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22 May 2006



Henry Marshall was born in 1752 (American Revolution Soldiers Index; the Daughters of the American Revolution, Miami County, Ohio.  The latter source says that his birth was in Berks or Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We don't know who his parents were or from where his ancestors came. There are suggestions of origins in England, France, and Germany, but no linkage has been found. [We continue to try to find a connection to a Dietrich [Didier] Marsshal who went from Rotterdam through Cowes, Holland to Philadelphia on 16 September 1736 in the Ship Princess Augusta. Dietrich married Margaret ___. His will lists children John, Deitrich, Jacob, David, Mary, Catherine, and Sarah. The son John may have had a son Henry. This family was in Berks County, Pennsylvania.] A Didier Marchal, born in Cumru Township, near Fritztown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania died in 1784 had a son John born in Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. We are trying to place a Henry and an Elizabeth Marschall in this family.]   Nothing seems to be available about the youth and the early life of Henry Marshall. The first time we really find anything about him are several references to his presence in Stanton Township, Miami County, Ohio when he was in his fifties. (History of Miami County, Ohio, 1909, p. 105. His life there was a part of early Ohio history. Bear in mind that the State of Ohio was formed from the Old Northwest Territory in 1787 and that Miami County was formed from Montgomery County in 1807. Henry Marshall went to Piqua in Miami County, Ohio about 1807 where he was an early settler of that place.

Marshall, Henry (Miami Co.) Fr, Pa. Br, 752. D July 14, 1837. Came to Piqua about 1807. For infor.[mation] Piqua Chapter [DAR] Daughters of the American Revolution in Ohio, The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution in the State of Ohio, p. 247)

The American Revolution Soldiers Index says that he went from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and from there to Miami County, Ohio in 1808. According to another source , he went from Kentucky to Miami County, Ohio in 1808 and lived there until he was eighty years old. (The History of Miami County, Ohio (Chicago: W. H. Beers Co.,  1880, p. 387). There may be records on him in Kentucky that we have not yet found.

Henry Marshall was in the American Revolution, but we know little about his service.  Assuming that the entry is for the subject, Henry Marshall, the American Genealogical Biographical Index (AGBI) lists his  birth year as 175? That record shows him as having served from Pennsylvania. (AGBI  Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Records, vol. 5, series 5, citied by Ancestry.com) "His war record is not known, but he is shown in DAR Roster 1, and in the 1880 History of Miami County Ohio. (American Revolution Soldiers of Miami County Ohio)     An alternate title in the reference is "Miami County Soldiers Who Fought in America's War of Revolution." The State Library of Ohio provided an abstract of a document compiled by The Daughters of the American Revolution of Ohio that lists: Marshall, Henry (Miami County) Fr Pa. Br. 1752. D. July 14, 1837. Came to Piqua about 1807. For information, Piqua Chap. (The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio, p.249). Because it appears that he served in the Revolution from Pennsylvania, he may have gone to Kentucky after that event, perhaps after having received bounty land there.

Henry Marshall probably received (a) land grant(s) for his service in the Revolutionary War. The Pennsylvania Archives show three entries for "Henry Marshal." There is no proof that any one is "our" Henry Marshall., but here are some possibilities:

Marshal, Henry. Rank: Pvt. County: Cumberland. Unit: 6th Bn 6th Co. Class: 3rd. Time of service: Order of Council, July 14, 1778. Company or Commander: Capt Saml Patten. Duty: Served-2nd Tour, 3rd & 4th Classes-300 Hen to Ye Standing Stone [Whatever that means!]. Fine Book of John Carothers, Cnty. Lt., p. 328. Authority: Unit Payroll, Militia Operations (Year ____). "Military Accounts," Records of Comptroller General, or Auditor General, at D. P. R.

Marshal, Henry. Rank: private. County: Cumberland. Unit:  Col. Wm Chambers . Class: 3rd. Time of service April 27 - June 22, 1779. Mos: 1. Days: 25. Company or Commander: Capt. Samuel Patton. Duty: A Muster Roall of Capt. Samuel Patton Company of the Third Class . . . Mustered at Legonare June 22, 1779. A 5) VI, 609. Authority: Unit Payroll, Militia Operations (Year 1779). "Military Accounts," Records of Comptroller General, or Auditor General, at D. P. R.

Marshal, Henry. Unit: [New Levies]. Time Attested: August 16, 1780. Duty: List of Recruits Attested During the War. Authority: Unit Payroll, Militia Operations (Year n. d.). "Military Accounts," Records of Comptroller General, or Auditor General, at D. P. R.

The Kentucky Land Grants lists three Henry Marshall's with grants in Kentucky, any of which, or all, could be the subject Henry Marshall.

Marshall, Henry, 400 acres, Book 11, Page 251, Date Survey 2-25-1985, Military. [No watercourse] (The Kentucky Land Grants, Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter III Old Kentucky Grants (1790-1856), The Counties of Kentucky), p. 206)

Marshall, Henry, 200 acres, Book 12, Page 12, Date Survey 2-25-1785, Military. Watercourse: Highland Cr. (Ibid).

Marshall, Henry,  200 acres, Book 105, Page 188, Date Survey 7-23-1882, Harlan County, Watercourse Little Black Mtn. (The Kentucky Land Grants, Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter X, Grants in the County Court Orders (1836-1924), The Counties of Kentucky, p. 1472)

There are several land transactions for  "Henry Marshall" in Miami County and elsewhere in Ohio, but to date I cannot attribute any of them to the subject Henry Marshall. (LDS Family History Library Film No, 0363339, Microcopy Roll 33, volume 2)  There are other Marshall there. Could any of them have been his father or his uncles or brothers? I have a note, but not the source, that "Frank M. Sterrett wrote a 1917 history and states in argumentation that "William Marshall, not Henry, entered the N. W. Quarter of Sect. 22 on 21 April 1806 . . ."" Henry Marshall  does not appear to be in the 1810 Federal Census for Miami County, Ohio, nor have we isolated him in the 1790 and 1800 Censuses in other places. The first census in which Henry Marshall appears is the 1820 Federal Census for Piqua, Miami County, Ohio; under his name were five persons: a male 10-16 [born 1804-1810], one male 16-26 [1794-1804], one male over 45 [probably Henry, born not later than 1775], one female 16-26 [born 1794-1804], and one female over 45 [probably his spouse,  Mary, except that she was born not later than 1775. Editor.] All were listed as free whites. Three of them were engaged in agriculture. (Ancestry.com Online Images, Roll M19_136, and/or  Image 93, Roll M33_94, Abstracts from the Microfilm,  by Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington), Miami County, Ohio Genealogical Researcher) This is the first time there is a reference to a probable spouse, later is identified as Mary. Little is known of Mary. She was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1764. (Daughters of the American Revolution, Miami County, Ohio (State Library of Ohio, Research Service) Henry was in Staunton Township, Miami County, Ohio according to the 1827 Ohio State Census for that year. (Abstract from the Microfilm by Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington, Miami County, Ohio for Miami County, Ohio Genealogical Research. It only says "M624 [Soundex] Marshall, Henry. Staunton Twp." [Is this census available and if so, is there further data on Henry or Mary Marshall in it?] In the 1830 Federal Census for Staunton Township, Miami County, Ohio, Henry Marshall was listed with one male 10 to 15 [a grand son? born 1810-1815], one male 70 to 80 [Henry Marshall born 1750-1760], one female 70 to 80 [Mary Marshall born 1750-1760]. (Ancestry.com Online Images, Roll M19_136)

In 1835, Henry and Mary Marshall, of Miami County, Ohio, were involved, along with several of their daughters and their husbands, in the contesting of their son William Marshall's estate in Green County, Missouri. On 10 April 1835 Henry and Mary gave their power of attorney to L. R. Brownell of Miami County, Ohio. (Clerk Miami County Wills & Estate, [data missing], p. 121) An 1837 document provides the parental relationship between Henry and Mary Marshall and their son William, and identifies the parents and siblings of William that were involved in the heir ship case against the estate of William Marshall. Those persons were: [To be provided] (Green County, Missouri, Land and Property Settlements document dated 22 March 1837)

For several years I have kept a will for an Elizabeth Marshall of Miami County, Ohio. I couldn't place her, but kept it because there were so few Marshall's in Miami County, Ohio in the early 1800s. In preparing this article, I re-examined each item that we had in hand. In doing so, I unsuccessfully attempted to find that Elizabeth  was the same person as Mary Marshall, Henry's spouse.  In any event, for future reference, herewith is a transcript of Elizabeth Marshall's will.

Will of Elizabeth Marshall of Troy, Miami County, Ohio, aged and infirm and in bad bodily health. 1. Debts to be paid by daughter Sarah. 2. To dau Sarah NW Qtr Sec 33 in Township five and Range 6 east. Also the undivided half of ___ [one word unreadable] Lot No. 64 in the Town of Troy. Also 1/2 of my personal property, with all my monies in hand or may be owing to me. 3. To son-in-law William Barber, the other undivided half of it [lot?] No. 64 in Troy or its proceeds in trust for my grand-daughter Martha Venamon or Vinamon [spelling?] and her heirs. If Martha deceases without heirs then to grand-daughter Elizabeth Dye. Also to son-in-law William Barber in trust 1/2 of personal property to grand-daughter Martha Vinamon. Alexander McCullough named  Executor Signed 18th day of Feby 1834. John T. Tallis [?] - Hugh McCorkle 17 Apr 1834 all appeared as behalf of deceased. J. C. Telford (Clerk Miami County Wills & Estates, [data missing] p. 123.)

I have come to the conclusion that Elizabeth Marshal is not the same as Mary Marshall, the spouse of Henry Marshall. Elizabeth died in 1834 whereas Mary died in 1844. Moreover. in the 1830 census for Staunton Township, Miami County, Ohio, Henry was listed with a female of the right age to be Mary, whereas Elizabeth Marshal was in the 1830 census as a family head age 80-90 [1740-1750], with two younger females, one age 10-15 [1815-1820] and one age 30-40 [1790-1800, possibly a daughter and a grand-daughter? (Ancestry.com Image 23, Roll M14_136, p. 10)  Because Elizabeth lived in and probably died in Troy, as probably did Mary and Henry Marshall, and because there are no other Marshalls there at the time, there is a strong possibility that she was related to them, possibly as a sister or a sister-in-law. There is an Elizabeth Marshal in the 1820 Census in Troy, Miami County, Ohio, _____ 33, Roll 94, p. 70 that has an Elizabeth Marshall as head of a family with 1 male under10, 1 male 26-45, and 1 male over 45 , that is, born before 1775. [There is some doubt about this census entry. Should be checked . Editor] Is it a coincidence that Elizabeth Marshall names William Barber as her son-in-law in her will in 1834 and that William Barber is the spouse of his Henry's daughter Margaret (that is, his son-in-law) as revealed when Henry named Margaret as his "issue" in 1832?

A listing of the possible children of Henry and Mary Marshall contains the following persons, in no particular order as to age, because no birth data or ages have yet been determined. Further census research in the 1850 census might assist in that task:

Jane Marshall -  A sister named in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate, possibly in Missouri at the time, with her spouse John Riddle. (William Marshall Probate Papers)

Ann Marshall - A sister named, with her spouse, John Garvey, both of Miami County, Ohio, in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate. (William Marshall Probate Papers; Greene County, Missouri Recorder of Deed's Record Book "A", 10 May 1835, p. 18. Ann was also listed an an "issue" of Henry Marshall. She married on 10 February 1815, in Miami County, Ohio, John Gary or Garcy]. (Daughters of the American Revolution entry for Henry Marshall. Name given as Garcy in the source) [Need more data about the source. Editor] There is a John Garvey in the 1840 Census for Piqua, Miami County, Ohio. Next below him in the census is a Wm. M. Garvey, who appears to be his father. (Ancestry.com Image 7 of 18: M704-415, P. 343, Image 9.

Rachel Marshall - A sister named, with her spouse Clark Bates, both of Miami County, Ohio, in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate. (William Marshall Probate Papers; Greene County, Missouri Recorder of Deed's Record Book "A", 28 May 1835, p. 16). Rachel Marshall married John Nelvic in 1829 (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, p. 88) Did she marry Clark Bates later? He does not appear to be in the 1840 Census for Miami County, Ohio.

Rosanah/Rosanna Marshall - A sister named, with her spouse Wm. F. Baskelow, both of Miami County, Ohio, in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate. (William Marshall Probate Papers, named Rosanah; Greene County, Missouri Recorder of Deed's Record Book "A",   10 April 1835) He does not appear to be in the 1840 Census for Miami County, Ohio.

Mary Marshall - A sister named, with her spouse, James Hughes, in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate. (William Marshall Probate Papers; Greene County, Missouri Recorder of Deed's Record Book "A", 10 April 1835) She may have also been called "Polly." Polly Mary Marshall married James Hughs in 1821, in Miami County, Ohio. (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, Book A & B,  299, p. 162) There was also a Polly Marshall who married Jas. Venamen in 1812 (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records. Book A & B 257, p. 72)

Samuel Marshall - A brother involved in the contesting of William Marshall's Estate (William Marshall Probate Papers). A Samuel Marshall was also married in Miami County, Ohio, in 1829, to Jane C. Russell (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, p. 131 A Samuel Marshall married on 10 August 1817 in Franklin County, Ohio, Nancy Howard. (Marjorie Smith, Ed., Ohio Marriages (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986, p. 201 [?]). There is no proof that the two Samuel Marshall's are the same person. A Samuel Marshall is shown to be deceased in Book G  192  2726n an index of "deceased. There is no Samuel Morris in Miami County, Ohio in the 1840 Census. There are six Samuel Morris's elsewhere in Ohio.

James Marshall - William Marshall's Estate Papers cite an un-named brother "on The Red River." Is this James? A James Marshall married Marg. [Margaret] Hardesty (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, Book A & B, 2 November 1809), Book A & B 250, p. 48) A James Marshall was listed as an "issue" of Henry Marshall. That source says that he married Margaret Hardesty on 20 February 1817. (Daughters of the American Revolution entry for Henry Marshall; (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, Book A & B,) A James B. Marshall is in the William Marshall Probate File, so "B" may be his middle initial.

Margaret Marshall -  A sister named as an issue of Henry Marshall, but she was not named in the William Marshall Probate Papers, possibly because she had died by this time? She married, on 2 November 1809, in Miami County, Ohio, William Barbee [spelling?], jr. (Daughters of the American Revolution entry for Henry Marshall. There are both Barbee's and Barber's in Miami County.)  There is no William Barber in the 1840 Census for Miami County, Ohio.

Bear in  mind that one or more of Henry's children may not have been named in the contest of William Marshall's estate because they were deceased by 1835. Other names of persons named Marshall married in Miami County prior to the deaths of Henry and Mary Marshall and thereby possible grandchildren, as they have not appeared elsewhere for identification are:

Thomas C. Marshall - He married in 1828, in Miami County, Ohio, Lucinda McKelvic [?] (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records), p. 67)

Nancy Marshall - She married in 1829 in Miami County, Ohio, Lewis Hulsill (Miami County, Ohio, Marriage Records, p. 101) [Becky  Patsellis becky@shelbyvillagedesign.cm reports that an Isaac Marshall from Wells County, Indiana is the brother of Nancy Marshall and that her married name was Hutsell. Thus far, we have not found a connection between this group of Marshalls and those listed under Henry Marshall above.]

Edw. Marshall - He married in 1835, in Miami County, Ohio, Julia Orbison. (Miami County, Ohio Marriage Records, p. 101)

It seems interesting that the children of Henry Marshall named in the contesting of the will of his son, William Marshal are, in the order named: Rachel (Marshall) Bates, Anne (Marshall) Garvey, Mary (Marshall) Hughes, Rosanah (Marshall) Baskelow, and Jane (Marshall) Riddle, and Samuel Marshall. The children named as "issue" of Henry Marshall in 1832 in the order named are: Ann (Marshall) Garcy, James Marshall married Margaret (Marshall) Hardesty, and, Margaret (Marshall) Barbee. Anne (Marshall) Garvey is the only common name. Though the spouses seem to be Gary and Garcy, they could be the same person. The only person named by Elizabeth Marshal was her daughter Sarah, with a Margaret Hardesty implied as a daughter as the probable spouse, William Barber. Are these two different families?

Mary Marshall, spouse of Henry Marshall, was not be found in the 1840 Census in Troy,  where she was buried, nor in Miami County, nor in Ohio. Because the 1840 census contains only the names of the heads of a household, it is likely that she was living with someone else. Her son, Samuel Marshall would be a possible candidate, but there is no Samuel Marshall located in that census in Miami County. There are six Samuel Marshall's listed for Ohio, but none in adjacent counties. The next step was to try to find her daughters in that census to see if there is a female over 80 years of age. A search for their spouse's names in Miami County, Ohio, revealed only John Garvey, with spouse Mary Marshall. There was no female old enough to be Mary, though Ann is probably there. So, we still do not know with whom Mary lived and where she died on on 10 January 1844 in Miami County, Ohio. (Ohio's Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index); Daughters of the American Revolution, Miami County, Ohio, Research Services, State Library of Ohio, Reference No. GEN F 497/M6 S64x) Her will was probated on 19 April 1845 (Miami County Probate Court Index 1807-1850. Estate: Case Number 1388, Probate Court Book C, p. 0715) I also have an unsubstantiated note that says that she died in 1841 @80, which would make her born in 1761.

Henry Marshall's will was drawn on 28 December 1832 in Miami County, Ohio. Children listed as "issue" were, in the order named: Ann married John Garcy 2/10/1815; James married Margaret Hardesty 2/20/1815; Margaret married William Barber 2/10/1817. (Daughters of the American Revolution, Miami County, Ohio) Henry Marshall died on 14 July 1837 (Ibid.) His will was probated in Miami County, Ohio  in the Court of Common Pleas on 17 August 1837. His wife, Mary Marshall, was the executrix, the witnesses were William McCampbell and Uriah Blue, and the clerk Thomas J. D. Smith.  (Miami County Probate Court Index 1807 - 1900: Marshall, Henry. Estate. Case Number 0838, Probate Court Book B, p. 0356 O) It was probated on 19 May 1837. It confirmed that Henry "bequested" all to his wife, Mary. (Ohio Wills and Marriages, LDS FHL Film No. 0550192, p. 263, No. 0238, viewed at the LDS Family History Center, Winchester, Virginia on 19 November 1996). The original Will Books A and B for Miami County have been copied into a single volume, The Probate Records of Miami County [Ohio], p. 18. "Marshall, Henry, p. 160. Dated Dec. 28, 1832. Rec. Aug. 19, 1837. Wife Mary Ex.[ecutrix] Mary Marshall. Wit.[nesses] William McCampbell, Uriah Blue, Thomas J. D. Smith Clerk." Another reference to Henry Marshall's will is Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an Index, p. 234 : Henry Marshall, Will Book 1837, Miami Co. wba4, p. 217, c838. There are Miami County, Ohio Probate Papers showing a Henry Marshall as deceased in Book B 46  1524 and B 165  1745. These have not been looked up.

Henry Marshall was buried in Ohio. (Patricia Law Hatcher, Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, the Daughters of the American Revolution, volume 3, p. 50, Serial: 11912, volume 4. In an abstract provided by the State Library of Ohio, Henry Marshall of The Daughters of he American Revolution of Miami County was listed as follows:

Marshall, Henry: born 1752: died 7/14.1837: will book, page 160: drawn 12/28/1832: proved 8/17/1837: buried ?? (could be buried in Rose Hill: wife's name Mary, born 1864 Bucks County: died 1/10/1844: buried Rose Hill Cemetery. War Record: [Nothing entered] The cemetery's location is "STAUNTON TOWNSHIP - TIE R10 & 11N. ROSE HILL. NW 1/ S18. In Troy, N side SR55 between RR and Troy-Urbana Rd (CR193) (MC [Miami County] (The Ohio Genealogical Society (comp.), Ohio Cemeteries (Mansfield, OH.  LDS (Latter Day Saints) Family History Library Reference No. Reference 977.1 v340)

Henry may have been buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery north of Troy Miami County, Ohio, as that is where his wife, Mary, was buried.

Curiously, there is a Henry Marshall in Wyandotte County, Kansas in the ____ Census, No. 593, Roll 443a at age 35, born Pennsylvania for whom we cannot account.
(Researcher: Thomas Swiftwater Hahn)

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