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8 July 2005


Because I am reorganizing some of the entries into easier-to-find, more-logical destinations, some of these links may not work for a few days. They will be corrected soon. The presence of someone in this listing does not mean that they are more or less important than anyone else. It only means that we have more data on them than would be suitable for the "Personality" page or that they are entered in a Family History Category. Editor

ADAMS, William H. 

ADAMS, Richard Calmit 


ANDERSON, William  

ANDERSON, William Henry  See Winsettund  Link OK 13 March 2004

AUPAHMUNDAQUA - See Nancy Ketchum  Link OK 13 March 2004

AUPHEEHELIQUA - Nancy Ketchum  Link OK 13 March 2004

BLACK BEAVER Go to Biographies, Black Beaver [Having trouble inserting link. Editor]

CALEB, Sabilla

COMPSTON, Ella Eliza  See Halfmoon, Sarah  Link  OK 13 March 2004

CONNER, Eliza See Mekinges [Hyperlink needs to be fixed. Editor]

CONNER, Nancy See Mekinges

CONNER, William

DEFRIES, MARTHA "Mattie" FRANCES Link OK 13 March 2004

FALLEAF, Captain

FISH, Arch 

FISH, Eliza Jane

FISH, Sarah Ann

GELELEMEND (William Henry Killbuck)

GRINTER Family Biographies -- See The Grinter Family

HALFMOON, Sarah  Link OK 13 March 2004

JOHNSON, Thomas  Link OK 13 March 2004

JOURNEYCAKE, Charles  Link OK 13 March 2004

JOURNEYCAKE, Isaac Link OK 13 March 2004

JOURNEYCAKE, Nannie M.  Link OK 13 March 2004

KETCHUM, George  Link OK 14 March 2004

KETCHUM, Louis (or Lewis)  Link OK 14 March 2004

KETCHUM, Elizabeth  Link OK 14 March 2004

KETCHUM, Nancy  Link OK 14 March 2004

KETCHUM, Nancy [1]  Link OK 14 March 2004

KIKTHAWENUND Link OK 14 March 2004

LYKINS, Dr. Johnston  Link OK 14 March 2004

MARSHALL Family Biographies - See The Marshall Family

MC COY, Reverend Isaac

MEKINGEES/MEKINGES/MEKINGIS ( Elizabeth possibly) Ketchum




PATIACOW, "Grandma"

OWL, Sarah "Sally" -  Lakepeshequa, Tahapeshequa,  and perhaps Lehepehshequah . See the Honeywell Family

SWISHEREllen - See  ZEIGLER, Ellen

TAHLEOCKWE  She was also know as Melinda Statler and Tweleniquid.

TAYLOR, Elizabeth (Betsy)

TIBLOW,  Henry



TWEHULLAHLAH (Captain George Ketchum)


WILAQUENAHO, Betsy or Betsey /Willaquanaho

WILCOXEN, Melinda  See TAHLEOCKWE. Wilcoxen was her married name. She is also known as Melinda Statler.



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