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13 November 2006

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Moses Read Grinter (Hahn Collection)

[I have just about finished entering the information that we have on Moses Read Grinter. It needs more work, however, to make it an easily read narrative. I will undertake that task as time permits. Editor]

According to his gravestone, Moses Read Grinter was born on 12 March  1809, probably near Russelville, Logan County, Kentucky. Moses was the son of Frances Grinter, who was born in March 1787 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, died in 1864 in Logan County, Kentucky, and was buried in Smith's Cemetery near Russelville. Moses  died at age 71 on 12 June 1878 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. He was buried there in June 1878 in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery, on land which he and his wife, Kansas Delaware Anna "Annie" Marshall Grinter, donated to the Methodist Church South in 1877.  His father, Frances Grinter, married Susannah "Susan" Read on 16 April 1808 in Russellville. Susannah Read  was born 1786 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, the daughter of Moses Read, who was born 1746/1750 in Scotland and who died in 1815 in Butler County, Kentucky. Her mother, Rachel Porter, was born 1752/1760 and died after 1815 in Butler County, Kentucky. Francis Grinter's father, John Grinter, was born in June 1755, probably at or near Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, England. His parents are said to have died at sea between Dorset, England and Jamestown, Virginia. John was a Revolutionary War veteran of four years. He was in many campaigns and was a prisoner in a British warship. John left the army as a sergeant. He died 27 May 1831 in Logan Co., KY and was buried there in Smith's Cemetery. John married Elizabeth Hill on 24 Feb. 1786 in Prince Edward County, Virginia Elizabeth was born in 1756 in Virginia, the daughter of John Hill, possibly of Prince Edwards County, Virginia. Her mother is not known, but the name Venable is given in one undocumented Family Group Record as the family name of Elizabeth's mother. Elizabeth Hill  died on 17 August 1830 and was also buried in Smith's Cemetery. Details of Moses' father Francis Grinter and his grandfather John Grinter and their families are included later in this entry. An annotated listing of his children and  a partial descendancy list of some of them is at the end of the narrative.

We know little of Moses Grinter's childhood and youth in Kentucky where he grew up with his brothers and sisters Bettie (married Hardway), Rachel Porter (married Robert A. Moore, Mary Belle "Polly" (married Wiley Watkins), John Read, Jane (married Sharon), James C. (married Rosanna Marshall), Margaret married Lemons, and William. Data on these siblings, his parents,  Francis Grinter and Susannah Read, and  his grandparents, John Grinter and Elizabeth Hill, presented elsewhere in the Grinter Family pages.

The man standing at the rear to the right  is known to be Moses Read Grinter from other images, the man next to him has been identified as his brother, John Grinter, the man seated has been described as his brother, James Grinter, and the woman has been identified as  Rosanna nee Marshall Grinter, the wife of James Grinter. Because Moses Grinter died in 1878, the photograph would have been taken sometime before then. His brother William was also in Wyandotte County. Why isn't he in the image and why was Rosanna in the image and not the other Grinter wives? From the collection of Thomas Swiftwater Hahn swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net  and also Martin Weeks martinweeks@cox.net . An original of this photograph, viewed by Linda Grinter Rodgers (deceased 2003) , had an identification of these four persons on the back, as indicated above.
 There has been a suggestion, also, that the woman is a sister of Moses Read Grinter.                                           

Much is being said about Moses Grinter because he played such a central part in the lives of the Delaware as a trader and ferry operator. His place of business and residence were the center of activity of the Delaware residence in Kansas. Being married to a Delaware woman, he was also a part of their social and family activities. There are many secondary sources referring to Moses Grinter. To date, no primary source has been found in which there is documentary evidence of where he was born, where he lived as a youth in Kentucky, why and when he left there,  when he arrived at Cantonment Leavenworth, in present Kansas, what his status was there, when he began operating a ferry, where he lived prior to his marriage with Anna Marshall, and where they lived in the early years of their marriage. However, we can piece together a reasonable story of his life even though we do not have the details. In this biography, we will try to distinguish that data which is based on documentary evidence, that which is best on secondary sources, and that which is based on hearsay, and let the reader come to his/her own conclusions. As a start, one should perhaps see what Barry has to say in  The Beginning of the West, perhaps the most complete work on the West. Unfortunately, as noted in the Bibliography Section, Barry lists all of  her sources, but places all of them at the end of an entry, so that one cannot distinguish one piece of data with one end note. Perhaps some scholar in the future will provide that service. Here is what Barry has to say about Moses Grinter: 

In January [1831], it is said that Moses R. Grinter (a Kentuckian, aged 21) began operating a Kansas river ferry, from a site on the north bank within the Delaware reserve. This was three to four miles above, and across the river from, the Chouteau's trading post and the newly-founded Shawnee Methodist Mission, in what is now Wyandotte township, Wyandotte county, on the N. W. 1/4 of Sec. 23, T. 11, R. 24 E....For lack of tangible evidence, the date and circumstances of the founding of Grinter's ferry cannot be stated with certainty. According to one account young Grinter arrived in present Kansas in 1828, as a soldier at Cantonment Leavenworth; another says he came from Bardstown, Kentucky in 1831. Both versions say he was "appointed" by the government in January, 1831, to run a ferry. This suggests an arrangement between Canton Leavenworth officials and the Delawares for travel through the Indians' lands, and transportation across the Kansas River. The first records located for this ferry consist of two items in James Kennedy's May, 1833, list of expenditures in conducting Kickapoo immigrants to their reserve above Fort Leavenworth: "Moses R. Grinter, for ferriage of Indians, four wagons and baggage, across the Kansas River [the amount of $38.75]" and "Moses Grinter for ferriage of 5 wagons and teams across the Kansas river [the amount of] $9.25."  In a July 22, 1833, letter, the Rev. Isaac McCoy, wrote of a cholera threat which "so alarmed the Delawares, that they removed their ferry boat to prevent travelers from crossing to them." In a July 29, 1833, letter, The Rev. W. D Smith mentioned that there was, on the Kansas River, about 12 miles from the Missouri and two miles from a Shawnee village, "a tolerably good ferry, at which the mail crosses every week going and returning between the Shawnee agency and the Cantonment Leavenworth. Subsequent development of the military road from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Scott in the early 1840s brought in creased use of Grinter's ferry (sometimes referred to as Delaware crossing, later as the military crossing, still later, as Secondine crossing). Also a good many immigrants to Oregon and California crossed the Kansas by way of this ferry in the 1840s and early 1850s. Accounts say that  James C. Grinter (a younger brother of Moses) assisted as ferryman from late 1849 to about 1855. References to Barry's entry above: Kansas Historical Collections, vol. 9, p. 203n; 23d Cong., 1st Sess., Sen. Doc. 512, vol. 5 (Serial 248), pp. 74, 79 (for Kennerly items); Kansas Historical Quarterly, vol. 2, pp. 264-266 (McCoy item on p. 264), vol. 23, p. 178; J. T. Irvin, Jr.'s Indian Sketches, ed. by J. F. McDermott (Norman, Okla., c1955), p. 17 (for Smith item); Portraits and Biographical Album of Jackson, Jefferson and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas (Chicago, 1890), pp. 662-663 (for James C. Grinter); the 1855 census of Kansas, which listed, in the 16th district, p. 2, Moses and James Grinter (but not their families); the federal census of 1870 for Wyandotte Twp., Wyandotte County, listed Moses R. Grinter as aged 61, a native of Kentucky.

GRINTER HOUSE by Charles Goslin

There is a good discussion of this and other ferries in the area by Rodney Staab in "Grinter Place State Historic Site: The Analytical/Academic Version of the Interpretive Manual, 1977." His discussion goes beyond the scope of this biography for those interested in the subject. Staab was the Curator at the Grinter Place for several years. Staab takes a view differing from Barry's on Moses Grinter's  role as a ferryman. Staab points out that there is a plaque erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution placed at the entrance of the Grinter Place in Kansas City, Kansas, stating that Moses Grinter had been "... sent here by the government in 1831 to establish the first ferry on the Kansas River." However, Staab states there is no proof  that a Kansas River Ferry began operating in that year. He considers that the ferry  came later than 1831, under federal legislation enacted 1836 for the establishment of a military road through that area. One of the provisions of the legislation provided that U. S. troops could be used to provide part of the labor required for such roads. Another provision was that the federal government would first attempt to obtain the permission of Indians over whose land the road would pass. (U. S. Statutes at Large, vol. 5, p. 50 and Kansas Historical Quarterly, vol. 11, p. 117, cited in Barry, The Beginning of the West, p. 311.) A document of 21 October 1836 contains the signatures of Delaware, Shawnee, Wea, and Piankashaw leaders who authorized the federal government to build a "Western Road" and to build military forts thereon. (Fort Leavenworth Indian Agency Correspondence, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 300, frames 964 and  966-967, cited in Staab, "Grinter Place Historic Site," p. 3-1.)  The road, later known as "the Fort Leavenworth - Fort Gibson Military Road," was surveyed in the Fall of 1837. (Barry, p. 332) Staab says that, "The assumption that Grinter had been sent by the government in 1831 to establish a ferry here thus collapses... [and that] no historian has even found any form of government authorization for Moses Grinter to establish any kind of ferry, anywhere." (Staab, "Grinter Place." p. 3-2.) Conversely, of course, a ferry could have been established and operated by Grinter without government authorization. That seems likely, however, and it seems more likely that Moses Grinter operated a Kansas River Ferry, but that the documentary evidence simply has not been discovered. A ferry across the Kansas River has been variously known as "The Delaware Crossing," "The Military Crossing," "Grinter's Ferry," and in the 1860s as the "Secondine Ferry."  It was used by the Delaware , it carried the military road that ran from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Scott (and beyond), and it was used by thousands of emigrants on their way to Oregon and California. James Grinter, brother of Moses, was also involved in the running of the ferry from about 1849 to 1855. Concerning the ferrying of Kickapoo, Staab speculates that Grinter could have been a conductor or a transportation agent instead of a ferryman at the time of their crossing the Kansas River in 1833. Staab, ibid.) So far I have been unable to find the date at which Moses Grinter ceased operating his ferry. 

Moses Grinter's gravestone says that he was born on 12 December 1809. Anna, his wife,  was living at the time of his death in 1878, so it is reasonable that she would have known his birth data. Henry Clay Kirby in His "Grinter-Kirby Family History Family" says that Moses was born in 1807, that he may have been a resident of  Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, and that he died at the age of 71. According to family history, that is individual ancestry books, his parents lived in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky, but the first evidence we can find for their presence there at the present time is in the 1850 U. S. Census

The Delaware Tribe began arriving in the Kansas Delaware Reserve from Southwest Missouri about 1830. Moses Grinter was an important factor in the everyday life of the Delaware in Kansas until his death in 1878. In possibly January 1836, Moses married Anna (Annie) Marshall, the daughter of William H. Marshall and Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilaquenaho), a Delaware. (See Anna Marshall and Betsy Wilaquenaho in Biographies. Staab, Grinter Place, p. 3-2) states that the date of 1831 for their marriage is incorrect. Indeed, Anna would have  been only eleven to twelve years old at the time if that were so. Staab also points out that there is a hand-written statement signed by Moses Grinter that the marriage took place in 1839. In the "Grinter Papers," p. 5, at the Logan County Historical Society, it states that the marriage was in 1838. Anna was born 8 Jan. 1820 in Miami Co., Ohio and died 28 June 1905 in Kansas City, Delaware Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, and is buried there next to her spouse, Moses Grinter. William was an Indian trader who migrated with the tribe from Ohio to Southwest Missouri. It is not known where he was born, but he died and was probably buried  in Greene County, Missouri, near Springfield. He may have been in Kansas for a short time. His father, Henry Marshall, was a Revolutionary War Veteran,  was probably born in Pennsylvania about 1752 and died and was buried in Miami,  County, Ohio 14 July 1837. His mother,  Mary Marshall --family name not known, who was probably born in 1764 born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, died 10 January 1844 in Miami County, Ohio, and was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery at Troy, Miami County, Ohio. It is possible that Henry Marshall is buried there as well. 

Moses Grinter is credited as being the first white settler of Wyandotte County. One of the things for which he was well known was the operation of a trading post. There had been a post, a branch of the American Fur Company, that had been built under the supervision of the Choteau brothers, but probably operated by Cyprien Chouteau on the south bank of the Kansas River, equidistant between the Shawnee and the Delaware. It was in operation from from 1828 to 1853. Moses Grinter purchased that post in 1855 and sold merchandise there until 1 December 1860. A Delaware, Joseph Besaillon, was Grinter's business partner until 7 January 1858. His name also appears as Bizayon, Bezion, Besyion, Bissiah, etc. As of 21 May 1856, Grinter still owed the American Fur Company $844.63. He paid off $500.00 of the debt on 21 June 1856, but he still owed them $344.63 at the end of the year.  (Staab, Grinter Place, pp. 4-13, 4-15; the document dissolving the partnership  is in the John Pratt Papers, microfilm edition, Roll 5, frame 938.) In a letter from Delaware Chief Ketchum and also signed by Delaware leaders James Ketchum, Howard Ketchum, Charles Journeycake, Tashoway, Little Beaver, and Isaac Journeycake on 2 March 1856 to Richard Cummins that addressed several subjects. Of interest here are the remarks concerning traders. Ketchum said, "...about a year ago the department refused to grant licenses to traders. This pleased us. It was just what we all wanted to hear, for we are satisfied, after long experience, that traders are a disadvantage to our people. Though our hopes in this matter so far have been disappointed, the trade still goes on. So soon as the old trader, Mr. Findlay, found that he could not trade any longer, right on the end of the payment, just before the payment commenced, Mr. F. sells out his goods to Moses R. Grinter, a white man who has moved amongst us, and a Delaware man as his partner. This did not meet our views at all, but the agent said they had a right top trade. But it is all a humbug and fraud...We hope that you will put a stop to all trading in our country, for we do not want any trader in our country at all. .." (Staab, Grinter Place, pp. 4-15 and 4-16. [But need primary source data...] In spite of Captain Ketchum's protest in March 1956, there does not seem to have been a boycott of Moses Grinter's store.  When all the licensed traders were driven out of the Delaware Country by the order of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs W. W. Moneypenny, Moses Grinter purchased a stock of goods and commenced trading at the request of the Delaware chiefs and head men. Moses ran his trading post from 20 April 1855 until at least 24 October 1860. He was known as a "gentle and honorable man...[who] lent large sums of money to his Delaware friends. His generosity is evident from the fact that he was owed $14,134.13 at the closing of his books, a large sum of money at the time. Moses Grinter also ran the first post office in Kansas.  [Need source for the above.] There is also the question of the location of the trading post.] After 1861 and before the relocation to Indian Territory in 1867-1868, traders without a license or permission may have traded with the Delaware. It is not clear as to what Grinter's position was in this period. Was he an active trader then or not? In any event, it appears likely from the five-year period from 1855 to 1860, Grinter's customers paid about half of their bills, leaving Grinter with the job of trying to get the government to pay the other half of the bills. (Staab, Grinter Place, p. 4-17) Moses Grinter voted pro-slavery in an 1855 territorial election. (34 Cong., 1 sess., H. R. Report No. 200, "Report of the Special Committee Appointed to Investigate the Troubles in Kansas.... (Washington: Cornelius Wendell, 1856), p. 413. Grinter (cited as Mr. Gunter--a common error) was preceded by J. Finly (James Findlay, first postmaster of Wyandotte County) and J. Mundy (Isaac Mundy), blacksmith to the Delaware, buried at White Church Cemetery, both of whom also voted pro-slavery.)  In spite of the sentiment, Moses Grinter's son, William H. H. Grinter, enlisted and served honorably in a Kansas (free state) volunteer cavalry regiment. (Goodspeed, p. 300.)

It has been suggested that Moses (and later Anna) may have lived in some place other than near the Kansas River where Moses operated the ferry prior to 1857, when they built their permanent home there. For example, one might come to the conclusion that they lived in the vicinity of White Church, several miles to the northwest, because five of their children were buried there. It is likely that the Grinters were members of that church and that is probably the reason the burials of some of their children there.  In any event a stained-glass window contains the names of Moses and Anna Grinter. (Staab, Grinter Place,  p. 6-1) It seems unlikely, however, that they would have lived far from the ferry because of his need to be there at all times. The History of Wyandotte County...., p. 54, says, "He located near where the station of Secondine afterward stood, in 1831, and lived there up to the time of his death, June 12,1878." In 1929, their daughter, Mrs. Henry C. Kirby, that is Martha Vashtie nee Grinter Kirby, said that for "a quarter of a century" the Grinters lived in a pioneer house near the trading post, just above the ferry, until the completion of their new house. (Kansas City Kansan, 27 December 1929). The old house burned down at some point. The trading post was probably located just across the road of the house built in 1857. Parts of it remained until mid-20th century. By at least 1895, the Henry C. Kirby's were living in the Grinter House. The 1895 Kansas Census shows Henry, age 37,  born in Mississippi, his occupation a minister; his wife Martha [Vashtie] age 3, born in Kansas; and their children Hendrick age 4,  Charles age 2, born in Missouri; William [Henry Harrison], age four months, born in Kansas; and, Mrs. Annie Grinter, age 75, born in Ohio, were living together. [Need census data.] Rodney Staab says that the Henry C. Kirby's were living in Missouri as recently as 1893. (Staab, Grinter Place, p. 6-10. The Goodspeed History of Wyandotte County, states that Martha V[ashtie] was "a resident of Nebraska, City, Nebraska. [Need citation.]  The 1895 Kansas Agricultural Census for Wyandotte County, shows the  Grinter Farm in his name. The Grinter House, located on present 78th Ave near the intersection with K-32,  is now a property of the State of Kansas known at "The Grinter Place." It is one of the oldest farm houses in Kansas, is open to the public without charge, and is well worth a visit.

The following is from Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Historical and Biographical (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co.), pp. 168-169:

The first permanent settler in the territory now comprising Wyandotte County was Moses Grinter, who, in 1831, located on the north side of the Kansas River, in Section 21, Town 11 south, Range 23 [p. 169] east, and lived there until his death, June 14, 1878. He was sent to this point by the Govt--to establish and maintain a ferry across the river on the old Fort Scott and Leavenworth military road. He was for many years a lonely white resident among the Indians.

In 1857, Moses and Anna began the building of their brick house house on the Kansas River. The house is said to have been patterned after a house in Kentucky. The brick were made of clay dug on the property and baked in a kiln there. The basic frame work was of native walnut and the finish work was taken from Fort Leavenworth by ox team. The house was completed in two years. It was the showpiece of the area and remains one of the oldest houses in Kansas, now a property known as The Grinter Place, owned, maintained, operated by the State of Kansas. The house is located on 78th Street,  a mile west of the old site of Muncie which was on the Wyandot-Delaware Reservations line. Lots 7 and 8 of the southwest quarter of Section 21, Township 11, Range 24, containing 78.40 acres, were patented to Annie on 19 November 1868 by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. The transaction was recorded in Washington, D. C. on 2 March 1869. It is recorded in Vol. 72, pp. 353-354. of the Register of Deeds Office, Wyandotte County Court House.  (Staab, Grinter Place, p. 6-3).On 8 November 1861, Betsy Marshall, Anna's mother, was allotted lots 5 and 6 of Section 21, Township 11, Range 24. It is likely that Anne inherited that property on the death of her mother. (John G. Pratt Papers, microfilm edition, Roll 9, frame 270). It is not clear what the status of Moses Grinter's land ownership was prior to the government allotment to Annie. 

In the 1855 Kansas Territorial Census, 16th Election District, Wyandotte County, Moses is listed at age 40 as a laborer born in Kentucky. In the 1860 Kansas Territorial Census, Wyandotte, Moses is listed as a Merchant with $1,000 in real estate and worth $1,500 at age 51, born Ohio [an error]. He was enumerated on 26 July 1860 at Dwelling 355, Family 405. In the 1865 Kansas, Wyandotte Township, Family No. 5, he is listed as a farmer with spouse Anna, age 50 born Indiana and William 28, born Kansas. Moses land is listed at a value of $3,500 and his personal worth $1,500. In the 1875 Census for Kansas, Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte, County, Moses Grinter is listed as 66, born Kentucky, with spouse Anna 55 born Ohio, Mattie 17 [actually 27], Rose Marshall 25, Polly 17, and Cunningham 11. Rose and Polly were Anna's son, John Marshall's, daughters). In the 1875 census, the Grinters had 280 acres fenced, 210 acres not fenced, 1,000 rods of rail fencing, 680 rods of board fencing, wages paid $300, acreage in corn 75, winter wheat 112, blue-grass 2430, evaluation of farm $3,500. The farm is actually listed in the name of William Henry Harrison Grinter, Moses' and Anna's son.

Moses Grinter was active in many of the affairs of Wyandotte County. He apparently interceded on the behalf of other persons. For example, during the probate of William Gillis Estate in 1870, he arranged for or provided an interpreter during the trial.

We, Judge Hicks, myself [apparently attorney Charles Rucker and Grinter sent for Jack McLean [an interpreter] - sent Moses Grinter - Moses Grinter was there in our interest to get witnesses for us. He lives on Kaw River 5 or 6 miles from Kansas City, I think Judge Hicks proposed Grinter. (William Gillis Probate Papers)

Moses and Anna were active in the Methodist Episcopal Church. At one time church services were held in the their home to which Moses called nearby people to church by using a conch horn. In 1877 the Grinters  gave 1.56 acres of land for a Methodist church and cemetery on the road north of their house on present 78th Street in Section 10, Township 11, Range 24. The church is called the Grinter Chapel and is an active Methodist church today, with many of the Grinters and their family buried in the cemetery there.


Grave monument  for Moses Read Grinter in the Grinter Chapel  Cemetery on 78th Street in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. The inscription reads: MOSES R. GRINTER  BORN  MAR. 12, 1809  DIED  June 12, 1878. The inscription for his wife. Annie, is on the other side of the monument. This cemetery is on land donated by Moses and Annie in the 1860s. (Photograph by Tom Hahn about 1996)

Moses Read Grinter and Anna (Marshall) Grinter had ten children:
   1. Francis Catherine or Katherine Grinter was born on 26 December 1839, at White Church on the Delaware Reserve (present Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas). She was on the List  of the 26 Delaware Who Elected to Remain in Kansas under the 1862 Allotment Number 78. Francis Catherine married  on 7 February 1856 John Carter Grinter, the son of Samuel Grinter. Samuel Grinter was the son of John Grinter. John C. Grinter was born (according to his grave marker) on 28 January 1828. He was the first cousin of Moses Read Grinter and the first cousin once removed of Francis Catherine Grinter. John C. Grinter died on 17 September 1898.  Francis Catherine died on 9 April 1908 in Wyandotte County. She was buried in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery at Kansas City, in Wyandotte County. The following item was from Barney Thomson:

The Perry Mirror, Thursday, April 16, 1908

Mrs. Frances Catherine GRINTER, 69 years old, the widow of John C. GRINTER, died last night on the old GRINTER farm, two miles north of Edwardsville, in Wyandotte county, Kansas. It had always been her home. Mrs. GRINTER and her husband, John C. GRINTER, who died several years ago, were cousins. Five children survive them.

Mrs. GRINTER was one of the first white children born in Wyandotte county. Her father was Moses GRINTER, the first white settler in Wyandotte county, who went to live among the Indians on the old Delaware reservation in 1838. His wife, Anna Marshall GRINTER, whom he married in 1836, was member of the Delaware tribe.--Thursday's Kansas City Star.

Funeral services for Mrs. GRINTER were held at the GRINTER chapel one mile northeast of Muncie, Kan., and were largely attended. Mrs. J.C. GRINTER, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. GRINTER, J. W. COLLEY and Miss Linnie COLLEY attended the funeral from Perry.

Grave Marker of John C. Grinter and Frances C. Grinter in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery, on 78th Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Francis's name is in the show area. ( Photo by Tom Hahn about 1996)

The children of John Carter Grinter and Francis Catherine Grinter, using his ancestry, that is through his father, Samuel Grinter, and his grandfather, John Grinter, are:
Mary Elizabeth Grinter
 (John Carter3 Grinter, Samuel2, John1) was born 9 February 1857 in Logan County, Kentucky. She married on 20 May 1875 Robert Taylor Mooney. He was born at Rutherford, North Carolina on 24 October 1846. They had six children: Mattie Francis died in early infancy), Ora Etta, Anna Emily, Bertha Elizabeth, John Clay, and Ella Florence. History of Wyandotte County, pp. 734-735) 5
Bertha Elizabeth Grinter (Mary Elizabeth4 Grinter, John Carter3,  Samuel2, John1)[See the entry below for an extensive descendancy of Bertha Elizabeth Grinter.
          ii. John W. Grinter
 Mannie H. Grinter
         iv.  Edward E. Grinter
John W. Grinter

   2. William Henry Harrison Grinter was  born on 1 November 1841 on the Delaware Reserve (present Kansas. During the Civil War he served in the 15th Kansas Cavalry, Company E. He never married. William H. H. Grinter was killed in a hunting accident in Ozark County, Missouri on 10 December 1887 and was buried on 13 December 1987 in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas. The 1880 U. S. Census for Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas shows him as a farmer, unmarried, at age 38, born in Kansas. With him in the household are his mother, Anna (Marshall) Grinter, age 60, keeping house, born Indiana; his brother Cunningham Grinter, farmer, age 16 born Kentucky; and, his sister, Martha (Grinter) Allen, keeping house, age 22, born Kansas. (LDS Census Extract, FHL Film 1254400, National Archives Film T9-0400, p. 420A) They are all living in the home of Moses Read Grinter and Anna (Marshall) Grinter, now called The Grinter Place. Contact: E-mail martinweeks@cox.net  .

                                               William Henry Harrison Grinter. (Provided by Mary J. Leiter)

The following is from Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Historical and Biographical and Genealogical (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890), p. 300: William H. H. mustered September, 1863, as first sergeant promoted first lieutenant October 10, 1863; mustered out with regiment October 10, 1865.

There is a lengthy account in the 16 December 1887 edition of the Wyandotte Gazette of the shooting death of and the burial and memorial service for W. H. H. Grinter.

   3. Mary Jane Grinter was born on 3 May 1841/1843 on the Delaware Reserve (present Muncie, Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas). She was the daughter of Anna (nee Marshall) Grinter (No.  127 on the List of Delaware Who Elected to Remain in Kansas) and Moses Read Grinter.  Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries married on 3 April 1858 or 1859 in Johnson County, Kansas, Audley Paul Defries. He was born in 1830 in Barren County, Kentucky and died on 27 July 1882 at Muncie. In the 1880 Census, Mary Jane Defries is listed at age 37 as keeping house, her father born in Kentucky, and her mother born in Arkansas. [It should be noted that her mother  was supposedly born in Ohio, but in the 1880 census she is also reported to have been born in Indiana.] Her spouse, Audley Paul (erroneously listed as "S. P. Defries") at age 49, was occupied as a farmer born in Kentucky, and his parents were born in Kentucky. Mary Jane died  on 10 July 1908, and was buried in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries was declared a Citizen of the United States in the United States District Court on 14 January 1868.  The children of Mary Jane Grinter and Audley Paul Defries were:
   Child 1. William Asher Defries, No. 894 on the 1862 Allotment List,  was born on 30 June 1861 and died in March 1920. He married  in 1885 Mariah Catherine Thomas. She  was born on 23 November 1863 and died on 10 December 1866.  In the 1880 Census
at age 17, he was occupied in farming.
   Child 2. Annie Elizabeth  Defries  was born on 1 December 1854 and died in April 1940. She married in March, 1888 Eric Oscar Newman. He was born on 1 December 1854 and  died on 18 December 1926.  In the 1880 Census,  she was  age 15 and occupied in house work.
   Child 3. Martha Frances Defries was born on 10 December 1866 at Muncie and died on 27 August 1950 at home at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.  She married on  3 November 1886, probably in Wyandotte County, Kansas, Christian Frederick Hahn. He was born on 31 March 1864 in  Swan Creek, St. Clair County, Michigan and he died on 3 July 1934 at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. They are both buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Topeka. In the 1880 Census, Martha Frances know as "Mattie" ( even on her grave marker) was 12 and occupied in house work. Martha "Mattie" Defries is the maternal grandmother of Researcher Thomas Swiftwater Hahn: swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net .
   Child 4. Moses Reed Defries was born on 1 June 1871, in Muncie, Wyandotte County, Kansas. He did not marry. In the 1880 Census, Moses  was age 8.
   Child 5. Eva Marie Defries was born on 7 May 1873, at Muncie, and married Frank Snyder. In the 1880 Census, Eva May [Marie] was age 1.
(Census data were from the LDS Census Extract for Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, FHL Film 1254400, National Archives Film T9-0400, p. 420A.)

4. Victoria B. Grinter was born on 26 June 1848. She died in infancy.
5. Florence D. Grinter was born on 11 July 185. She died on 24 October 1857.
6. Prudence Grinter was born on 26 June 1854. She died in infancy.
7. Martha Vashtie Grinter  born on 16 or 26 July 1857. She married first in 1876, W. D. Allen, and   married second, on 30 October 188, Henry Clay Kirby. He was born 31 August 1856 and died 30 January 1939. They lived for many years in the "Grinter House."

Obituary of Reverend Henry C. Grinter - Former Circuit Rider Dies at 81 in His Home at Muncie

The Rev. Henry Clay Kirby, 81 years old, for many years an active minister of the Methodist Episcopal church South, died last night at his home in Muncie, Kas. Mr. Grinter was a graduate of Vanderbilt university. In 1887 he went to Muncie. He married Miss Martha V. Grinter, a daughter of Moses Grinter, a Wyandotte County pioneer. The Kirby home has been the scene annually of the Reunion of the Grinter descendants. Mr. Kirby was a circuit rider in the 80's, traveling on horseback much of the time. He preached at Ravenswood, Edgerton, and Grandview in Missouri; Nebraska City, Neb., and White Church and Edwardsville in Kansas. It was while preaching in 1888 at the Grinter chapel that he met his wife, who was the youngest daughter of Mr. Grinter. Although he retired from active service in 1902 he was often called upon to preach in the Muncie vicinity and to conduct baptisms, weddings and funerals. He was a member of the Delaware Masonic lodge. Mrs. Kirby died several years ago. Surviving Mr. Kirby are two daughters. Miss Mattie J. Kirby and Miss Annie T. Kirby of the home and thee sons. W. H. Kirby, C. G. Kirby and W. C. Kirby, all of Muncie, and a sister, Mrs. Jennie Hornsby, Forest City, Ark. (Submitted by Jane Zolotor)

Photo as Received. I am working on this as a novice. Try your hand at restoration and send me the result. Editor swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net

(Improved --a bit-- Photo.) Martha Vashtie Grinter (right) at about age 13 and Cunningham "Cam" Grinter at about age 7 to 10, ca1871 - 1875. (Photo provided by Martin Weeks) I will continue to try to improve the quality of the image. Editor.                                                    

Martha Vashtie (Grinter) Kirby and Henry Clay Kirby in Front of the Grinter House. (Provided by Mary J. Leiter)

8. James Grinter died in infancy.
9. [Who is missing?]
10. Cunningham "Cam"  Reed Grinter was born on 4 March 1864 on the Delaware Reserve in present Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.
Cam married Elizabeth Shirley, born  on 26 April 1869. He died in Kansas City, Missouri on 11 March 1924, and was buried on 13 March 1924 in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. His residence at the time of his death  was at 1419 Summit, Kansas City, Missouri. Cunningham's nickname was "Cam." He worked as a carpenter (Death Certificate.  Elizabeth died on 21 April 1905 and was also buried in the Grinter Chapel Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas. 

            Cam Grinter Provided by Martin Weeks)

Left-to-right: Cam Grinter; Henry Kirby; Wilbur, Charles, or Bill Kirby, sons of Henry Kirby, ca. early 1920s.  (Photo provided by Martin Weeks)

Obituary of Cam Grinter from a Kansas City, Kansas Newspaper

Cunningham R. Grinter, 60, died yesterday at the home, 1419 Summit. He is survived by a son, George W. Grinter; five daughters, Mrs. Wallace Hodge, Mrs. Bessie Johnson and Mrs. Charles Leat, all of the home; Mrs. J. H. Kelley, 5121 Holmes, and Mrs. George Rice, Oklahoma City, and a sister, Mrs. Martha B. Kirby, Muncie, Kas. Funeral at 1 o'clock tomorrow at the  Theisen chapel and at 2 o'clock at the Grinter  Chapel, Muncie. Burial at the Grinter cemetery, Muncie.

              Anna and Kate Grinter (Provided by Jane Zolotor RonaldPZolotor@aol.comand and Improved by Martin Weeks

Anna and Kate Grinter ca 1890 provided by Jane Zolotor RonaldPZolotor@aol.comand Improved by Martin Weeks

Jewell Grinter at about age 3 in 1894.. Photographer George Aldridge 1015 Kansas Avenue, North Topeka, Kansas. (Submitted by Jane Zolotor  RonaldPZolotor@aol.com )

Bessie Grinter, Infant (Provided by Jane Zolotor RonaldPZolotor@aol.com )

George Grinter, Sr. Infant (Submitted by Jane Zolotor RonaldPZolotor@aol.com )    

George Grinter in WWI Army Uniform (Provided by Jane Zolotor to Marty Weeks)

Katie, George, Jewell Grinter (Provided by Jane Zolor RonaldPZolotor@aol.com  


Their children are:
   Child 1. Anna "Annie" Grinter was born on 27 January 1886. She married Joseph Kelly. Annie died on 1 April 1938.

   Child 2.  Katherine Frances Grinter was born on 15 November 1889.  She married Frank Spaulding. Katherine Francis died in January 1952.

 Obituary of Mrs. Katherine G. Spaulding. She was Granddaughter of Early Wyandotte County Settler

Mrs. Katherine Grinter Spaulding. 62, of 2000 Broadway, died yesterday at the Lakeside hospital. She was the granddaughter of Moses Grinter, first permanent white settler of Wyandotte County. Surviving Mrs. Spaulding are a foster daughter, Miss Vera Hodge of the home; a brother, George Grinter. of Oklahoma City, and two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Stock, Gravois Mills, Mo.,  and Mrs. Jewell Funkhouser, Oklahoma City. Funeral services will be held at 10 0o'clock Saturday at the Gibson chapel. Burial will be in the Grinter Chapel Methodist church. Mrs. Spaulding was a member. (Submitted by Jane Zolotor)

   Child 3.  Mattie Jewell Grinter was born on 13 October 1892. She married first George Rice, and second Jack Funkhouser. Mattie Jewell died on 17 August 1960.
   Child 4.  George Warren Grinter was born on 21 April 1895. He married Lucille Porter. George died on 12 June 1965.
   Child 5.  Bessie Bernice Grinter was born on 16 November 1898.  She married Lee Stock. She died on 28 November 1975.

Bessie Bernice Grinter (Photo provided by Martin Weeks)

   Child 6.   Iona Maybell Grinter was born on 10 December.  She married first Robert Byrd and second Wallace Millard Hodge who died in April 1938.  Iona Maybell died  on 29 May 1938. George and Iona were the only ones of Cam's children to have children. George Warren Grinter had a son George Grinter, Jr., born on 5 March 1943 who died on 16 August 1996. He had two children who reside in Oklahoma. Iona Maybell Grinter's children are: 1.  George Warren "Buddy" Byrd  was born on 4 March 1919 and died on probably 15 May 1996. 2.  Eunice Ora Lee Hodge was born on 30 January 1922 and died on 1 May 1982.  3.  Wallace Reed Hodge was born on 14 December 1924 and died on 27 September 1989. 4. Catherine Elizabeth Hodge (Living).  5.  Wanda June Hodge was born 14 March 1931 and died 30 August 1991. Wanda was the Chief of the Kansas Delaware Tribe 6. Mary Jane (Hodge) Leiter  Mary was the  Chief of the Kansas Delaware Tribe 2000-2002. 7. Vera Fern "Bridgette" Hodge (Living) 
There are undocumented stories about Jesse James and the James Gang and Cam Grinter in particular,  and the Grinter Family in general. Of interest is the fact that the James's came from Logan County, Kentucky, the home county of Moses Read Grinter and James Grinter, so it is possible that there is a connection. Let us know if you have anything on this subject that has some basis in fact. Contact descendant
Martin Weeks martinweeks@cox.net


Above, Cunningham  Reed "Cam" Grinter and his mother, Annie (Marshall) Grinter, in front of the Grinter Home.  The  woman is Cam's wife Elizabeth (Shirley) Grinter with their daughters (left-to-right)  Katherine (Kate) Frances Grinter and his Cam's mother, Anna (Marshall) Grinter. (Provided by Martin Weeks. Email martinweeks@cox.net) 

Elizabeth Shirley with her Father, Henry Shirley (Photo Provided by Martin Weeks)

The figure to the left of Henry and Elizabeth Shirley, above, is probably Elizabeth's mother, Susan, or one of Elizabeth's sisters.

 To be entered when found.
Anna (Marshall) Grinter with Her Son Cunningham Reed Grinter. Provided by Martin Weeks. 

Moses and Annie also raised Anna's niece Rosanna "Rose" Marshall and her nephew John Marshall. Rose and John were  the children of Rosanna's brother, John William Marshall. Rose died at or near 16. John died at about 60 years of age in Oklahoma. Rodney Staab says that John Marshall died or disappeared about 1860. (Staab, Grinter Place, p. 6-7).

(Continued from the entry of Mary Elizabeth , the daughter of Francis Catherine Grinter and John Carter Grinter above. [ The numbering below used by Sheryl (Ray) Pacini does not match some of the other data on this page, but it shows the relationship of the descendants. Sometime later I may try to merge the two. Editor]

(Mary Elizabeth4 Grinter, John Carter3,  Samuel2, John1), the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Grinter and Robert T. Mooney, was born on 8 August 1883 at Grinter, Logan County, Kansas according to her death certificate. She married Arthur Ray, son of Joseph Ray and Sara ______. Bertha Elizabeth died on 30 July 1946 at Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington and was buried on 2 August 1946 at the Tacoma Mausoleum.  (Sheryl Ray Pacini sherylreno@msn.com provided the data on the descendants of Bertha Elizabeth Mooney presented herewith. She is responsible for its content. Contact her for further information or to add to this entry) The children of Bertha Elizabeth Mooney and Arthur Ray are:                                  
 (31Robert Lester Ray6 was born on 5 September 1901. He died in 1903.
[The numbering system used by Sheryl Ray Reno is picked up at this point]
 32.  Crystal Elizabeth6 Ray
was born on 19 August 1903 at Okmulgee, Oklahoma. She married William John Fuller, son of John Fuller and Mary ______.  She died on 11 June 1983 at Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Their children:
   42.       i.  William Leroy7 Fuller was born on 26 June 1922 at Atwood, Kansas.
  43.      ii.  Robert Duane Fuller was born on 15 June 1928 at Concordia, Kansas. He died on 18 March, 1972.
   44.     iii.  Patricia Joyce Fuller was born on 22 July 1934 at Atwood, Kansas.
45.     iv.  Arthur Dean Fuller was born on 4 January 1939 at Fresno, California.
33.  Vernet Earl6 Ray was born on 5 November 1905 at Muncie, Kansas.  He married Pauline Fern Steele, the daughter of Ola Steele and Emma Gansmiller, on 15 March 1936 at St. Francis, Kansas. Vernet Earl died on 14 July 1971 at San Pablo, Contra Costa, California. Their children:
    46.        i   Kenneth Leon7 Ray was born  on 16 November 1937 at Twin Falls, Idaho.
    47.       ii.  Raymond Leroy Ray was born on 1 January 1939 at Oakland, Alameda County, California.
               iii.  Arthur Duane Ray was born on 31 January 1941 at Tacoma, Washington.
  48.      iv.  Linda Joyce Ray was born on 25 September at Oakland, California.
   49.      v.   Richard Earl Ray was born on 7 June 1946 at Oakland, California
50.      vi.  James Darrel Ray was born on 17 August 1947 at Oakland, California.
    51.     vii.  Paula Louise Ray was born on 23 February 1950 at Oakland, California.
 34.  Loretta Maude6 Ray w
as born on 16 January 16 1908.  She married Murray Edwards. Their children:
    52.        i.  Shirley7 Edwards
    53.       ii.  Clifford Edwards
54.       iii.  Loretta Edwards
 35.  Delbert Paul6 Ray was
born on 6 January 1912. He died on 16 November  1972.  Delbert Paul married Ruby ______. Their children:
       55.        i.  Barbara7 Ray
      56.       ii.  Merilee Ray
 36.  Charlotte Lucille6 Ray
was born on 8 April 1917.  She married (1) Aubrey Prilliman.  She married (2) Hap Jacobson.  The children of Charlotte Ray and Aubrey Prilliman are:
       57.        i.  Connie7 Prilliman
      58.        ii.  Robert Prilliman
       59.       iii.  Janice Prilliman
The children of Charlotte Ray and Hap Jacobson are:
       60.       iv.  Richard7 Jacobson
61.        v.  Ed Jacobson
       62.       vi.  Ward Jacobson
    63.      vii.  Marty Jacobson
 37.  Raymond6 Ray
was born on 3 February 1919.  He married Dottie ______. Their children:
       64.         i.  Sharon7 Ray
       65.        ii.  Raymond Bill Ray
    66.       iii.  Robert Ray
       67.       iv.  Pamela Ray
       68.        v.  Constance Ray
                vi.  Rebecca Ray married Bill Jolley.
   vii.  Jonathan Ray
 38.  Evelyn Rose6 Ray
was born on 27 June 1922.  She married (1) Paul Lantz.  She married (2) Jerry Scholer. The children of Evelyn Ray and Paul Lantz are:
   69.     i.  Glenna (Cindy)7 Lantz
      70.    ii.  David Lantz
The children of Evelyn Ray and Jerry Scholer are:
      71.   iii.  John7 Scholer
72.   iv.  Laurence Scholer
73.    v.  Donald Scholer
74.   vi.   James Scholer
vii.  Jeff Scholer
    viii. Dan Scholer
 ix.  Dennis Scholer married Sally Mae _______
39.  Glenna Roweena6 Ray
was born on 21 October 1925.  She married Forrest Hines. Their children:
      75.   i.  Don7 Hines
      76.   ii.
  Sandra Hines 

Generation No. 7

 42.  William Leroy7 Fuller (Crystal Elizabeth6 Ray,  Bertha Elizabeth5, Mary Elizabeth4 , John Carter3,  Samuel2, John1)was born on 26 June 1922 at Atwood, Kansas.  He married (1) Jewell Geneva McCoy,  the daughter of Frank McCoy and Lucille Ivy, on 23 March 1943 at Reno, Washoe County, Nevada,.  He married (2) Joyce Elaine _______ on 23 April 1977 at Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. The children of William Fuller and Jewell McCoy are: 
     78.    i.  Judy Carol 8 Fuller was born on 12 April 1946 at Visalia, California.
 79.   ii.  Larry Gene Fuller was born on 12 October 1947 at Farmersville, California.
    iii.  Gerald Lee Fuller was born on 16 April 1954, Fresno, California. He died on 6 September 1973.
     80.  iv.  Sharon Lynn Fuller was born on 5 September 1955 at Huntington Park, California.
       81.  v.  Michael Anthony Fuller was born on 12 July1958 at Henderson, Nevada.
        vi.  Peggy Ann Fuller was born on 23 November 23 1961 at  Las Vegas, Nevada.
 43.  Robert Duane7 Fuller
was born on 15 June 1928 at Concordia, Kansas. Robert Duane married (1) Carolyn _____ .  He married (2) Barbara _______ . He died on 18 March 1972. 
The children of Robert Fuller and Carolyn _______ are:
    i.  Penny8 Fuller
  ii. Pamela Fuller
  iii.  Debra Fuller
  iv.  Robert Fuller, Jr.
   v.  Debra8Fuller
  vi.  Louie Fuller
 44.  Patricia Joyce7 Fuller
was born on 22 July 1934 at Atwood, Kansas.  She married Sidney Carl Ridge. Their children:
          i.  Mary8 Ridge was born on 23 December 1965.
ii.  Linda Ridge was born on 21 November 1968.
 45.  Arthur Dean7 Fuller was born on 4 January 1939 at Fresno, California.  He married Esther _______ . Their child is:
          i.  Lorelei8 Fuller was born on 9 April 1966
 46.  Kenneth Leon7 Ray was born November 16, 1937 in Twin Falls, Idaho.  He married Ada Sue _______ . Their child:
          i.  Heather Marie8 Ray was born on 25 February 1980 at San Pablo, California.
 47.  Raymond Leroy7 Ray was born on 1 January 1939 at Oakland, Alameda County, California.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Prescott on 15 June 1957 at Richmond, Contra Costa, California. She is the daughter of Theodore Prescott and Myrtie Bradford. Their children:
     82.     i.  Kimberly Dawn8 Ray was born on 29 February 29 1960 at San Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.
  83.    ii.  Sheryl Denise Ray was born on 31 January 1962 at San Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.
                iii.  Kathryn Marie Ray was born on 30 December 1964 at San Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.
 48.  Linda Joyce7 Ray was born September 25, 1944 in Oakland, California.  She married Wallace Freitas on 5 November 1960 at El Cerrito, California. Their children:
     84.    i.  Larry James8 Freitas was born on 22June 1962 at San Pablo, California.
 85.   ii.  Martin Allen Freitas was born on 9 May 1963 at San Pablo, California.
     iii.  Angela Nalani Freitas was born on 8 December 1968 at Honolulu, Hawaii.
 49.  Richard Earl7 Ray was born on 7 June 1946 at Oakland, California.  He married (1) Rhonda Lou Holly.   He married (2) Ellen _______  in June at Pinole, California. 
Children of Richard Ray and Rhonda Holly are:
i.  Kristy Lynn 8 Ray was born on 25 June 1978.
   ii.  Jenilee Rene Ray was born on 1 July 1982.
iii.  Ryan Eugene Ray was born on 19 August 1983.
The child of Richard and Ellen _______ is:
 iv.  Jeffrey Scott8 Chitti was born on 23 February 1974 at Oakland, Californi
 50.  James Darrel7 Ray
was born on 17 August 1947 at Oakland, California.  He married (1) Victoria ______at Reno, Nevada.  He married (2) Debbie _______ at Reno, Nevada.  He married (3) Diane Evelyn _______ on 25 December1966 in Vermont.
The child of James Ray and Victoria _______ is:
      i.  Brittany8 Ray.
 The children of James Ray and Diane _______ are:
 86.   ii.  Lori Ann8 Ray was born on 15 October 1967 in Vermont.
              iii.  Michael Alan Ray was born on 27 October 1969.
 51.  Paula Louise7 Ray was born on 23 February 1950 at Oakland, California.  She married Virgil Eugene Bright on 10 May 1970 at Richmond, California. He is the son of Aaron Bright and Lillian Jewett. Their child:
           i.  Stephen Eugene8 Bright  was born on 30 April 1973 at San Pablo, California.
 52.  Shirley7 Edwards married Paul Brown. Their children:
        87.     i.  Jerry8 Brown
    88.    ii.  Dana Brown
       89.   iii.  Douglas Brown
 53.  Clifford7 Edwards
married Neva _______ . Their child:
        90.    i.  Mark8 Edwards
 54.  Loretta7 Edwards
married Ralph Helms. Their children are:
                i.  Christopher5 Helms
ii.  Julie Helms
      iii.  Lance Helms
       iv.  Leslie Helms
 55.  Barbara7 Ray
married Ali Nassiri. Their children: 
             i.   Tami8 Nassiri
 ii.   Sean Nassiri
       iii.  Kim Nassiri
 56.  Merilee7 Ray
married Dick Monroe. Their child:
             i.   Austin Monroe.
 57.  Connie7 Prilliman
married Cal Ritter. Their children:
       91.       i.   Calvin8 Ritter
92.       ii.   Andy Ritter
 58. Robert7 Prilliman
married Eunice ______ .   Their children:
               i.  Vikki8 Prilliman
 ii.   Cheri Prilliman
      iii.   Tracy Prilliman
  iv.   Hugh Prilliman
 v.    Rhonda Prilliman
        vi.   Robert Prilliman
     vii.    Loni Prilliman
 59.  Janice7 Prilliman
married Marvin Balestra. Their children:
         i.  Lori 8 Balestra married Tom _______.
        ii.  Brenda Balestra married Jerry Hall.
 60.  Richard7 Jacobson married Tina _______. Their child:
               i.  Scott8 Jacobson 
 61.  Ed7 Jacobs
on married Beverly ______. Their children:
  i.  Kristi8 Jacobson
  ii.  Nicole Jacobson
   iii.  Jodi Jacobson
 62.  Ward7 Jacobson
married Ruth _______ .  Their children:
    i.  Stacy8 Jacobson
 ii.  Heather Jacobson
    iii.  Harris Jacobson
 63.  Marty7 Jacobson
married Sunde ________ .Their child:
 i.   Marti Ann8 Jacobson
 64.  Sharon7 Ray
married Jim Purdee. Their children:
             i.  Rebecca8 Perdue
      ii. Timothy Purdue
           iii.  James Purdue
 65.  Raymond Bill7 Ray
married Kit _______. Their children:
             i.  David8 Ray
            ii.  Adam Ray
  66.  Robert7 Ray
married Janice _______ . Their children:
      i.  Robert8 Ray
ii.  Wendy Ray
 67.  Pamela7 Ray
married Larry Fulghum. Their children:
       i.  Marcus8 Fulghum
      ii.  Michael Fulghum
            iii.  Daniel Fulghum
  68.  Constance7 Ray
married Robert Rupp. Their child: 
i.   Amy8 Rupp
 69.  Rebecca7 Ray
was born on 18 August 958 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida.  She married William "Billy" Jolley in  1980 at St. Petersburg. Their children:
         i.  Jeremy W.8 Jolley was born on 22 December 1982 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida.
      ii.   Rachel Marie Jolley was born on 28 January 1986 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida.
 70.  Glenna "Cindy" Indy
married Gary Peterson. Their children:
i.  Jenifer8 Peterson
  ii.  Aaron Peterson
    iii.  Melanie Peterson
 71.  David7 Lantz
married Gaye _______ . Their children:
     i.  Cortney8 Lantz
   ii.  Tiffany Lantz
  72.  John7 Scholer
married Diane _______ . Their children: 
   i.  Julie8 Scholer
    ii.  Adam Scholer
  73.  Laurence7 Scholer married Linda _______
. Their child:
i.  Sally8 Scholer
 74.  Donald7 Scholer
married Robin _______ . Their child: 
    i.  Lori8 Scholer
 75.  James7 Scholer
married Laura _______. Their child:
i.  Jamie8 Scholer
 76.  Don7 Hines
married Myrna _______ . Their children:
  i.  Paul8 Hines
  ii.  Philip Hines
 77.  Sandra7 Hines
married George Jones. Their children:
   i. Wendy8 Jones
Katy Jones      

Generation No. 8

 79.  Judy Carol8 Fuller  (William  Leroy 7,  Crystal Elizabeth6 Ray,  Bertha Elizabeth5, Mary Elizabeth4 , John Carter3,  Samuel2, John1) was born on 12 April 1946 at Visalia, California.  She married C. H. Earley. Their child:
  93.   i.    Diana Lynn9 Earley was born on 29 September 1966.
 80.  Larry Gene Gene8 Fuller
was born on 12 October 1947 at Farmersville, California.  He married (1) Cynthia Larue.  He married (2) Luanna _______. Their child:
              i.    Larry Gene Fuller9, Jr.
was born on 8 June 1971.
The children of Larry Fuller and Luanna _____:
             ii.    Sherry Burkes9 Fuller was born on 31 December 1981.
iii.    Carl Wayne Fuller was born on 31 December 1981
 81.  Sharon Lynn8 Fuller was born on 5 September 1955 at Huntington Park, California.  She married Fred Martin.  Their children:
             i.  Tristiana Lea9 Martin was born on 11 April 1973.
ii.   Cassandra Marye Martin was born on 1 April 1975.
   iii.  Tereza Geneva Martin was born on 16 November 1980
 82.  Michael Anthony8 Fuller was born July 12, 1958 in Henderson, Nevada.  He married Cynthia _______ . Their children:
   i.    Christopher John9 Fuller was born on 6 October 1978 and died on 7 October 1968.
          ii.    Jessica Maria Fuller was born on 3 December 1980.
         iii.    Michael Anthony Fuller was born on 10 June 1985.
 83.  Kimberly Dawn8 Ray was born on 29 February 1960 in San at  Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.  She married Glenn Blaszak on 24 December 1983 at Martinez, California. Their children are:
           i.   Elizabeth Ann9 Blaszak was born on 2 November 1985.
          ii.   Raymond Glenn Blaszak was born on 9 December 1986.
 84 Sheryl Denise8 Ray was born on 31 January 1962 at San Pablo, Contra Costa, California.  She married John Walter Pacini, son of Harry Pacini and Charlyne Reid on 5 April 1980 at Berkeley, Alameda County, California. Their children:
           i.  Kevin "Kevy" Ray9 Pacini was born on 10 May 1983 at Vallejo, Solano County, California. He married Louise Taylor Fox on 12 July 2003 at Mayport, Duval County, Florida.
           ii.  Alan Michael Pacini was born on 30 January 1989 at Vallejo, Solano County, California.
 85.  Larry James8 Freitas was born June 22, 1962 in San Pablo, California. Their child:
            i.   Laura Jean9 Freitas was born 6 July 1981..

  Martin Allen8 Freitas was born on 9 May 1963 at San Pablo, California. Their child:
            i.   Sarina9 Freitas was born in November 1989.
 87.  Kristy Lynn8 Ray was born on 25 June 25 at Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, California.  She married (1) William Glenn Swanson, Jr. on 29 June 1996 at Reno, Washoe County, Nevada.  She married (2) Bryan Michael Hidenfelter on 1 September 2001 at San Pablo, Contra Costa, California. Their child:  
            i.  Jordan Ashley-Rose9 Swanson
The child of Kristy and Bryan Hidenfelter is:
   ii.  Seth Thomas 9 Hidenfelter.
88.   Lori Ann8 Ray
was born 15 October 1967 in Vermont. Their children:
            i.  Jeromy9 Ray was born 16 November 1984 at San Jose, California.
           ii.  Rachel Rene Ray was born on 30 May 1991 at Martinez, California.
          iii.  Jonathan Edwards Reisbeck (twin) was born in 1995.
          iv.  Crystal Gayle Reisbeck (twin)  was born in 1995.

Lori Ann Ray has twins too and they are as follows:
Jonathan Edwards Reisbeck Male born 1995
Crystal Gayle Reisbeck Female born 1995
Her husband is John Reisbeck

 89.  Michael Alan8 Ray was born on 17 October 1969 at San Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.  He married Carried Hall. He changed his name from Ray to Hall. Their child:
               i.   Barbara 9 Hall
 90.  Jerry8 Brown
married Jean _____ . Their children:
             i.  Lisa 9 Brown
            ii.  Tom Brown
 91. Dana8 Brown
married _______ Minkner. Their children:
  i.   Monika9 Minkner
             ii.  Craig Minkner
     iii.  Russell Minkner
 92.  Douglas8 Brown
married Brenda  _______. Their children:
                 i.   Michele9 Brown
  ii.   April Brown
  iii.  Tiffanie Brown
 93.  Mark8 Edwards
married Donna _______ . Their children:
               i.   Cara9 Edwards
   ii.   Marilyn Edwards
     iii.   Cecily Edwards
 94.  Calvin8 Ritter
married Connie _______ . Their children are: 
                 i.   Cal9 Ritter
    ii.   Jennifer Ritter
 95.  Andy8 Ritter
married Kandy _______. Their child:
 i.  Justin9 Ritter
  96.  Rebecca8 Perdue
married _______ Morin. Their children:
               i. Daniel9 Morin was born in 1993.
    ii. Anna Morin was born in 1997.

  97.  Timothy James8 Perdue
was born on 25 February at Orlando, Orange County, Florida. His children:
               i.  Randall9 Perdue
was born in 1998.
  ii.  Austin Perdue was born in 2000.
 98.  James Ralph8 Perdue was born in 1977 at Orlando, Orange County, Florida. His child:
     i. Raymond 9 Perdue was born in 2000                  

Generation No. 9 

   99. Diana Lynn9 Earley (Judy Carol8 Fuller, William  Leroy 7, Crystal Elizabeth6 Ray,  Bertha Elizabeth5, Mary Elizabeth4,  John Carter3,  Samuel2, John1)  was born on 29 September 1966. Her children:
                i.  Latasha Marie10 Earley was born on 13 January 1986.
               ii.  Donald Douglas Earley was born on 22 December 1987.

Lori Ann Ray has twins too and they are as follows:
Jonathan Edwards Reisbeck Male born 1995
Crystal Gayle Reisbeck Female born 1995. Her husband is John Reisbeck   (These are out of pace and to be corrected, but where do they go? Editor