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15 April 2006

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(From Deutches Geschlechterbusch)

Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, North Rhineland-Westphalia, Germany. The Stahlschmidt Family House is encircled to the left, 1970s. Phot0 provided by Doug Rogers.

The Stahlschmidt Family Home in Plittershagen , Nassu-Siegen, North Rhineland-Westphalia, Germany in the 1970s (Photo provided by Doug Rogers)

Plittershagen and Freudenberg can be seen at the upper left. I will try to come up with a better image. Editor

To my knowledge, the principal researchers, in the United States, of the Stahlschmidt Family in Germany and first Stahlschmidt's to the United States are Douglas S. Rogers and Arthur Weaner, authors of Excerpts [of the] German Church Registers of Plittershagen, Freudenberg and Seigen as Pertains to the Surname Stahlschmidt Ancestors and Families of the Emigrant John Georg Stahlsmit Ship Edinburgh - Philadelphia 1753. Their work in progress of a three-volume set of research on the family. The first volume was published in 1997. The principal researchers of the Jacob Stahlschmidt, the first of his branch of the Stahlschmidt's to come to America.  and his family and the next generation of descendants is Vonda Moore. Another valuable researcher is Jim Haggerty. I am grateful for all their diligent research and assistance. Editor

Our branch of the Stahlschmidt came from an area of German known earlier as the Nassu Territories, in an area known as Nassu-Siegen.  The principal town was the Village of Plittershagen and some of the church activities took place at the larger, nearby town of Freudenberg. Plittershagen was settled in  the year 1048. In 1696 it had 13 houses and two steel hammer mills [?] [Stählhammer] E. (Hans-Jurgen Klappert, Siegfried Meyer, Rudolf Alt, Freudenberg Lebendige Verganhenheit, p.4) The first Stahlschmidt, Johan George Stahlschmidt, with his wife Anna Maria Margaretha (Reinschmidt) Stahlschmidt, and three children, left Plittershagen for America from the Port of Rotterdam and arrived at Philadelphia on or about 2 October 1753, at which time. (Pennsylvania German Pioneers, a publication of the Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. Volume 1, p.576)  The first Stahlschmidt of "our" branch of the family, Jacob Stahlschmidt, may have been a Jacob Schmidt [contraction of Stahlschmidt, who arrived at Philadelphia in the Fall of 1770. (Pennsylvania German Pioneers, p.30) Both men appear to have arrived at the Port of Philadelphia and to have taken up residence in the Tulpehocken locale of Lancaster/Berks/Dauphin Counties, Pennsylvania. They were second cousins who shared the same paternal grandfather. Johan Georg Stahlschmidt may have gone there as there is evidence of others of the name Stahlschmidt at Tulpehocken. Johan George Stahlschmidt and his wife Anna Maria appear in the Church Records in Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, by 1754. (John T. Humphrey, Pennsylvania Births in Lebanon County) In any event, the first Jacob Stahlschmidt in the historical records in America, the second cousin of the first Stahlschmidt -- Johan George Stahlschmidt -- was in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania [that section to become Lebanon County in 1813] by 26 May 1771, when he was the sponsor at a baptism.  Evidently, Jacob Stahlschmidt went to the area where he had relatives, albeit a second cousin. [They had in common the same paternal grandfather.]

According the Steinseifer's genealogy, Johann Peter Stahlschmidt was baptized on 24 April 1712 at Plittershagen. We do not know when or where he was born, but probably at Plittershagen. He died there in 18 October 1760 and was buried on 20 October 1760. His parents were Johann Georg Stahlschmidt and Anna Margaret Halm, of Plittershagen. Johan Peter Stahlschmidt married at Freudenberg on 9 December 1737 Anna Catharina Waffenschmidt. She was born on 13 September 1711 at Plittershagen. Anna died on 11 June 1762 at Plittershagen. She was buried at Freudenberg. Her parents were (Johan) Henrich Waffenschmidt and (Anna) Catharine Halm. Their children were:

      1. Stephan Stahlschmidt was born on 27 June 1738 at Plittershagen and was baptized on 29 June 1738 at Plittershagen. The Godfather was Stephan Stahlschmidt, son of Johan Georg [Stahlschmidt], Plittershagen. He died on 3 November 1740.
      2. Anna Elisabeth Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 30 October 1739 and was baptized at Plittershagen on 8 November 1739. Godmother Anna Elisabeth Waffenschmid, daughter of Henrich [Waffenschmid], Kirchenältester [Church Elder?], Plittershagen. She married at Oberfischbach 24 August 1773 (prokl. [proclaimed?] Fr. [Freudenberg [?]) Johannes Langenbach, Wwr. [?], Niedendorf
. It appears that she went to America as she is not in the Church Records. [Pastor B. Steinseifer wrote a 28-page Stahlschmidt Genealogy based on the Church Records of Plittershagen and Freudenberg, Germany. Doug Rogers stahlhammer.dsr@verizon.net , who provided an extract of this genealogy, says that the author said, "When there was no death recorded, then that individual went to America."
     3. Gütha Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 25 December 1741 and was baptized at Plittershagen on 31 December 1741. Godmother Gütha Noehe, daughter of Johan Phillip [Noehe], Plittershagen. She married (at Freudenberg) on 18 July 1765 Hans Stephan Wissel, son of Johannes [Wissel], Plittershagen. It appears that she went to America as she was not in the Church Records.
     *4. Jacob Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 25 January 1743 and was baptized at Plittershagen on 2 March 1743. Godfather Jacob Dilthey, son of Peter Dilthey, Plittershagen. He went to The United States. (Freudenberg Church Record, p.133) See his expanded entry, below.
     5. Henrich Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 5 March 1745 and was baptized at Plittershagen on 14 March 1745. Godfather: Henrich Waffenschmidt, Plittershagen. His mother's brother. He married (at Freudenberg) on 21 February 1769 Anna Christina Henrich, daughter of Johann Ebert [Henrich] Caan.
     6. Johannes Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 5 March 1747  and was baptized at Plittershagen on 12 March 1747.
P.[athe] [Godfather: Johannes Benner. He died at Plittershagen on 19 April 1747 and was buried at Freudenberg on 20 April 1747.
      7. Anna Maria Stahlschmidt was born at Plittershagen on 29 March 1748 and was baptized at Plittershagen on 12 March 1748. Godmother: Anna Maria Waffenschmidt. Daughter of  Henrich Waffenschmidt, Kirchenältester, Plittershagen. She married at Freudenberg on 15 April 1785 Henry Kraft, son of Johan Henrich [Kraft], Freudenberg. The fact that her death was not recorded in the Church Records indicates that she went to America.
                                         The Ancestry of  Jacob Stahlschmidt/Steelsmith

First Generation

1. Jacob Stahlschmidt/Steelsmith (See his expanded entry below, just after  this ancestry)
2. Maria Sarah _________

Second generation

3. Johann Peter Stahlschmidt  was probably born at Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, Germany and was christened there on 24 April 1712. He married Anna Catharin Waffenschmidt. Johan died on 18 October 1760 at Plittershagen.
4. Anna Catharina Waffenschmidt  was christened on 13 September 1711 at Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, Germany. She died on 11 June 1762 at Plittershagen and was buried there on 13 June 176.

6. Ludwick (Lodoway) (Lewis) (Ludwig) Kline . 

Third Generation 

12. Johann Georg Stahlschmidt  was born in 1678. He was christened on 2 May 1678. Johann Georg was a judge. He married Anna Magareta Halm. Johan Georg died at Plittershagen and was buried at Freudenberg on 28 September 1691.
13. Anna Magareta Halm.
14. (Johann) Henrich Waffenschmidt   was born in of Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, Germany. He married (Anna) Catharina Halm.
15. (Anna) Catharina Halm  was born in of Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, Germany.

Fourth Generation 

28. Johan Weigant Stahlschmidt  was born in 1654 and was christened on 16 May 1654. He married Maria Muller. John Weigant [apparently commonly called "Weigant" must have moved shortly after the birth of his second child to Plittershagen, as he appears as godfather on 26 May 1656 of a person described as Johann Georg Stahlschmidt von Plittershagen. He died in 1691.
29. Anna Maria Muller .
Their children, all born at Plittershagen, were:
       1. Johann Stahlschmidt was born on 9 February 1662.
       2. Anna Maria Stahlschmidt was born on 5 August 1664.
       3. Anna Margaretha Stahlschmidt was born on 76 March 1667.
       4. Tillmann Stahlschmidt was born on 18 February 1670. He married at Herborn on 29 September 1694, Anna Catharina Nies. She was the daughter of Franciscus Nies. She was probably born at Herborn as was her brother, Philip Nies. Anna Catharina was buried at Laasphe on 6 November 1701 at the age of 27 years. Tillman married second Anna Christina Hildebrandt, the daughter of Hermann Hildebrandt of Herborn. She was buried on 15 January 1705 at Laasphe. Tillmann married third Anna Maria, the daughter of Moritz Moeller and Anna Martha.
       5. Arnold Stahlschmidt was born on 4 October 1672 and was buried on 27 December 1684.
       6. Margaretha Stahlschmidt was christened on 20 June 1675.
     * 7. Johann Georg Stahlschmidt was christened on 2 May 1678. He was a judge. Johann George died at Plittershagen and was buried at Freudenberg on 28 September 1691.      

Fifth Generation

 56.  Johann Georg or George Stahlschmidt  was born in 1629. He married Anna Catherina Cuntze. He died at Niederndorf in 1691 and was buried on 4 April 1652 at Oberfischbach.
 58. Anna Catherina Cuntze.

Their children were:
      *1. Weigandt Stahlschmidt was christened on 16 May 1654.
 2. Anna Maria Stahlschmidt was christened on 20 April 1656. 

Sixth Generation 

112. Anton/Antonius, or Thones Stahlschmidt  married Hanna Zeitenbach. He died in Niederndorf, Germany. He was buried on 4 April 1652 in Ober Fischbach, Germany.
113. Hanna Zeitenbach was the daughter of Pastor Zeydenbach and his wife, Else, of Ober Fischbach. Pastor Zeydenbach died in December 1627at Niedertiefenbach (Hadamar).

Their children were:
     *1. Johan Georg Stahlschmidt was born in 1628 and died on 26 September 1691. He married on 16 June 1650 Anna Catharina, the daughter of Noelle (Arnold) and Catharina Cuntze of Niederheuslingen where he resided and where two children were born.
       2. Heinrich Stahlschmidt was christened on 20 October 1638. He married on 26 July 1658 Anna Margareth. She was the daughter of Johannes Weissgerber of Niedendorf.
       3. Johannes Stahlschmidt was born was christened  on 1 September 1641. He married on 30 July 1661 Catharina Rauting. Her father was Hannes Rauting of Ferndorf, a judge of that city.
       4. Hans Peter Stahlschmidt was christened on 17 July 1644. He married on 9 May 1666 Anna Catharina Beer. She was the daughter of Johannes Beer of Niederheuslingen.
       5. Matthias Stahlschmidt was christened on 16 December 1647. He married on 28 January 1673 Margaretha Weber. She was the daughter of Matthias Weber of Siegen.
       6. Catharina Stahlschmidt was christened on 16 December 1649 and was buried on 18 December 1653.

                                                                JACOB STAHLSCHMIDT

Credit for this section is almost entirely due to Vonda Moore of Chicora, Pennsylvania  plus those who have helped her along the line. Though I haven't always quoted her, the research and the language are largely hers. If you have information that would help the research of this line or have questions about the research, please contact her at 178 Fairmont Road, Chicora, Pennsylvania 16025-3006. As always, I can be contacted at swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net Vonda and I share the same ancestors in Michael Fair and Mary Barbara Steelsmith. They are Tom's third paternal great grandparents and Vonda's fourth maternal great grandparents.

Jacob Stahlschmidt was born around eleven o'clock in the evening on 25 November 1743 at Plittershagen, Nassu-Siegen, Germany.  He was baptized on 3 February 1743 at Plittershagen. The Godfather at the baptism was Jacob Diltkey, son of Peter Diltkey. From the translation of the Freudenberg Church Record, p. 133: "1743 the 3rd of Febr[uary] on the same day, Johann Peter Stahlschmidt and Anna Catharin [Waffenschmidt] [of] Plittershagen married people, had a young son baptized, who was born the No. 4 [in line] 25th January in the evening around 11 o'clock: Godfather is Jacob Diltkey, Peter Diltkey of Plittershagen legitimate son, and the child was thus named Jacob." Jacob Diltkey, the son of Peter Diltkey, was named as the godfather at the baptism.

According to John T. Humphrey in 2006, Pennsylvania Births, p. 164 (ISBN 1-8876098-20-2) from the "Records of the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations in Hamilton Township, Jacob and Maria Sarah Stahlschmid had a son, Johannes, born on 14 March 1786 in Hamilton Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Whether or not they actually lived in Monroe County is not presently known. Monroe County, formed in 1836, was situated north of Kittatinny Mountain where settlement had begun early in the eighteenth-century. Initially Monroe County was a part of Northampton County. (Jacob Steelsmith died in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, at the the age of 85 years in 1828.)

Based on her age of 93 at her death, his spouse, Sarah Steelsmith, was born about 1753. The tradition is that her last name was Wolf. However, under Early Germans of New Jersey, in the will of Lodoway/Loedowick/ Ludwig/Lewis) Cline at Greenwich, Sussex County (now Warren County), dated 11 July and probated 16 August 1796, a Sarah Steelsmith was listed as a daughter. Jacob and Sarah Steelsmith also named a son Ludwig/Lewis. It thus appears that her family name was Cline/Kline.

Based on her age of 93 at her death, his spouse, Sarah Steelsmith, was born about 1753. The tradition is that her last name was Wolf. However, under Early Germans of New Jersey, in the will of Lodoway/Loedowick/ Ludwig/Lewis) Cline at Greenwich, Sussex County (now Warren County), dated 11 July and probated 16 August 1796, a Sarah Steelsmith was listed as a daughter. Jacob and Sarah Steelsmith also named a son Ludwig/Lewis. It thus appears that her family name was Cline/Kline.

     The name "Stahlschmidt" was changed "Steelsmith" sometime after the family came to the United States. We do not know when and to what port Jacob Stahlschmidt came to this country from Germany. His name does not appear in Strassburg/Hinkey's Pennsylvania German Pioneers among the ship arrivals. However, a possible candidate, as mention earlier, is Jacob Schmit, on page 730. It was common for names like Stahlschmidt to be shortened to names like Smid(t). For example, "Sarah, wife of Jacob S. Smith."The names adjacent to his in the passenger list are also from his area of Germany. The entry read:

[List 281 C] At Messieurs Willing and Morris's Store, Philadelphia, the 1st of October, 1770. Present: Thomas Willing, Esquire. The Foreigners whose Names are hereunder written, imported in the ship Minerva, Thomas Arnott, Master, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, did this day take and subscribe the usual; Qualifications. Consigned to Messieurs Willing & Norris: ... Jacob (J) Schmit.

     Whether or not he is the same  as Jacob Stahlschmidt is not known at this time. It does not matter greatly, as our Jacob Stahlschmidt appears as a sponsor in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania of Jacob Bene, the son of Jacob Bene and Anna Maria Bene on 26 May 1771. One source [which?] lists this Church Record as that of the Trinity Tulpehocken Church. John T. Humphrey's Pennsylvania Births of Lebanon County lists this church as the Tulpehocken Reformed Church in Jackson Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.
     In 1777-1792, Jacob Stahlschmidt was in New Jersey, according to baptismal; records. (Knowlton, Warren County, NJ Records of the First German and English of the Congregation, Volume 1918, pp.123 and 179 and Volume 1919, p.88) In 1786 and 1786 he was an overseer or a witness named in two wills in Hamilton Township, Northampton (now Monroe) County, Pennsylvania. That is, Jacob Steelsmith was an witness of the will of Simon Heller of Northampton County, Hamilton Township, now Monroe County, Pennsylvania. (Case 275, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Wills) He was also a witness of the will of Simon Heller Nicholas Gower in March of 1786 (Case 230, ibid.) We do not know the relationship of Jacob and these men.  Because Hamilton Township was near the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, Jacob Stahlschmidt was probably still living in New Jersey still living in New Jersey. His son, Johannes, was born in Hamilton County, Monroe, Pennsylvania in 1786, but we don't don't whether he lived in Pennsylvania for a short period of time or was just traveling back and forth from New Jersey, as it was only a short distance.

Jacob Stahlschmidt Lived at or near Knowlton, Knowlton Township, Warren County, New Jersey at One Time

     Jacob Steelsmith was in Armstrong County by at least 1793. (The History of Armstrong County (1883,"  ... 399 acres and 146 perches, on which Joseph Steelsmith began an improvement in 1793, a settlement on 7 May 1796, which Ross, deputy surveyor, surveyed to him on on 9 July1801, and for which, called "Smith's Choice," the patent was granted to him on 3 September 1810). ("Washington Township," History of Armstrong County, p. 549) It appears Jacob Stahlschmidt and his wife, Sarah, lived in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at one time. Vonda Moore said, "It appears that Sarah and the younger children stayed there --  probably in the Greensburg area -- from 1793 though the Spring of 1796. Jacob and sons would have been clearing land in the territory that became Armstrong County and traveling back and forth at various times."
     In 1808, Jacob Stahlschmidt was the witness of the 1807 will of Elizabeth Fites (Taits)  The will said that Elizabeth was the widow of Oely Faits/Titz (Will Book, Vol. 1, Page 4, Estate 12.)  A deed where she was selling land to William Brown said that the land was a part of the tact of land Jacob Steelsmith now lives and that the said Jacob sold to Elizabeth Faits) adjoining Henry Heasley, Lewis Steelsmith and others) containing 70 acres. [The source of this deed is needed.] Jacob Steelsmith died in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, in 1828 at the age of 85, and he was buried in the Fair Cemetery in Washington Township of that county.
     An item in the 26 July 1828 (Saturday) issue of Kittanning (Armstrong County) Gazette said of Jacob Steelsmith's death: "Died on Thurs. morn last [17 July?], Jacob Steelsmith of Sugar Creek Twp., age 90 yrs., one of the 1st settlers of Armstrong County." There is a discrepancy between Jacob Steelsmith's year of birth of 1743 according to the baptismal record and that of the this newspaper item; the latter would make his birth year 1838. Unfortunately, though the  name and and date are barely legible on his grave marker, the age when he died is not. A reliable witness, who observed he marker years ago, said that that time that the inscription on the marker gave his age as 85 when he died in 1828.

The remains of Jacob Steelsmith's Grave Marker in the Fair Cemetery (Provided by Jim Haggerty)

Fair Cemetery, Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

Vonda Moore describes the cemetery as being  is located on dirt-surfaced Pence Road, near Cowansville. Perhaps 1 /1/ to 2 1/2 miles up this road, there is another little road bearing off to the right. This is an area where there has been strip mining in recent years. The cemetery is now well taken care of and sits on a little knoll. It is difficult to see from the road. There is now a sign "Fair Cemetery, whereas earlier there was no sign. The cemetery seems to be located on part of the original grant to Jacob Steelsmith.

     We do not know when or where Jacob married Sarah Cline[?]. She died in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania in 1743 [Source?] at age 93, that is, she was born around 1753. The Tradition in the Steelsmith and the related Families that Sarah's family name was Wolf. However, in Early Germans of New Jersey, the Will of Lodoway (Loedowick, Ludwig, or Lewis) Cline of Greenwich, Sussex (now Warren) County, dated 11 July 1796 and probably probated on 16 August 1796, lists a Sarah Steelsmith as a daughter. This is in the right time frame and in New Jersey, a state where it appears that members the Steelsmith Family lived at about that time. Therefore, it seems probable that her family name was Cline/Kline. Her names appears variously as Maria, Mary or Sara/Sarah or the names combined in one way or another. Sara, Mary Sara/ Sarah Mary, but in Pennsylvania where she appeares later, the name/s used were Sara or Sarah.

 Further Cline Family census research in New Jersey would be helpful.

This is the item on Lodoway Cline from The Early Germans of New Jersey: Their History, Churches, and Genealogy

LODOWAY (Loedowick, Ludwig or Lewis) Cline, whose will, Greenwich, Sussex [now Warren Co., 11 July, prob.[ated] 16 Aug., 1796, names ch; LODOWAY, left 5 sons and 5 daughters, Lewis and Dr. Garner, of Harmony, John of Franklin, Michel, of Greenwich, Mrs. Christian Davidson and others; MICHEL rem.[oved] to Indiana; SARAH STEELSMITH; MARGARET DESMOND; ELIZABETH TEAL; MARY BURK, (Dec.[eased]) ELISABETH RITHER, (dec.)' CATHARINE TEAL, (dec.)

     Sarah was buried in what is now known as the Fair Cemetery in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

This is all that remains of the grave marker of Sarah (Cline?) Steelsmith. Though barely legible, Vonda Moore says the marker says that he was the wife of Jacob S. Smith, rather than spelling our Steelsmith. She notes that this abbreviation was also used on a neighbor's land survey map.  " (Photo provided by Vonda Moore)

These are thought to be the children of Jacob and Sarah Steelsmith, as provided by Researcher Vonda Moore. One wonders why there are birth records for the sons but not the daughters:

  1. Catharina Stahlschmidt was born 1774-1776. Catherina Stahlschmidt was the sponsor, with Frederick Moyer, of one child of Johannes Leonard and his wife, Anna on 13 December 1795 in Westmoreland County [Pennsylvania]. (Volume II, Mt. Pleasant Church, Westmoreland County Church Records, translator Rev. Paul Ruff. This is the only reference that has been found for a Catharine Steelsmith, but it is assumed that she was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah Steelsmith since they were the only know Steelsmith Family in the area.

  2. Ludwig (Lewis) Stahlschmidt was born on 23 December 1777 and was baptized on 22 February 1778 at Knowlton, Warren County, New Jersey (Records of the First German and English Congregation). He went with his family to present Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He married Maria/Mary _____, possibly a neighbor. In 1808. Ludwig (Lewis) was the executor of the Will o7 1807 of Elizabeth Fites (Taits) in Armstrong County Witness: Jacob Stahlschmidt and David Helmn. (Will Book, Vol. 1, Page 4, Estate 12.) Lewis Steelsmith was in the War of 1812 in Capt. John Guthrie's Company, drafted from the 150th Regiment of the 15th Division of Pennsylvania Militia. (Pennsylvania Archives ((Second Series)), Vol. 12, pages 187-188.) Lewis Steelsmith was enumerated in the 1810 Federal Census in Sugar Creek Township, Armstrong County, 297; 1820 Census in Richland Township, Venango County, 012; 1830  Census in Beaver Township, Verango County, 050; and, 1840 Census in Elk Township, Venango County, 123. Lewis Steelsmith (Stahlschmidt) was in a list of Tax Payers in Richland Township, Venango County, in 1820, as well as a Jacob Steelsmith, who probably his son. Researcher Philip Haggerty told Vonda Moore in a letter that Lewis Steelsmith and his wife, Mary, attended the St. Paul's Church near Knox, Venango County, Pennsylvania, and they took communion there until 1842 when they longer appear in the church records. It should be noted that Beaver Township, Richland Township, and Knox, Pennsylvania became a part of Clarion County. It is said that a "Mr. Steelsmith" taught German and English school at the first school house, built in 1821, in Clarion County. [Because the source didn't say what year he taught, we can't be sure whether or not is was Lewis Steelsmith or a son. Philip Haggerty found Mary Steelsmith enumerated in the 1860 census in Farmington Township, Clarion County, with her daughter, Sarah Killen, the spouse of Robert Killen.

According to Haggerty, the children of Lewis and Mary/Maria Steelsmith were:  Jacob. G. Steelsmith of Westmoreland County; Sarah and John Steelsmith of Clarion and Mercer Counties; and, Michael Steelsmith of Clarion and Mercer Counties. It appears that Ludwig and Maria, that is Lewis and Mary, had at least two other children: there were at least two other children: one was Elisabeth Stahlschmidt was born on 21 June 1804. (List of "Confirmands" at the Richland Congregation on 30 April 1825. Journal of Gabriel Adam Reichert. Reichert was a Lutheran Pastor in Indiana, Armstrong, and adjacent counties; the other was Catherina who married Johannes Diehl ("GEB June 156, 1824 GET Aug. 1, 1824.) The Church Records of Westmoreland County show a Johannes Stahlschmidt born on 15 January 1810 and baptized on 3 November 1811 with then parents as Ludwig Stahlschmidt and Maria. (Reverend Paul Miller Ruff, German Church Records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Volume 3. WB3378)

  3. Elisabeth Stahlschmidt was born possibly about 1779 or 1781. The only record for her as a Stahlschmidt is that of a Elisabeth Stohlschmill, that is Stahlschmidt. In that record, a daughter, Franzina, was born to George Otterman and Elisabeth Stohlschmill [Stohlschmitt?] on 3 February 1797.  (German Church Records of Westmoreland County, Western Pennsylvania, translated by Rev. Paul Miller Ruff. Rev. Ruff told Vonda More that the recorder unintentionally made the "a" look like an "o" and didn't cross the "tt's," so that they appeared to be "lls.")  The name of the daughter, Francina, was probably after George Otterman's mother. George Otterman, born in 1776, was the son of Ludwig Otterman and Francina Otterman. It is not kown what happened to Elizabeth Stahlschmidt, but in October 1798 George Otterman then married Elizabeth Wegley. If Elizabeth was buried in  the Fair Cemetery, no marker remains. It is thought that the daughter, Francina or  "Franny, was raised" by the maternal grandparents, Jacob and Sarah Stahlschmidt, because there isn't a a child in the right age category in the 1800 censes for George Otterman whereas there is one for Jacob "Stillsmith." Francina "Franny" Otterman married Henry Reep and resided in Fairview/Parker Township of Butler County, Pennsylvania. Two of their daughters married Ellenbergers.

  *4. Mary Barbara Steelsmith was born on 24 June 1780 in New Jersey and died in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania on 7 July 1870 at the age of 90 years and 13 days. (The birth date was calculated based on the inscription on her grave marker that she died 7 July 1870 at the age of 90 years and 13 days. The birthplace was given as New Jersey in the 1850 Federal Census) Mary B. Steelsmith married Michael Fair. Michael Fair was born 10 November 1775. (The birth date was calculated by the data in his grave marker that says that he died on 10 August 1860 at 84 years and 9 months. However, in a legal document filed by his grandsons, the death date was 10 August 1861) The fact of who were Michael Fair's parents has not been confirmed. Family history and the monograph Altman, Say, Cribbs, and Fair History says that Michael Fair was the son of Benen Jacob C. Fehr and Christina Beschlein of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Other researchers say that Michael Fair was the son of John and Barbara Fair/Fahr/Fehr. That John Fehr died about 1808 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Michael Fair was said to have gone to western Pennsylvania  with the Steelsmith Family. Based on their ages, he and Mary Steelsmith may have met in Westmoreland County. They were probably married 1798/1799, as their first child, Sarah,  was born in 1800. In the 1800 Census Index for Butler County, Pennsylvania, Michael Fair is listed on page 333 with one male 16-26, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 16-26. There is a John Fair, possibly his brother, also listed on page 33 with 1 male under 10, 1 male 16-26, and 1 female 16-26. In the 1803 Tax List of  Butler County, Michael Fair and John Fair are both listed with 400 acres of land. The History of Butler County (1833), p. 275, refers to Michael Fair and John Fair being there early, lived on a farm of P. P. Bricker, but moved away.

Vonda Moore says: I have seen several lists of the children of Michael Fair and Mary B. Steelsmith, but the following  have been documented. There were possibly others who died young:
       1. Sarah Fair, born 1800, married Peter Fair, son of a John Fair born 1770.
       *2. Elizabeth Fair was born in 1802. She died in 1891. John Ellenberger's family were early settlers in Armstrong County. Pennsylvania. John was the son of Charles/Carl Ellenberger and Elizabeth Detter. Charles/Carl went to Armstrong County with his mother, Barbara, and his stepfather, Leonard Trees. See the Ellenberger Family Family folder.
       3. Johannes "John"  Fair was born in April 1807 and baptized on 2 October 1808, the son of Michael Fehr, that is Fehr/Fair, and Maria. (Vol. II. German Church Records) John married in 1828 Mary Christman, the daughter of John Christman.
       4. Isaac Fair was born in 1811. In 1832, he married first Catharin Staufer. Isaac married second, on 24 May 1874, Elizabeth Early, the daughter of Andrew Early and the widow of Mathia Wolfe.
       5. Simon Fair was born on 28 June 1813. He married Catharin?
       6. Eli Fair was born in 1818. He married Anna Christman in 1836. Eli was listed in the Pittsburgh Synod-Lutheran Church, and later in the Allegheny Synod. In the 1860s, he was listed as living in Stevenson County, Illinois.

  5. Jacob Stahlschmidt was born on 27 August 1782. He was baptized on 19 September 1782 at Knowlton, Warren County, New Jersey. Witnesses were Jacob Dieder and his wife, Catharina. (Knowlton, Warren County, New Jersey Records of the First German and English congregation) Jacob married Susannah Williams, the daughter of Daniel Willems/Williams and his wife, Christina, of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Vonda Moore says that, "Histories and tradition say Daniel was the brother of Franzina (Willems) Otterman,  the mother of George Otterman. After Daniel Williams died, Christina later married John Henry Rambaugh. Jacob Steelsmith (Jr.) and his wife, Susannah, remained in Westmoreland County. In 1805, Jacob was living in Westmoreland County, but purchased Lot 87 in Kittanning. No record shows that he lived in Kittanning, and the lot was sold to Michael Mechling in 1814. Both of these deeds were recorded in 1836. The German Church Records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, by Reverend Paul Miller Ruff, include the following children of this couple:
       1. Johannes Stahlschmidt was born on 11 August 1805 and was baptized on 15 September 1805. The Godparents were Johannes and Christina Rambach. (Volume 3, WB2534 Weber Reformed [Church])
       2. Elisabeth Stahlschmidt was born on 5 March 1808 and was baptized on 22 May 1808. (Volume 3, WB2841)
       3. Lea Stahlschmidt was born on 21 February 1810 and was baptized on 20 May 1810. (Volume 3, WB3129)
       4. Susanne Stahlschmidt  was born on 24 January 1812 and was baptized on 19 April 1812. (Volume 3, WB3438)
      5. Anna Stahlschmidt was born on 1 February 1814 and was baptized on 19 April 1814. (Greensburg Lutheran [Church], Volume 4, GR1362)
       6. Margaretha Stahlschmidt was born on 22 July 1815 and was baptized on 1 October 1815 (Reformed [Church], Volume 4. WB3785)
        7. Christina Stahlschmidt was born or baptized on 5 May 1818. (Volume 4, 3786)
        8. Maria Stahlschmidt was born or baptized on 22 July 1819. (Volume 4, 3787) 

  7. Johannes Stahlschmid was born on 14 March 1786. His birth record is in one of the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations in Hamilton Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. (Humphrey, Pennsylvania Births, p. 164. It is not clear what happened to Johannes. In the 180-0 Census for Jacob Steelsmith there were two males listed in the category between 10 and 16 years of age. Johannes would bin that category at about age 14. We don't know who the other male is. It is possible that Johannes died young or moved to another state.

  8. Anna Lidia Steelsmith was born on 24 July 1788 and died on 9 August 1849 at 61 years, 14 days; the grave marker that was thought to be in the Fair cemetery is not [no longer?] there). She married Timothy L. Titus. He was born on 6 December 1790. Timothy was the son of John Titus and Jane Lenington. She was the daughter of Timothy Lenington. All were early settlers of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. A daughter of Anna Lidia Steelsmith and her husband Timothy Titus was Jane Titus, born on 11 March 1817. Jane Titus married William Reep, son of Henry Reep and his wife, Fanny Otterman. Fanny is believed to be the daughter of Elisabeth Steelsmith who was probably the sister  Anna Lidia Steelsmith. William B. Reep and his family went West in 1854. Of interest is a deed in the Armstrong County Kittanning Deed Book 6-pages 249 and 250: Deed of Timothy Titus & wife to Jenkin Reese dated 7th day of Apr. 1829, between Timothy and Anna and his wife of one part ... etc. Signed Timothy Titus. Anna x Titus Witness Joseph Shields Simon Steelsmith  of Buffalo [Armstrong County]

  8. Peter Stahlschmid, son of Jacob Stahlschmid and Maria, was born on 2 September (1792) and baptized on 29 October. Witnesses: Peter Shnider & Margaretha. Knowlton, Warren County, New Jersey, Records of the First German and English Congregation.

  9. Simon Steelsmith was born on 15 June 1795 and was baptrized on 13 September 1796 . (Translator Paul Ruff, German Church Records Westmoreland County, [Pennsylvania] , Greensburg Lutheran Baptisms, Volume II): "109 Simon 15 June 1795 Jacob Stahlschmidt [and] Sara Sponsors Simon Drum [and] Susanna." Simon Drum was well known in Westmoreland County. Susanna Drum's maiden name was said to be Lauffer, daughter of Christian and his wife, Susanna Best. This is the only child of Jacob and Sara Steelsmith known to have been born in Western Pennsylvania. Sarah would have been about 42 when Simon was born. Simon Steelsmith married Esther John. Esther was the daughter of Martin John of York County, Pennsylvania and Esther Bowser. The latter was born in 1758 in Paradise Township, York County. Esther Bowser married Martin John. In 1798, he went  the the area of Western Pennsylvania that became Armstrong County. Martin John was a Dunkard minister in Washington Township of Armstrong County. Supposedly, he spoke only Palatine German. According to Bowser family history, Esther John and Simon Steelsmith immediately after their marriage went to Indiana with her sister Christina  and her husband, Peter Hensel. A daughter of Simon and Esther Steelsmith died in 1826. According to the Kittanning Gazette of (Wednesday): Died Sun. 1826 [2 August 1826] Catharine, age 2, daughter of Simon Steelsmith [of Buffalo Township]." Other children born to them in Armstrong County were B-740 Elisabeth born 15 August 1820' B-741 Martin John born 17 September 1825; B-742 Rahel born 20 August 1827 (Journal of Gabriel Adam Reichert, Lutheran Pastor to Indiana, Armstrong, and Adjacent Counties, Sugar Creek (Christmanns) June 25, 1818, Baptisms)
     According to Smith's History of Armstrong County, East Franklin Township, John Titus, Jr. made an improvement May 1792 and a settlement  in March 1796 . . . Titus sold 100 acres to Timothy Titus, Nov, 1826 . . . 82 acres and 8 perches to Simon Steelsmith, November 9 (1829) Steelsmith conveyed his parcel to Peter John June 19, 1830 for $300. Nothing further has been found on Simon Steelsmith after that date. Jacob Steelsmith, the father of Simon, died in July 1828. In reading the Deeds of Jacob, it appears that Jacob in August 1816 had given that portion of "Smith's Choice" to his son Simon for "natural love and maintenance." (The portion of 110 acres on which Jacob then lived.) Also, in April 1818, Jacob sold116 acres and 116 perches to Simon Steelsmith for $50. The latter then conveyed the same to Michael Fair on 24 November 1821 for $100.

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