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22May 2006



His son,  WILLIAM H. MARSHALL    His spouse, Wilaquenaho

 Their daughters: Anna Marshall and Rosanna Marshall

 Readers should be aware that this article is a research work in progress. As I have stated elsewhere in this site, our emphasis is as much about research as it is about "recorded" history. The latter is seldom stable in any event, as new data are discovered. The Marshall Family is a difficult one to research. Your editor seems to be the only one  working on Henry Marshall. A few others, chiefly Vickie Wilkins  bvw77808@yahoo.com and Martin Weeks martinweeks@cox.net  and a couple of others, are the only ones seemingly active in working on the history of Henry's son, William, and his wife and children. We would appreciate any contributions from the data that you might have. I have not finished entering what I have on Henry Marshall as I am now concentrating on his son, William Marshall. Thomas Swiftwater Hahn Researcher/Editor  swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net

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