collection)

Martha "Mattie" Francis Defries. The image of about 1910 is from a Christian Hahn family photograph taken at Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. ( Hahn Collection)

[There is an error in the memorial. Mattie Defries was the great grand-daughter of Betsy Wilaquenaho and William Marshall, not the grand-daughter. Editor She told her grandson, Thomas Hahn, that she missed getting her allotment of Delaware land of the Kansas Delaware Reserve because the Treaty with the United States was 4 July 1867 and she was born on 10 December 1867, five months later. She also said that she received her name on the steps of the Capitol in  Topeka when her mother, Mary Jane Grinter,  received her allotment.]

(Kansas Delaware) Martha "Mattie" Defries was born on 10 December 1866 on a farm at Muncie (mail address), Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas. She was the daughter of Mary Jane Grinter and Audley Paul Defries. The area in which they lived was called "Stony Point." It was just off Grinter Road, now 78th Avenue, in present Kansas City, Kansas. She was born on the Delaware Allotment of her mother. The farm was approximately a mile north of the home (now called Grinter Farm or Grinter Place) of her mother, Mary Jane Grinter and of her grandparents, Anna Marshall and Moses Read Grinter. Martha went by the name of "Mattie" All her life.  She told her grandson, Thomas Swiftwater Hahn, that her mother, named her a month after her birth, on 14 January 1868, on the steps of the Capitol in Topeka where Mary Jane received her allotment of Delaware land.  Mary Jane Grinter was born on 3 May 1843 on the Kansas Delaware Reserve and died on 10 July 1908 at Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas.  Audley Paul was born in 1830 in Barren County, Kentucky. He died on 10 July 1908 in Muncie. For the genealogy of her Defries Family see The Defries Family Page. Mary Jane and Audley Paul were buried in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery near their home.  Mattie married on 3 November 1886, Christian "Chris" Frederick Hahn. He was born on 31 March 1864, in St. Clair County, Michigan. He died on 3 July 1934 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. His parents were John George Hahn who was born in Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany and Mary Ann Ellenberger, who was born in Pennsylvania. Mattie and Chris first lived on a five-acre tract of land in Wyandotte County that was a part of Mary Jane Grinter's Indian Allotment. Chris ran a general store not far from their house. He was also a Trustee of the Stony Point School. About 1915 they  moved to White City, Morris County, Kansas, where Chris again operated a general store. They might have lived for a short time near Parsons, Labette County, Kansas prior to the move to White City. About 1921 they moved to Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas on 629 West 17th. Avenue, adjacent to the Kansas Free Fair Grounds. Chris worked as a carpenter until his death in 1934.

Some of the information on Mattie Defries can be found in Jeanne Brooks Gart, James Defrees and His Descendants (1992), located at the Church of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library (LDS/FHL) US/CAN 929.273/d362 and also on in Delores Potter, Genealogy of the Defries Family of Wyandotte County, Kansas, also located at the LDS/FHL under US/CAN 929.273/d362P. She is listed on Microfilm No. 5 of the John G. Pratt Papers as a minor. Her mother. Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries and her grandmother, Annie (Marshall) Grinter, are also listed. Their names also appear in Appendix 10 of  C. A. Weslager, The Delaware Indians: A History. Rutgers University Press: New Brunswick, NJ, 1972. Mattie is in the 1880 Census for Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas on p. 75 at age age two years. Her father, Audley [Paul] Defries was 38, her mother was 36, Polly (a niece of either Mary Jane or Audley) was 13, her brother William Defries 7, and her sister Ann. E.[lizabeth] Defries was 5. All the children were born in Kansas. In the 1875 Census for Muncie, Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, located at the Wyandotte County Museum near Bonner Springs, Roll 20, Martha F. Defries is listed at age 6 along with her father A.[udley} P.[aul] Defries, age 44; her mother Mary Jane Defries at 32, William Defries at 13, Elizabeth Defries at 9, and Moses R.[ead] Defries at 4. In the 1880 Census for Enumeration District 195, District One, Wyandotte County, Kansas, A. P. Defries is 49, Mary Jane Defries is __, William Defries is 17, Anne E. Defries is __. Mattie Defries is 12, Moses Defries is 8, Elva A., Defries is 17. It is assumed that Mattie attended the Stony Point School, first established by her grandparents, Moses Grinter and Anna Marshal. With her family, she attended the Grinter Chapel Methodist Church just south of their property. The land for the chapel and cemetery was donated to the Methodist Church South by her Grinter grandparents. Mattie should be in the 1885 Census for Wyandotte County with her parents. This census has not yet been researched.

She and Christian "Chris" Frederick Hahn were probably married in November 1886, because  the Office of Probate Judge of Wyandotte County on 3 November 1886 issued a Marriage License to Christian F. Hahn, age  23 and Mattie Defries, age  18 but they did not return it to be recorded. The Wyandotte Gazette reported: Mr. C.[hristian] F.[rederick] Hahn and Miss Mattie [Martha Frances]  Defries were married at the residence of the bride's mother [Mary Jane nee Grinter Defries, Nov. 3rd, Elder W. F. Wait officiating. [Mattie's father, Audley Paul Defries, had died two years previously, on 27 July 1882. Chris was the son of a German Reformed Lutheran minister, but they later attended the Methodist Church. The request for a marriage license is the first record that we have found for Chris Hahn in Kansas. Chris Hahn was born on 31 March 1864 in St. Clair County, Michigan and he died on 3 July 1934 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. His father, John G. Hahn, was born in Württemberg, Germany but later emigrated to Pennsylvania. His mother was  Mary Ann Ellenberger of Pennsylvania. He was Lutheran minister who served in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Mary Ann may have died in Butler County, Pennsylvania as she was there in the 1880 Federal Census. John G. Hahn died at Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. Not long after they were married, the Wyandotte Gazette reported on 2 January 1888 that, "

It is not clear where they lived when then first married, but not long after they were married Mattie and Chris lived on a five-acre tract of land in Wyandotte County that was a part of Mary Jane Grinter's Delaware Indian Allotment. Mrs. Hahn who has been lying sick  for some time is recovering." Because their "first" child was born on 21 December, one wonders if the sickness could have been associated with the birth of an earlier child who did not survive? Christian Hahn was a storekeeper and Clerk of the Stony Point School.  About two years after they married, her mother, Mary Jane Defries, sold to Mattie for $1.00 five acres of land in 17-11-24. This is in DIRECT (Deeds), 12 October 1888. Grantor: Defries, Mary J. Grantee: Mattie Hahn. Warranty Deed. Volume 115, page 79. Remarks: 6730. (It is unclear what those numbers mean.) The land is described in Deed Book 115, p. 79, Wyandotte County, Kansas, Clerk (Register of Deeds) as commencing at the SE corner of the SE 1/4 of Section 17 in Township 11 South of Range 24 east, thence N 24 rods, thence W 40 rods, thence South 20 rod, thence East 40 rods. Five acres. One would think that this was where she and Chris lived at that time or soon thereafter. The Hahns had about eighty acres of land within the former Delaware Reserve, so it is likely that he was also a part-time farmer and is listed in the 1915 census as such.

Christian and Mattie had many real estate transactions, but they mostly dealt with the same tract of land, Section 21, Township 11, Range 24 in the NW and NE quarters. According to his son, Walter Hahn--as told to his son Thomas F. Hahn-- they lived on the west side of present-day 78th Street. This may have been the five acres in Section 17, Township 24, Range 24 that Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries gave to Mattie on 12 September 1888. According to Marguerite Hahn (daughter-in-law of Paul N. Hahn) in 1995, they lived on the east side of 78th Street, at the intersection of 78th and____, next to the general store that Christian Hahn operated. Deed data shows that they did have land on the latter site. That property bordered the former Wyandotte Reserve. Marguerite also said that later owners were Mumford and Tiner, and that her husband, Vernon Hahn, was born [November 1907] in that house, that is, his father, Paul N. Hahn, son of John G. Hahn and Mary Ann (Ellenberger) lived there at that time. The Christian Hahns may have lived at both locations. Mattie's mother, Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries, owned a quarter-section of land (80 acres) in the Delaware Reservation that had been allotted to her in 1867 under the 1866 Treaty between the Delaware and the United States). Although Christian was the son of a Lutheran minister, he does not seemed to have followed that religion after his move to Kansas. Mattie's parents, Audley Paul Defries and Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries, were Methodists. They were buried in the Grinter Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery at the intersection of Schwartz Road and 78th Avenue (also known as Grinter Road), in Stony Point. Land for the church had been donated by her grandparents, Moses Read Grinter and Anna "Annie" (Marshall) Grinter. This church was only a short distance down the road from the Christian Hahns and was undoubtedly where they attended church services. Later in life they attended the Methodist Church, but did not seem to be active in church affairs.

Thomas F. Hahn cursorily searched the difficult-to-use old tax records for Wyandotte County, Kansas at the Wyandotte County Historical Museum at Bonner Springs, but he found no tax records for Christian or Mattie Hahn. So far, we have not found the census for Wyandotte County, Kansas. In the 1905 Census for Wyandotte County, Kansas, Christian Hahn is listed as being a farmer. Additionally, he is known to have had a small general store not far from their house. Mattie and Chris Hahn and their family should be in the 1900 Census for Wyandotte County. That census will be researched. They are in the 1910 Census for Wyandotte County, Kansas: Christian F. Hahn age 47, Mattie Hahn age 42, Louise Hahn age 17, Edward O.[scar) Hahn age 11, Where is Walter Hahn about age 14? (LDS FHL Film 1370356 080 0204 0210).In the 1900 Census for Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, Enumeration District 173, beginning at line 18, LDS Family History Library Film 1243961, Mattie Hahn is 31, Myrtle M. Hahn is 7, Mary L. Hahn is __, Walter Hahn is __, Edward Hahn is __. and Christian Hahn's brother, Paul; (born Pennsylvania) is __. [Ages to be added when found.] In the 1905 Census for Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, located at the Wyandotte County Museum, volume 478, section 3, page 26, dwelling 166, family 169, are Chris Hahn at 41, Mrs. M. F. Hahn at 37, Mertel at 15, Louise Hahn at 12, Walter Hahn at 9, Edward Hahn at 6, Margarette Hahn at 3, and Ed Defries.

The Chris Hahn Family moved from Wyandotte County, Kansas City to a farm near Thayer, in Shiloh Township, Neosho County Kansas, in probably 1912, although a note on the back of a photograph of the Christian Hahn family, apparently taken in Kansas City, says that the photo was taken in 1910 "before the Hahn's moved to Thayer [Shiloh Township, Neosho County]. On 15 November 1911, "C. F. Hahn" purchased 360 acres in the South 1/2 of Section 16, Township 30 South, Range 18 East. The deed shows that he still lived in Wyandotte County at that time. It is possible that they timed the move from Wyandotte County to Neosho County to coincide with the school year. Their daughter, Margaret Frances (Hahn) Walter, told her daughter, Donna Jean "D. J." (Walter) Reineke, "My dad thought living on a farm would be a wonderful place to raise a family and they left the store and moved to the farm in Thayer, Kansas." Eunice Marcelle "Becky" Beckman, the daughter of Christian and Mattie Hahn's daughter, Marie Louise "Lou" (Hahn) Beckman, related that she (Louise) said that she kept house in Parsons, Labette County, Kansas so that her brothers Walter Hahn and Edward "Ed" Hahn could go to high school there. Louise was a seamstress, so it seems likely that she probably did that while living in Parsons. She would have been about twenty to twenty-three years of age during the Hahn's stay in Neosho County. Walter told his son, Thomas F. Hahn, that he went to High School one day in Kansas City, Kansas--from Muncie--but he was so intimidated by the experience that he did not go back. This does not mean that he didn't go to high school in Thayer, but he never mentioned that he did. Their farm was about fifteen miles from Parsons, too far to commute each day, so the story seems likely to be true. Their nearest town was Thayer, fix or six miles away. It is thought that they went to church there and probably had friends the the area from their church affiliation. Donna Jean Walter Reineke told Thomas F. Hahn that her mother, Margaret, said that Myrtle [her sister Myrtle May (Hahn) McCollister] was married [and probably living in Kansas City] and that Louise was busy working other places [that is, in Parsons, Kansas], that they really had very hard times, and that Margaret was missing the goodies from the store in Kansas City. The farm may have been devoted to the growing of corn or other crops, as it is now. In 2002, the farm was leased to a man who grew corn and soy beans, but who didn't there, nor has there been anyone living there for some time. That is now a common practice in the area. Thomas F. Hahn and Christopher "Chris" Frederick Hahn in June 2002 confirmed the location of the Hahn farm by deed research and in an on site visit where they visited with the present absentee tenant farmer. They discovered that the farm house was gone, as was the barn, the latter replaced by a more recent barn. Thomas F. Hahn has a photo of several men building a silo. His father, Walter, MAY have told him that the photo was taken on this farm. One outbuilding, sort of a workshop, seems to have survived. The lessee of the farm told Thomas F. Hahn that the house and barn had been demolished forty or more years previously. There is a photo of the house which is in the Thomas F. Hahn's Personal Ancestral File entry for the Christian F. Hahn Family. The house sits back about 1,000 feet of Ford Road, which road borders the farm on the east side. Big Creek--much smaller than the name suggests--runs through the property in the western and southwestern portion of the property. The place where the old house and old barn sat, and the road to the property can be seen in a 1986 aerial photo found at for the Parsons, Kansas area. There are more recent buildings on the property, now abandoned and dilapidated. The road on the South side of the Farm is 40th Road or Street, the former designation used on a 1987 Neosho County Property Valuation Map and the latter on a map on a modern road map. There is a pond on the property which may be the same one where Walter Hahn told his son, Thomas F. Hahn, that he shot two geese with one shot. The farm of the family Leslie "Les" F. Beckman, spouse of Christian Hahn's daughter, Louise, is one section to the south and one section to the east, at the southwest corner of the intersection of probably Gray Road and 30th Road/Street. It does not appear that any other members of the Hahn family were in that area of the state 1912 - 1915.

From the farm near Thayer, the Hahn Family seems to have moved to White City, Rolling Prairie Township, Morris County, Kansas, probably in 1915. Christian and Mattie sold the Neosho County property in December 1915, two months before their mortgage became due. In White City, they lived across the railroad tracks on the west side of town. Thomas F. Hahn has a photo of the house as it appeared in the 1970s. Christian Hahn ran a general store in White City. In the 1915 census for White City, Rolling Prairie Township, he is enumerated as a "merchant." Accordingly, it seems likely that they moved to White City some months before they sold the farm in Neosho County. The enumeration date of the 1915 census would be helpful to have in that it would provide the "latest" date by which they were in White City. Christian's son, "Walter Hahn," and his daughter, "Louise Hahn," are listed as clerks in the store in the 1915 census. Grandson Thomas F. Hahn has a candy jar from the store. When the Hahn's sold the store to the Torgeson's--family members of Walter Hahn's wife, Florence Vivian (Torgeson) Hahn. Louise Hahn stayed on as a clerk and is listed in the 1920 census as a department store clerk. Daughter Margaret (Hahn) Walter said that she was so glad when her dad decided to move to Topeka and he do carpenter work and when times were much better.

                    Mattie Defries Hahn at probably at Her Home in White City, Morris County, Kansas.
The Hahn's lived here from about 1915 until about 1920. It appears that Mattie's daughter, Myrtle Hahn, sent this photo to her brother, Walt Hahn in  France, during World War. On the back of the photo she wrote, "The new coal & kindling shed set south of driveway and the one who burns the said fuel. Mama said she has the sun grins - her hair isn't as white as it looks in the picture however. (Hahn Collection)

In the  1920 Census for Rolling Prairie Township [White City] , Morris County, Kansas, volume 33, Enumeration District 99, Sheet 6, Line 65; Christian F. Hahn, age 56,  is listed as a house carpenter, so it is likely that that is what he did after selling the store in White City. Mattie Hahn was age 52, Louise Hahn age 27, Walter Hahn age 24, Edward O. Hahn age 21, and Margaret Hahn age 18.census. In this census, Christian Hahn is listed as a carpenter, Walter Hahn a garage mechanic and Edward Hahn a bank clerk  LDS FHL Film 1825261, occupations they pursued after they moved to Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas the same year for the boys and by the following year for the parents. Christian and Mattie Hahn probably moved from White City to Topeka probably to be near their children who had moved there.

It appears that Christian and Mattie Hahn moved directly to West Euclid Avenue (later changed to West 17th Avenue), on the south side of the street. They lived until there until his death in 1933 and her death in 1952. In Topeka, Christian worked as a contractor building houses. The 1930 Census lists the occupation of "Christian F. Hahn" as being a house carpenter. He built a house for each of his sons, Walter and Edward, and for his daughter Louise and her spouse Leslie Beckman, with their help. In his death certificate, Mattie reported that he had been a carpenter for twenty-five years, that is, since about 1909. So, it appears that while he was a farmer and a store owner, he also supplemented his income by carpentry. Chris and Mattie's home was as a meeting place for the family members living in Topeka. Three of their children lived within a few blocks of the parents, and the other two lived about a mile and two miles away. Walter Hahn's parents in-law, Thomas "Tom" and Margaret "Maggie" Torgeson lived just three blocks away at 912 West Euclid Avenue. Both families were friends in White City and continued that friendship while in Topeka. Like the Hahns, the Torgesons had moved to Topeka to be near their children. Walter Hahn's wife, Florence Vivian (Torgeson) Hahn in 1977 wrote to her son, Thomas F. Hahn, saying: "It was so nice for us to have our relatives living here [in Topeka] and raising our families together. Les [Leslie Beckman] and Louise [Hahn] were married in December, then Myrtle [Myrtle May (Hahn" McCollister) moved here the next year and Ed [Edward Hahn and his wife [Ida] Marie (Jenkins) Hahn soon after that so that we were quite a family. The Hahns were wonderful people, good folks and loved their children and we were all very happy. Then my folks came two or three years after we did. Dad was still in the Post Office two or three years after I was married. We had such fun on picnics and going to the Fair with our kids and we were all poor together. Dad [Christian Hahn] had a Model T car the year they came to Topeka and they came here only a few months after we were married. That first fall we were the only ones and them here in Topeka and we had such good times. We would go for a ride Sunday afternoons with Louise, Margaret [Margarhetta "Margaret" Frances Hahn] and Grandma and Grandpa Hahn and we would get lost in the country and finally get back on the road to town. We would stop at their house for a little Sunday evening snack." At one time the Euclid Avenue street car line went by the elder Hahn and Torgeson houses and later a bus route did the same. The rear of the Hahn property joined the Kansas Free Fair grounds. At the time of the annual fair in the first part of September, the Hahn house was a center of activity for local and out-of-town family members. Both Chris and Mattie had numerous relatives from the Kansas City area and some of them were frequent visitors. From the 1930 census we see that Elen Speerschneider lived with the Hahns while she was a clerk in a Topeka bank. That would have been a typical gesture of the Hahns, that is, to extend a helping hand to a friend or relative. The children of Christian and Mattie often were at their house on Sunday evenings. Often someone went out for ice cream at Baughman's Ice Cream Plant. When that happened Christian Hahn, ever the retail merchant, broke out a fresh box of saltine crackers to go with the ice cream. Their daughter Margaret, and her daughter, Donna Jean Walter, lived with the Hahns from the early 1940s until about 1963. During the war years of the 1940s, the upstairs rooms were sometimes let out to a renter. After Mattie's death on 27 August 1950, Margaret owned the house and she and Donna Jean, continued to live in the house. Donna Jean lived there until her marriage to Robert "Bob" Reineke on 23 January 1954. Margaret lived there until sometime after her marriage to Fred Hottle on 22 November 1963. The house is no longer there, the houses on the south side of the street in that block having been demolished for the present-day Kansas Exposition, or whatever it is called, as was the house where the Edward Hahn family lived a few houses west at 709 West Euclid Avenue. Christian Hahn's grand daughter, Donna Jean (Walter) Reineke, in an email of 18 January 2003 to Thomas F. Hahn, said of their grandmother, Mattie: "My mother told me she and Grandma Hahn quilted a Flower Pot quilt together and Grandpa Hahn cut out the pattern pieces for them. It is the quilt with the pink potted three-flower pattern... I agree grandma was not very interested in housekeeping, but she was into quilting and spent many hours with this hobby. It is so nice that she quilted with her daughters and especially interesting that Grandpa Hahn helped them by cutting out their quilt patterns. This tells us he did a lot to be close to his family.

Mattie (Defries) Hahn with probably a Grandchild at her Home at 629 West 17th in Topeka, Kansas ca1935 ( Hahn Collection)


Mattie (Defries) Hahn at Topeka, Kansas (Hahn Collection)

The grandchildren loved to go "Grandma Hahn's" house, as Mattie was a particularly indulging grandmother. She allowed the children to jump on the bed in the spare bedroom and to play the old Victrola records incessantly. Mattie appeared to her grandson, Thomas F. Hahn, to be a quiet-natured, soft-hearted person, who reflected her Native American background. When he stayed with her she she let him choose what he wanted to eat, which was usually pork chops and canned Royal Ann cherries. The Hahns had a pantry adjacent to the kitchen which was always looked into for possibilities. She also appeared to her grandson to be a rather casual cook and housekeeper, which may have accounted for part of her indulgence in letting the grandchildren do things that many other grand children couldn't. Unfortunately, the same grandson does not remember either of his grandparents talking much about their parents or their childhoods or earlier life, but that may have been because he was more interested in doing other "more interesting" things. We always had good times at family gatherings at her house. Mattie and Chris lived next to the Kansas State Free Fairgrounds on West  17th Avenue (earlier Euclid Avenue) in Topeka so that their home was a gathering place at fair time the 1st week in September. The old house is now gone and a part of the expanded fair grounds. She told her grandson, Thomas F. Hahn, that she had once been engaged to a wrestler at the University of Kansas who broke his neck while wrestling.  Her daughter Margaret (and her daughter Donna Jean) lived in the house on West 17th in later years, prior to and after her death. Her son, Walter F. Hahn, a kind man, visited her often in her later years and particularly so in the period before her death.

Mattie Defries Hahn at Home in Topeka, Kansas (Hahn Collection)

Mattie Defries Hahn in Topeka, Kansas (Hahn Collection)

Mattie Hahn had a long, difficult bout with bout with cancer of the uterus. As was typical of the day, she stayed at home throughout the illness, being cared for by family, and finally a woman hired to care for her during the week. Her grand-daughter, Donna (Walter) Reineke, who lived there in the house with her mother, Margaret (Hahn) Walter), recalled in an e-mail to her cousin, Tom Hahn that, the minister from Trinity church came every Saturday morning to visit for 10 minutes or so with Grandma Hahn.  She sat in the platform rocker by the front window and watched for him.  My mother stayed with grandma on Saturday and Sundays while the hired lady [Lottie] went home to Maple Hill. The Doctor also made house calls and came often.   I remember he was giving her a placebo and she thought he was really helping her.  The visit was doing her the most good and probably was not too costly as the doc and minister both had their route and wkly routine."

Mattie Hahn was buried in the Hahn Family plot in next to her spouse Christian Frederick Hahn at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka. Her marker says Mattie DeFries 1861-1950.

Their children were:
1. (Kansas Delaware) Myrtle May Hahn was born 21 December 1889 at Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Myrtle married Gerald "Mac" T. McCollister. He was born 12 March 1884 in Nebraska and died 31 July 1952. Mac was a school teacher at the Stony Point School in Kansas City, Kansas. They lived in Topeka, Kansas most of their lives and are buried in the "Hahn Plot" in the  Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka. Myrtle died 23 December 1964 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. They adopted two children: (1) Irma Louise, born 26 May 1922 at Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, died and buried in Ohio. (2) Dorothy Nadine (Living)

2. (Kansas Delaware) Mary Louise "Lou" Hahn was born 19 November 1892 at Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas. She married Leslie "Les" Beckman, who was born near Thayer, Labette County, Kansas.  They lived in Topeka, Kansas most of their lives. Les died at Topeka 24 May 1981 and Lou died 11 July 1945 near Bakersfield, Kern County, California. They are buried adjacent to one another in the "Hahn Family Plot" at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka, Kansas. They had two daughters: (1)(Kansas Delaware)  Eunice Marcelle "Becky" Beckman born 29 October 1921 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. She married Harry G. Corby, Jr. born 22 August 1922. They lived most of their lives in Topeka. Harry died in March 2001 and Becky died 28 June 2001. They are buried adjacent to one another in the "Hahn Family Plot" at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka. They had two sons, (Kansas Delaware) David "Dave" Corby and (Kansas Delaware) Richard "Rick" Corby. Both are living. (2) (Kansas Delaware) Martha "Marty" Mae Beckman, born 27 March 1927, died____, married James Kilkenny. Their children are: (To be added)

3. (Kansas Delaware) Walter "Walt" Frederick Hahn was born on 28 October 1895 on the Delaware Allotment of his maternal grandmother, Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries, at (Stony Point) Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas. He married Florence Vivian Torgeson of White City, Morris County, Kansas on 5 September 1920 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Florence was born on 23 April 1898 at White City, Rolling Prairie Township, Morris County, Kansas. She was the daughter of Margaret Louise Owen, born on 13 September 1870, at Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa, died 29 October 1952 at Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, and was buried in the White City Cemetery and Orson Anderson Owen, born on 1 September 1842, at possibly Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio, died 26 April at Parkerville, Morris County, Kansas, and was buried in the Parkerville Cemetery as a Civil War Veteran.  Florence was the daughter of Thomas "Tom" Torgeson (Taral Torgieson),  born on 29 September 1857 near  Bygland, East-Agder, Norway, died at White City 30 March 1939, and was buried there. Walter and Florence lived in Topeka, Kansas most of their married lives. They were buried together in the Mount Hope Cemetery. He died 4 April 1967 at the Veterans Hospital in Topeka. She died at the Canterbury Nursing Facility at Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia, was cremated at Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, and was interred in the  Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka in the Spring of 1999. They had one son, (Kansas Delaware) Thomas Frederick "Swiftwater" Hahn, born 5 November 1926 at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. In 2001, he was living in Fort Myers, Florida. He married first Elizabeth Curtis, divorced (Living). They had two children:
    Child 1. (Kansas Delaware) Christopher "Chris" Frederick Hahn was born at the Navy Hospital, Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland on 29 August 1951. Chris is married to Martha Jane Von Bauman born at Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania (Living). They have one daughter, (Kansas Delaware) Beverly "Bev" Anne Hahn (Living).
    Child 2.
(Kansas Delaware) Elizabeth "Betsy" Hahn was born on 13 April 1959 at Taipei, Republic of China. In 2004 she lives near Amherst, New Hampshire.  Tom married second   on 27 October 1968 at the Navy Chapel, Washington, District of Columbia, Nathalie Irene White, born at Peekskill, Westchester County, New York. Her children, Tom's step-children, are Diane Jean Torrey, born at Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine (Living) and Duane Gifford Torrey, also born at Bar Harbor (Living).
                                               Walter "Walt" Frederick Hahn (Hahn Collection)

4. (Kansas Delaware) Edward "Ed" Oscar Hahn was born 29 July 1898 at Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas. He married 6 September at Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas, Ida Marie Jenkins, born 4 July 1897, White City, Rolling Prairie Township. Morris County, Kansas. They lived in Topeka, Kansas most of their lives. She died 10 October 1978 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. He died 24 July 1979 at the Veterans Hospital in Topeka. They were  buried in the "Hahn Family Plot"  at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka. Ed and Marie had three daughters:
   Child 1. (Kansas Delaware) Genevieve Marie Hahn born 19 January 1922, White City, Kansas, died 29 November 1988, Evanston, Cook County, Illinois. She married Charles "Charlie" Johnson, living. Their daughters are (Kansas Delaware) Candace "Candy" Ann Johnson (living) and Diane Marie (living), Johnson, both born at Topeka (living).
   Child 2. (Kansas Delaware) Barbara Ann Hahn [More data to be entered].
   Child 3
. (Kansas Delaware) Patricia "Pat" Christine Hahn [More data to be entered]
                                                    Patricia "Pat" Christine (Hahn) Blair (Hahn Collection)

5. (Kansas Delaware) Margaretta "Margaret" Frances Hahn born 16 June 1901. She married 1. Donald "Don"  Walter born October 1903, Rockport, Missouri, divorced. Their daughter (Kansas Delaware) Donna Jean Walter (living) was born in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. (Living)  Margaret lived most her early adult life in Topeka, although she lived for a short period of time in Valley Falls, Kansas. For several years she and her daughter, Donna Jean, lived in the same house as her mother, "Mattie" (Defries) Hahn. In later years, Margaret moved to Mt. Vernon, Posey County, Indiana when she married 2. Fred Hottle, born 25 June 1901. Margaret died 25 June 1922 at Mt. Vernon, Posey County, IN. Fred died 25 June 1992 at Mt. Vernon. They are both buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. Donna Jean "DJ" is married to Robert "Bob" E. Reineke, born in Posey County, Indiana. (Living) [They have three living children. [More data to be

            Donna and Bob Reineke  Family                                                               

Kansas Delaware Descendants of Mattie Defries (from left to right) Carolyn (Blair) Laskowski, Cindy (Blair) Gentry, Pat (Hahn) Blair, Donna (Walter) Reineke, Thomas Swiftwater Hahn, Bob Reineke (non-Kansas Delaware, spouse of Donna Reineke, Laura Gentry, Chris Hahn, and Nichole Gentry at the Annual Meeting of the Kansas Delaware Tribe of Indians at the Grinter Place, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas in June 2003. Mattie spent much of her time at this house which was the home (Grinter Place) of her mother, Mary Jane Grinter, and her grandparents, Anna Marshall and Moses Read Grinter. (Hahn Collection)

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