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24 July 2005

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OWL, Sarah  Lakepeshequa

Sarah "Sally"  (Owl) Honeywell, ca. 1900 (Park Studio, Kansas City, Kansas. Provided by Betty Jane Ryan)                                                                                        

Sarah "Sally" (Owl) Honeywell. (Provided by Flora Jane Wilson)                                                                     

Sarah "Sally" Owl's Lenape name was Lakepeshequa. She was also known as  Tahapeshequa, perhaps an error  in someone mistaking the T for an L, and Lahepehshequah, and Lehepehshequah. She commonly went by the name of "Sally. Sally was born in 1833. Sally was the oldest daughter of Shingomezia, a Miami Indian,  also known as George Owl and Aupheeheliqua, a Delaware.  The name Shingomezia in Miami means "Owl." Aupheeheliqua was the daughter of Aukeelenqua or Echelangonaockwe, also known as Nancy Ketchum. The latter's parents were Ahkeechelunguaqua, a sister of Captain Patterson (also known as Mehshayquowha) and Twehullahlah Ketchum -- translated as He could run and catch a Deer). It is said that Sally Owl's family went to Kansas during the Miami removal of 1845/1846 and first went to the Miami Reserve south of Shawnee Mission, in present Miami County.  Sally married William Honeywell, a white man from New York, who was born about 1815. He  was an assistant at the Shawnee Methodist Mission. After their marriage, William Honeywell remained on the Miami Reserve for a few years then went to the Delaware Reserve, thereby  gaining property via the patents granted to his wife, Sally Owl, and her children. He was a well-known trader, stockman, and farmer, one of the first white settlers in Kansas. William Honeywell died 23 June 1880, at 65 years, and was buried in a cemetery at Hutton Road and 99th Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Two of his children are buried there, as well. (Kansas Cemeteries, 978.11/V3f F LDS Family History Library) Four of their children attended the Delaware Methodist mission school run by John Pratt. Sally was one of the Delaware who elected to remain in Kansas in 1866 under 1862 Allotment No. 111. She was listed at age 36, with her children No. 112 Eli M. Honeywell, age 12 also known as Masakkah; No. 113 Susan T. Honeywell, age 9, also known as Ohpemukwa; No. 114 William Honeywell, age 5; and John Honeywell, age 3. She died in December 1910 and was probably buried in the Prairie Cemetery near Piper, Leavenworth County, Kansas. (See Prairie Cemetery in the Cemetery Page which includes a possible cemetery marker for her and for William Honeywell.) The name was sometimes given as Hunneywell as it was in a brief visit to their home in the article, "Life Among the Delawares ."                            

According to  Betty Jane Ryan (Bejryan@aol.com) , these are the children of Lakepeshaqua/Sally Owl and William Honeywell, as taken from a "Memorandum of Births and Deaths" in the family Bible. Ada Honeywell-Miles prepared the Memorandum. Betty Jane Ryan, a descendant, believes that Ada Honeywell prepared the Memorandum because Sally Owl could not read or write English, speaking Lenape exclusively:
  1. Ann Elizabeth Honeywell. Born 25 Dec. 1852, died 3 April 3 1853.
  2. Eley  Moore Honeywell [born]  Aug. 16 1854. Died  Nov. 7 1892. Indian name Masakkah. An Ely Honeywell was in attendance at   the Baptist Mission School on the Delaware Reservation on 31 December 1867. (Weslager, The Delaware Indians: A History, Appendix 8.)
  3. Susan Frances Honeywell. [born] Dec. 13, 1857. Died 1923. Indian name Opemukqua.
  4. William H. Honeywell [born]  June 28 1862 [?]. 1880. Indian name Pungishshenwa. A Willie Honeywell was in attendance at the Baptist Mission School on the Delaware Reservation on 31 December 1867. (Ibid.)

This photograph of William Honeywell was provided  by Flora Jane Wilson

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5. John Sexton H. Honeywell [born] July 30 1863. Died Aug. 18 1911. Indian name Wapaseepamore
6. Enoth H. Honeywell [born] Dec. 10 1866, died at birth.

Ada Honeywell-Miles and Son William Ralph Miles, ca.1885. Sent by B. J. Ryan.

 7. Ada Honeywell [born] Mar 12 1868. Indian name Keshecoqua. The meaning of name "Just Before Daylight." [She married Charles Miles.]
 8. Frank Honeywell [born] Nov 13 1872. Died April 13 1873.

Lakepeshequa Descendancy Chart:
1. Lakepeshequa/Lahepeshequah 1833-1910
    Spouse William Honeywell 1817-1880
    2. Ann Elizabeth Honeywell 1852-
    2. Eli Moore Masakah Honeywell 1854-1892 Spouse Elnora
        3. Rose Honeywell
        3. Russell Honeywell
        3. Currence Honeywell
        3. Frank Honeywell 1880-
    2. Susan Frances Opemukwa Honeywell 1857-1927 Spouse William H. Dodge
        3. Charles W. H. Dodge 1878-1924 Spouse Cora
            4. Iris Dodge Spouse Johnson
        3. Gertrude J. Dodge 1883-1959 Spouse Frank Hill
        3. Bertha L. Dodge 1884-1962 Spouse Edward Lee
        3. Clem V. Dodge 1890-1921
        3. William N. Dodge 1892-1943
        3. Kay V. Dodge 1894-1933
        3. Susie I. Dodge 1897- Spouse Green
        3. Ada B. Dodge 1897-1902
        3. Mary O. Dodge 1900-1900
    2. William Pungeshshawah Honeywell 1861-1943 Spouse Laver Witham
        3. Roy Honeywell
        3. Florence Honeywell
        3. Lois Honeywell
        3. Helen Honeywell
        3. Miriam Honeywell
    2. John Sexton Wapaneesanee Honeywell
1863-1911 Spouse Jesse
    2. Enoch Honeywell 1866-1866
    2. Ada Keshagoqua Honeywell 1868-1918 Spouse Charles Harvey Miles 1864-1949
        3. William Ralph Miles 1886-1961 Spouse Alpha La Vona Wheeler
            4. Betty Jane Miles 1922- Spouse Francis Carroll Ryan 1919-1988
[Other names may be added. Checking with submitter Betty Jane Ryan as most other names are of living person.. Editor]

Lakepeshequa Descendancy Chart:

A news item in the Dewey (Oklahoma) Sentinel on 16 December 1910 said, "Mrs. Sarah Hunnewell well known to the Delaware Indians in this section of the country died at the home of her son in Kansas City, Kansas, last Thursday evening. She was noted for her many virtuous and womanly traits. She reared a large family all of whom have become successful in life and made useful citizens. Mrs. William Dodge, of Nowata [Oklahoma] was the only member of the family that came to the Cherokee nation and became a member of the Cherokee tribe."   There is an obituary for Sally Owl Honey in the Wyandotte Herald, 15 Dec. 1910, vol. 39, #50, p. 1.

There is an obituary for her in Ruby Cranor, Some Old Delaware Obituaries, p. 38:

 Mrs. Sarah Hunnewell, well known to the Delaware Indian in this section of the country, died at the home of her son in Kansas City, Kansas, last Tuesday evening. Mrs. Hunnewell was formerly a member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians who now live in this section and who formerly occupied a large reservation in Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties in Kansas. In 1868 when the Delawares sold their ;ands there they were given a choice of reserving their lands and monies or coming to the Cherokee Nation, and Mrs. Hunnewell chose the former together with other members of her family. She was noted for her many virtues and womanly traits. She reared a large family all of whom have become successful in life and made useful citizens. Mrs. William Dodge, of Nowata was the only member that came to the Cherokee Nation and became a member of the Cherokee tribe. Dewey Sentinel, December 15, 1910.

Some of this family is buried in the Prairie Cemetery near Piper  in Leavenworth County. We are trying to find more information on this cemetery and the Delaware burials therein. Editor.] Researcher Vickie Wilkins: bvw77808@yahoo.com and Betty Ryan BJRyan@aol.com .

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