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20 March 2006

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Christian Hahn Family Celebrations in Topeka, Kansas as Recorded in Florence (Torgeson) Hahn's Scrap Book:

Unless otherwise stated, the Walter Hahn Family would include Florence (Torgeson) and Tommy/Tom; the Ed Hahn Family, wife Marie (Jenkins) and daughters Gene and Patty (beginning in 1935); the G. T. McCollister Family, wife Myrtle (Hahn) and daughters Irma and Dorothy; Grandma Hahn=Mattie (Defries) Hahn, Grandpa Chris Hahn  died in 1934; Grandma T. or Torgeson=Margaret (Owen) Torgeson, Grandpa Tom Torgeson died in 1939; Grandma Jenkins=Anna (Thayer), mother of Marie (Jenkins) Hahn; Don Walter Family, wife Margaret (Hahn) and daughter Donna Jean (beginning in 1934).  One celebration. Thanksgiving 1944, contains the signatures of the participants that year; it is interesting what they called themselves.

1933  Family Thanksgiving Dinner at Ed Hahn's, 3707 Lee Court - This would have been the last Christmas Celebration that Grandpa Chris Hahn would have attended, because he  died in 1934.


Place Card Made by Gene Hahn

1935 Family Thanksgiving Dinner  at Walt Hahn's at 1120 High. Note: Martha Mae [Beckman] had the chicken pox and couldn't come, probably meaning that the rest of the family was there, that is,  [Ed Hahn's--This would have been Patty's first Hahn Christmas, Beckman's, Margaret Torgeson, McCollister's, Grandma Hahn, and possibly Grandma Torgeson. as she often came to Hahn functions.]

1936 Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma Hahn's

1937 Thanksgiving Dinner at Ed Hahn's [?]

1938 Thanksgiving Dinner at Ed Hahn's

1939 Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma Hahn's:
E. O. Hahn Family
L. F. Beckman Family
W. F. Hahn Family
G. T. McCollister Family
Grandma Jenkins
Grandma Torgeson
Mrs. Deatrick & Betty. [ don't remember where the latter two were.]

1940 Thanksgiving Dinner at Beckman's - Those present:
Grandma Hahn
Mrs. Tracey [A woman who did things for Grandma Hahn.]
Grandma Torgeson
E. O. Hahn & family
G. T. McCollister & family
W. F. Hahn & family
Don Walter & family
L. F. Beckman & Family

1941 Thanksgiving Dinner at Beckman's - Those present:
Grandma Hahn-Grandma T.[orgeson]
Ed Hahn & family
G. T. McCollister & Family
W. F. Hahn & Tom-Florence,
L. F. Beckman & family.
Lottie Tracy. [She was a woman who did things for Grandma Hahn]

21 December 1941 Christmas  "Snack & Tree"  at Walter Hahn's.

                           Grandma Hahn
Ed Hahn family
L. F. Beckman Family
F. T. McCollister Family
W. F. Hahn Family

1942 Thanksgiving Dinner at Ed Hahn's - Those present:
W. F. Hahn Family
L. F. Beckman Family
Grandma Hahn
Johnnie Mahon (of W.[hite] C.]ity Martha's boy friend. [I don't know who this is. Martha "Marty" Beckman was about age 15]
Margaret Walter, Donna Jean Walter
Walt & Florence Hahn
Tom in Coffeyville [Kansas, visiting a girl friend.]

1942 Hahn Christmas Dec. 20 1942 at McCollisters in the Afternoon and Evening. Those present:
W. F. Hahn-Florence-Tommy
E. O. Hahn-Marie-Gene-Barbara & Patty
L. F. Beckman-Louise-Martha
Grandma Hahn
G. McCollister-Myrtle

1943 Thanksgiving Dinner at Walter and Florence Hahn's

Signed in the individual's handwriting:
Irma [McCollister] Gregg [her husband, Ted, was in the Army at this time, I believe]
Mrs. Margaret Torgeson
Mrs. Anna Jenkins
Louise Beckman
Margaret Walter
Gene [Hahn] Johnson [I don't know where her husband, Charlie was at this time], Mother Hahn
Myrtle McCollister (35 yrs) [She and Mac were married 35 years on 21 November, so that is probably what the 35 stands for.]
Gladys Louise Torgeson Murphy White [Even though she wasn't a Hahn, she and Margaret Hahn were friends], G. T. McCollister
L. F. Beckman
Don L. Walter
Walter F. Hahn
Marie J. Hahn
Donna Jean Walter Age 9
Patty Hahn age 8
Florence Hahn. Tom went hunting with Walt Diehl.
[Pat (Hahn] Blair comments: You questioned Charley and or Jean being absent from family dinners - Charley was stationed at Ft. Monmouth, NJ during some of that time and on a ship. I think Jean was with him part of that time. Also, like us, there were in- laws to consider.


1943 Christmas on Dec 26 at McCollisters:
Mary [Marie]-Barbara-Patty
Mc-Myrtle, Dorothy, Irma

 1944 Thanksgiving at Beckman's 6 o'clock Dinner:
Grandma Hahn
Grandma T
Grandma Jenkins
Marie, Patty, Jean Barbara Hahn
Mac and Myrtle McCollister, Irma, Dorothy
Louise and Les Beckman
Florence and Walter Hahn. Tom in the Navy at Memphis, Tennessee.

Left-to-right: Walt Hahn, Florence Hahn; Margaret Torgeson; Anna Jenkins; Patty Hahn, Les Beckman, Marie Hahn

Left-to-right, rear: Myrtle McCollister, Gerald McCollister, Louise (Hahn) Beckman, Grandma Hahn; front: Dorothy (McCollister) Russell[?], Jean (Hahn) Johnson, Patty Hahn, Barbara Hahn, and Pepper Beckman (dog)

1944 The Hahn Christmas at 1120 High [Walt & Florence Hahn]. Christmas Eve

Myrtle-Mac-Irma [Dorothy possibly married at this time]
Grandma [Hahn]
Tom in [Service] (Memphis [actually Millington, Tennessee])

Thanksgiving 1945 at E. O. Hahn. Dinner and Evening Snack:
Less [Les] Beckman, Martha, Marcelle-Corby [Louise Beckman died in the summer of 1945]
Myrtle, Mac [McCollister], Dorothy [McCollister] Crowe [Her husband, Russell Crowe, was not present)
Grandma Hahn
Grandma T
Ed [Hahn], Marie, Gene, Barbara, Patty
Florence, Walter. Tom in Service at Austin, Texas

1945 Christmas Eve at [Walt & Florence Hahn's] at 1120 High [There is also anther entry for this date so will check that out.]
Tommy [on leave from the Navy at Austin, Texas]
Donna Jean

1945 Christmas at 1120 High [Walt & Florence Hahn's]. Dinner and Evening Snack:

Gladys [Was this Gladys (Torgeson) Murphy or the Gladys who became Les Beckman's second wife?]
Mrs. Corby
Tommy [on leave from the Navy at Austin, Texas. Where are the McCollister's and the Ed Hahn's?]

1946 Thanksgiving at McCollister. Dinner in evening:
Less and Marty
Myrtle and Mac
Dorothy and Russell Crowe & Cheryl [Dorothy was married to Russell at this time]
Marcelle & [Harry] Corby  David [Where was Rick?]
Barbara and Sammy
Marie & Patty
Florence & Walter, Grandma Hahn. Tommy (in Austin Tex)
[Where were Gene and Charley Johnson?]

1946 Hahn Christmas Eve at Corbys. Dessert 6.30 Sun Eve.:
Grandma Hahn
G. T. McCollister [Where was Myrtle?]
Dorothy & Russell & Cheryl
Tommy-Beth [from Austin, Texas]

1946 Christmas Dinner at W. F. Hahn 1120 High:
Grandma Hahn

1947 Thanksgiving at [Walter and Florence Hahn's at 1120 High. Dinner in evening in basement:
Margaret-Donna Jean
Grandma Hahn
Florence-Walt-tom (Austin Tex or Sam Benita [Benito]) Drew names for Xmas exchange.

1947 Hahn Christmas Eve - Tree and Snack at 1120 High:
Barbara, Sammy, Allen
Mac [Where was Myrtle?]-Tom-Beth
Florence-Walter. Drew names and had our gift exchange.

1948 Thanksgiving at Les Beckman's Apartment. Snack at 5 o'clock. Drew names for Christmas:
Less and Marty
Mac and Myrtle
Dorothy-Clarence-Sheryl [Dorothy was married to Clarence Miller at this time.] Marcelle-Corby & Boys [David and Rick]
Sammy [Lamantia]-Barbara-Allen [Alan] [Barbara married Sam in 1946; Alan] was their son]
Margaret-Donna Jean
Jean-Charley [Johnson]
Grandma Hahn.
[Tom was in the Navy in Washington. D. C.] Walt & Florence had dinner at the Corbys.

1948 Christmas at Grandma Hahns, Donna Jean Hostess. Supper of Sandwiches, Jello-cake-coffee and gift exchange. Those present:
Marcelle-David [Corby]
Margaret-Donna Jean
Grandma H.

1949 Thanksgiving at E. O Hahn Dinner at 2.30 Ice cream and cake in evening:
Barbara-Sammy-Allen [Alan]
Corby Family
Grandma H. Margaret & Donna [Florence put them together as they lived in the same house.]
Less Gladys-Mrs. Robb [Gladys Beckman's mother]
Gene- Charley
Florence  Walter. Decided on an exchange gift for Christmas. Men a 50c & Ladies a 50[c] gift. [Tom in Arlington, Virginia, D.C.]


1949 Hahn Christmas at Beckmans on 10__High Street. Gift exchange. Dessert - Those present:
Corby Family
Margaret-Donna J
Mrs. Robb
Dorothy-Clarence-Sheryl [Where were Myrtle and Mac? Perhaps at Irma's in Ohio,]

1950 Thanksgiving at E. O. Hahns:
Margaret Donna Jean
Sammy-Barbara-Allen [Alan]
Mrs. Robb
Gladys-Less in San Antonio
the Corbys at K.C.
Dorothy & Clarence  [Miller] Family at Millers. Drew names for Christmas Exchange. [Tom in Navy and living in Arlington, Virginia.]

1950 Christmas Eve at [Walt and Florence Hahn's] at 1120 High. All the Hahns in Topeka present. -
E. O. Hahn & Marie & Patty
Chas Johnson & Gene
E. O. Hahn & Marie & Patty
Sam, Barbara, and Alan
Clarence [Miller] & Dorothy & Children
Corby Family
Less & Gladys
Beth & Tommy [from Falls Church, Virginia. Tom was stationed at the Armed Forced Security Agency at Arlington Hall Station, Virginia and living in Arlington.]
Florence & Walter.

1950 Christmas Dinner at [Walt & Florence Hahn's] at 1120 High:
Beth & Tommy [from Falls Church, Virginia]
Gladys & Margaret & Donna
Florence & Walter

1951 Thanksgiving at 2002 Gallows Road Washington D.C. [actually Falls Church, Virginia]:
Tom-Beth, Little Chris [He was born 29 August 1951], Miss Kitty Boo [a cat]

1951 Christmas Eve Snack at Corbys:
Gladys-Less-Mrs. Robb
Beth & Chris At Nacoma [Texas. Tommy in San Diego preparing for duty in USS Gladiator-419), a Fleet Minesweeper in the Pacific Fleet.]

1952 Surprise Party for Walter on his [57th] Birthday Oct 28-1952
Grace [Jenkins] Goss [Sister of Marie [Jenkins] Hahn
[Harry] Corby-Ricky-David-Ricky

1952 Thanksgiving Corbys. Beckmans and us ate out.

1952 Christmas Sunday Dec. 21 at Barbara & Sammys. Snack. Those present:
Mamie-Shirley [Don't remember who Shirley was]
Beth-Chris from Lemon Grove, California--Tom was in the USS PCEC-886, control ship for amphibious landings, in Korea]
Harry-Becky, David, Ricky
Florence [and Walter].

1952 Christmas Day. Egg nogs at [Joe and Zola Schneider, neighbor, two house down to the south, of Walt and Florence Hahn. Dinner at 5 o'clock at home.
Tom in Korea.

1953 Hahn Christmas Party at Corbys. Sun. Dec. 20.
Gene-Charley-[daughter] Candy
Marie-Patty-Ken [Blair]
Myrtle-Florence [Gerald T. "Mac" McCollister died on 31 July 1952, so this was Myrtle's first Christmas alone.]
Sammy-Barbara [their children] Alan-Christene
Tommy-Beth-Chris [Tom was enroute from the USS PCEC-886 at Stockton, California to Flight Control School at Boston, Massachusetts.]
Marcelle-Corby Ricky-David

Christmas 1953 Dinner a home [Walter Hahns]:

Day after Christmas 1953 at the Hahn's:
Mae, Dorothy
Tom and Bernice
Gladys [Gladys's husband, Joe White, was a fireman and sometimes had to work on holidays.]

Tom-Beth here also Chris.

1954 Thanksgiving at Beckman's
The Corby Family
Walt [and Florence]

1954 Hahn Christmas at 1120 High. Sandwiches, coffee, pudding:
Sam & Family & Candy
Corby Family
Mamie. Gladys-Less
Patty & Ken (later) [perhaps after they visited his parents? They were married 25 September 1954]. Gift exchange

1953 Christmas Dinner at home [Walter and Florence Hahn]
Tom-Beth-Chris [Chris was born 29 August 1951 and this was his first Christmas with the Hahn Family. He was born 29 March 1951.]

1976 Thanksgiving in Council Grove at Avis [Jenkins] Sharpe was there a week wonderful time - Avis was an old friend of Florence's. She was also Marie (Jenkins) Hahn's older sister. All three grew up in White City, Kansas. Marie was also on this visit with Avis Sharpe.

1976 Christmas Eve afternoon. Afternoon snacks withJudy and Rick [Corby]
Mr. and Mrs. [Harry] Corby Sr.
Dave and Susy [Corby]

1976 Christmas Afternoon Snacks at Ruth's] for covered dish dinner, a beautiful day. [I don't know who Ruth was, maybe a friend, not a family member.]

1977 Thanksgiving at Weeklys with the Coun [?] family joining us. A nice time.

1978 Thanksgiving at Weeklys. [Jenay and Gary and Family. Church friends.]

1978 Christmas Supper and tree party at Jenay's. A church friend and her family]. Christmas Eve. Christmas Morning at Dave's [Corby]. Tree and Brunch at noon. Dinner at Rick's at 6 o'clock. A very enjoyable Christmas Day.

(Hard copy from Internet 10 March 2005)