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29 January 2006


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Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce, 1882-1941 ("Remember, Forgiveness is Divine"-- Editor)

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These biographies are presented primarily to provide information to readers who are seeking their Lenape-Delaware family roots. The documentation for the data is not always included herein; in some cases it may be shared by contacting the  researcher/s. The basic concept used in this page is that the researchers are willing to share their information to the extent that the person making the enquiry is willing to help with the ongoing research. The data in this section are copyrighted. They may be used for personal use only. They may not used for publication or profit without the permission of both the individual researcher/s and the editor/web site owner. This provision is necessary because of unscrupulous persons who use others research for profit without their permission in violation of copyright laws. Contributions are welcome, but you need to provide the documentation (sources) of your information. The presence of an entry does not mean that that person is more important than other persons not represented. It just means that we have the data for the entry at hand. All all important to us and we hope to provide information on as many individuals as possible. 

 A factor that we have in  Native American genealogy and history is that much of it was not written down but passed down orally from generation to generation. We cannot always prove  what has been passed down in our families, but out of respect for our ancestors and because of the lack of written sources, it must be seriously considered. Another difficulty is that such terms as grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, aunt, and do not always refer to biological members of the family, but to those adopted or otherwise brought in and treated or respected as a part of the family on the same terms as blood relations. In Lenape-Delaware History  we will attempt to present both that which has been "proven" by historical research standards and that which is family history and not yet, or perhaps never, proven. This is a fine line, as some may be tempted to mix the two, but I believe that to present one without the other would be to deprive researchers of the information that may be helpful to you to further your research  as well as to eliminate family tradition and the true nature of our past.  Similarly, we will occasionally include accounts that are in conflict in order that Lenape-Delaware researchers can help in the quest to provide as good data as possible by knowing the specific documentation use in preparation of an entry.

The Delaware Historian Ruby Cranor has this to say of Delaware genealogy: "One must think in terms of 'Clan' and family groups. The Delaware tribe are matrilineal--that is, they trace their lineage through the maternal line. They believe that all children of the mother are full brothers and sisters regardless of who the father is. Also, all children of a sister of the mother are also brothers and sisters. One must continually keep this in mind."

Please note that we are sharing more and more of the information that we have in this section as we go along in our research because we believe that the more we share, the more we help ourselves in our own family lines. We believe that if Grandma left the family Bible to us, then we should share it with the rest of the extended family. We ask that you consider doing the same.

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