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22 June  2006

Tom Hahn Family - Part 4


Son: Christopher "Chris" Frederick Hahn

Daughter: Elizabeth "Betsy" Lee Hahn

Granddaughter: Beverly "Bev" Anne Hahn

And Step-Children

Diane Jean Torrey

Duane Gifford Torrey

* * *

 Christopher "Chris" Frederick Hahn (Tom Hahn's Son)

An Easter Card to Tom and Nathalie Hahn from Florence Hahn, says that this photo was taken 1953. At this time we lived at Lemon Grove California, just east of San Diego, where I was stationed in PCEC-886. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Christmas 1953 at Topeka, Kansas while Enroute from Stockton, California to Boston (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris's Godmother, Dorothy Mulligan (Tom Hahn Photo)

Walter Hahn, Florence Hahn, and Chris Hahn Summer 1957. The photo was taken on a trip to Jefferson, New Hampshire, when Florence and Walter were visiting Tom and his family at New Haven, Connecticut, where Tom was studying Chine at Yale University, (Hahn Collection) ,

    And the young boy reminded me of time Chris was with us for 2 wks or so [when we were living in Silver Spring, Maryland], but I think he was eleven yrs old, and what I good time Dad & I had with him. Dad said to me, let him do anything he wants to, and Ill clean up the mess. He would stand in front of frig and the door open and eat peaches or piece of watermelon and juice dripping on floor, this was in evenings and Dad would go out and clean it up. He was so good and his grandpa took him fishing and on walks  on his time off and on rainy days. He and I made puppets . I am not good at that sort of thing but we played with them. W took him on picnics, one day Jenay went with us on a big picnic some organization, cant recall now, and all the cokes and soft drinks free, and he & Jenay drank so many. And he fooled around with the little shed back of garage and go out there a lot to read and when he got ready to go back home, at airport he said he wished I could go back with him. He was timid but I always loved him very much because of that and he always said "he would take care of me when I got old." (Florence Hahn Letter to Tom Hahn February 1094)

Tom Hahn  and  Chris Hahn (front row right), at the Reenactment of the Bataan Death March in the Republic of the Philippines about 1965. Chris did the entire march. His father, Tom, did only a symbolic portion, as did Captain Romanick, the Commanding Officer of the Naval Communication Station, Republic of the Philippines, at San Miguel, Zambales Province. who  is in the rear, rig, with Chief Petty Officer Sergeant next to him. His son, Jimmy is next to Chris. Chris knows the name of the boy to the left, and I will insert that after I ask him. (Hahn Collection)

Chris Hahn on a Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Hike in Maryland (Tom Hahn Photo

Chris on 50th Birthday at Shepherdstown, West Virginia August 2001(Tom Hahn Photo)      

                       Chris Hahn while on a Trip with his Dad in 2002 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Mystery Photo. Who is this and where was the image taken? See the following photo for the answer. (Imagery by Tom Hahn)

Chris Hahn standing in front of a field of soy beans near the former house on the Christian Hahn Farm in  Shiloh Township, Neosho County near Thayer, Kansas on 23 June 2002. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris Hahn at the Butterfly Place at Branson, Missouri in June 2002.(Tom Hahn Photo)

                                         Chris at the Hemingway House in Key West Florida in 2004 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris Hahn's House at Pasadena, Maryland, April 2004 (Chris Hahn Photo)

View of the Chesapeake Bay near Chris's House (Chris Hahn Photo)

Chris Hahn on a Visit to His Dad in Ft. Myers about 2004 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris Hahn with Friends and Former Housemates Bob Lloyd and Linda Chamberlain in 2004 at Tom and Nathalie Hahn's in Sabal Spring, Fort Myers, Florida (Hahn Collection)

Chris Hahn at Tom and Nath's House in Sabal Springs 2005

Chris Hahn in Rare Form at Tom and Nath's House at Sabal Springs, 2005

BEVERLY "BEV" ANNE HAHN (Daughter of Chris Hahn)

Beverly Hahn in her Parent's Apartment at Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, West Virginia about 1987(Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn with Banjo (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn, 1985

Beverly Hahn at Easter 1986 (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn and Her Dad, Chris Hahn (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn  at Shepherdstown, West Virginia  in front of Nani and Papa's Yard? (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Working at Nanny's Desk in Shepherdstown West Virginia (Hahn Collection)

Beverly Hahn in San Box at Nani and Papa's in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

At Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California July 2004 (Hahn Collection)

San Francisco, July 2004 (Hahn Collection)

 Elizabeth "Betsy" Lee Hahn (Daughter of Tom Hahn)

Betsy on Easter 1961 at about Age 2. (Tom Hahn Photo. From an Easter Card to Tom and Nat Hahn from Florence Hahn)

Betsy Hahn Kindergarten Photo at San Miguel, Zambales, Republic of the Philippines (Sent by Betsy)

Betsy Hahn First Grade, San Miguel (Sent by Betsy)

Red Cross Swimming Class, San Miguel (Betsy second row, third from right) (Sent by Betsy)

                                                                                    Betsy with Friends at Easter in probably 1966 at the Coto Mine, Zambales Province, Republic of the Philippine. Left-to right: Back row Holly Eaton, Holly Martin, Kim Eaton. Front row: Allan Eaton, Betsy Hahn, Allison "Beeper" Martin (Sent by Allan Eaton)

Betsy Easter Drawing from an Early Age (From Lisa Sasser)

Betsy Hahn at a Reception at the Navy Security Group Activity, Winter Harbor, Maine 1966 (Hahn Collection)

"On the Cut" in England ca? (Tom Hahn Photo)

Betsy Working with a Trowel doing Gardening, What Else, but When and Where? (Hahn Collection)

Betsy Hahn at the same location as the above photograph, but where and when? (Hahn Collection)

Address near Annapolis. Maryland: 1453 Grandview Road, Arnold, MD 21012


Christmas Tree Trimming at Horace Greeley Road, Amherst, New Hampshire in December 1999. Lisa was taking the photo. From left Duane and Linda Torrey, Betsy, friend John, Tom Hahn. Rottweiler Kiva subsequently ate the bottom half of the tree and decorations. (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Christmas 1999. Kiva Being Counseled by Betsy About Eating Half of the Tree and the Ornaments. (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Betsy and Lisa's Property near Amherst, New Hampshire, early Spring c2002. (Hahn Collection)

Betsy and Lisa's Back Yard. Left-to-right, Chris Hahn, Lisa Sasser, Betsy Hahn, Duane Torrey. (Tom Hahn Photo)


Betsy is an Environmental Biologist. She currently a Planner at the Nashua Regional Planning  Commission at Nashua, New Hampshire.

Betsy Hahn at Her Home at Amherst, New Hampshire Summer 2004 (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Arrangement of Flowers from Betsy's Garden (Photo  by Lisa Sasser)

Betsy at the Hahn Memorial at Newport, Rhode Island (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Diane Jean "DJ" Torrey (Stepdaughter of Tom Hahn, daughter of  Nathalie (Torrey) Hahn)

Diane having a bath. Winter Harbor Maine (Hahn Collection)

Diane at Home in Winter Harbor, Maine 1956 (Hahn Collection)

Diane Pitching at Slow Pitch Soft Ball . This and the following two images were taken in July 1975 in the Pussycats versus the Vicars game. (Provided by Diane Torrey)

Diane Batting at Slow Pitch Soft Ball (Provided by Diane Torrey

Diane Torrey Running to Third Base (Provided by Diane Torrey)


Diane Torrey and Jason

Diane in Miami, Florida

Diane at the Banana Boat Miami, Florida

Diane in a Bus or Train in 1983.

Diane at Harry McLaughlin's Home in Miami, Florida with Benson (Hahn Collection)

Harry McLaughlin, a Friend and Benson's "Dad" (Hahn Collection)

                  Duane Gifford Torrey (Stepson of Tom Hahn)

Duane Torrey 1983 (Hahn Collection)

Duane Torrey about 2003 with an Example of his Work (Hahn Collection)

Duane Torrey, Lobsterman, Winter Harbor, Maine (Hahn Collection)

Duane and Linda's Home near Londonderry, New Hampshire (Hahn Collection)

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