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28 September 2006

Curtis Family

Nathan Curtis [Sr.]

[This entry needs to be edited and rewritten as it reads poorly. But the available data are there anyway. Editor]

1787 12 June born Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1807 10 July marriage intentions to Bonnie Ware, age 20
1810 10 May death of spouse Bonnie Ware, Nathan age 23
1810 17 November married Zoe Cudworth in Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Nathan age 23
1810 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts census
1820 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts census
1830 In Franklin, Delaware County, New York census
1840 in Sidney Township, Delaware County, New York census
1850 in Sidney, Delaware County, New York census, age 63
1855 in Sidney, Delaware County, New York census, age 68
1860 in Sidney, Delaware County, New York census, age 73
1860 16 June  Indenture of a little over 57 acres of land at Sidney suggests intent of leaving his farm
1864 4 March died, age 74
1864 March buried in Lot P-13, Bennettsville Cemetery, Delaware County, New York

Nathan Curtis was born on 12 June 1787 (Luther Curtis Bible) in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. He "Removed to New York State to Chesterfield, Massachusetts]." (FAMILIES OF CHESTERFIELD, p.116. Harold E. Curtis, DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS, RICHARD AND WILLIAM CURTIS OF SCITUATE MASS, PART III, 326.76). Nathan first married Ruth Bonney. Their daughter, Ruth Bonney, was born on 30 April 1810, so her mother, Ruth Bonney, may have died as a complication of Ruth Curtis' birth.

Nathan married second married Zoe (Xoe) Cudworth on 27 November 1810 in Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She was born in Scituate on 26 May 1790 (Luther Curtis Bible). Nathan died on 4 March 1864 and was buried in March 1864 in the Bennettsville Cemetery, Chenango County, New York. Zoe died on 13 March 1882 and probably died and was buried at Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where she was living in the 1880 Census with her son Luther Curtis and his wife Helen Hubel. Nathan died on 4 March1864. His tombstone Grave No. P-13 in the Bennettsville Cemetery. It is on Corbin Road near Masonville, Delaware County--in Chenango County Cemetery says: Nathan Curtis  Mar 4 1864  76 years 8 months. In the same "plot" is daughter Rebecca's spouse, P-11 Isaac Cables  1820-1861; [No grave No.] Mary. J. Curtis Wife of Nathan Curtis, with no dates. Who is this? ; and, P-12, his son, Nathan Curtis  Dec 28 1862  46 years 3 days. (http://www.rootsweb.com/nydelaware/cemchenangobennettsville.htm Bennettsville Cemetery.)  The fact that Nathan Curtis, Jr. died a little over a year before his father did, most have had a profound effect on their families, to just what extent we do have not yet figured out, although we know that both widows were seemingly not very financially settled, as one (Zoe) soon went to live with her children and the other hired out as a "housekeeper." (Cemetery and gravestone data provided by Mary Cable of Deposit who recorded the information of sent photos of the graves. Mary stated that many of the braves were marked only by pieces of slate in the ground with no inscriptions.]

Nathan Curtis (Thomas Hahn Collection)


Photo by George Johnson, Jr. was provided by Floyd Dewitt

Cemetery near Bennettsville, Chenango County, New York where Nathan Curtis and Nathan Curtis, Jr. are buried. (Tom Hahn Photo c2002)

Hoe (Zoe) Curtis: Most of her data from the time that she married Nathan Curtis, Senior in Scituate, Massachusetts is included here with Nathan, at least for the present.
     In the 1855 Census for Sidney, Delaware County, New York, Nathan and Chloe [(Zoe] Curtis were farming at Sidney. In the 1855 Census Nathan and Xoe Curtis were farming at, or near, Tompkins, Delaware County, New York. [Details of the census to be added.] So far we have been unable to locate them in the 1860 Census.  We don't know their circumstance between the 1855 Census at Tompkins and Nathan's death on 4 March 1864 and his subsequent burial in the in the Bennettsville Cemetery in Chenango County, New York. Why was he buried there? Had they been living with one of their children near that place? In the 1865 Census for Delaware County, Xoe was living with her daughter Rebecca, age 36, formerly married to Cable,  her husband, Jonas Hobbs, "formerly in the army " and their sons Ervin M. Hobbs, age 12, and Myron L. Hobbs. How [Xoe] was age 7, born Massachusetts, a widow, and had 12 children. To my knowledge, she had only been married the one time, to Nathan, so the children were theirs. Perhaps a search of Zoe's children and spouses in the 1860 Census and 1870 Census might reveal where she was in those years.  In the 1870 Census for Masonville, Delaware County, New York (Series M5893m Roll 924, p. 312, enumerated on 9 August 1870, Heritage Quest Online Census Image, on Line 18, Dwelling No. 219, Family 228 probably at the same location where they were in 1865, Jonas Hobbs, age 43, wagon maker, born New York; Line 19, Rebecca Hobbs, age 41, Keeping house, born New York; Line 20, Irwin L. Cable, age 20, Farming. born New York; Line 21 Melcomia?/Melvemia? Cable, age 17, at home, born, New York; Line 21 Eugenia Hobbs, age 4, born New York; Line23 Howard Hobbs, age 3, born, New York; Line 24, Xoe Curtis, age 80, born Massachusetts, father of foreign birth. In the 1880 Census for Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, on Page 501 B, Page No. 10. Supervisor's District ___?. Enumeration District No. 111...Nanticoke Borough, in the County of Luzerne, State of Pennsylvania...Enumerated on the 16th day of June, 1880. Pleasant Street. Dwelling No. 111, Family No. 95. Zoe [Xoe] is listed as "Mother," widowed, was born in Massachusetts and with parents born in Massachusetts in the household of her son Luther Curtis and his family. She would have been about 90 years old.

We do not know know where Zoe died and where she was buried, but the possibilities narrow somewhat from a letter provided by her descendant, Kay Friedlander, from Zoe's grand-daughter Nettie to Zoe's grand-daughter, Vernia, both the daughters of Luther Curtis:

Nanticoke April 5th 1881

Dear Sister  Your letter was gladly received. it found us all well. Grandmother [Zoe] is here, came Saturday morning before we had breakfast. she cant tend her feet her side catches her so, her feet are getting ever so much better but are bad enough yet. She seems to dread to go down home [Delaware County, New York, or where?][.] she says she could not tend her feet if they rolled off. she says if only She had the means to pay you for taking care of her she would not go. John and I have been planing a way. that is if you will agree to keep her, each of us will pay a dollar a month or more if need be as long as she is as well as she is now, & if she gets bed sick we can pay more, we spoke to uncle [who is?] about it & he is willing & says he will write to aunt Betsy [who is?] about it, and I think Emmet would be willing to do his share. if you will except the offer, write and tell Pa [Luther Curtis] about it & see if he is willing to pay something write to him soon for Grandmother is in a stew to get settled. I think your dress must look good  the samples are real nice put it in a bag and bring it down you will be most to choice [?] of it to ride so far in it. I will send you a piece of my beautiful dress. John  is waiting to take this to the office so I will have to close. come down as soon as you can get away. Nettie

Oddly enough, both Nettie 7 April 1882) and Zoe (13 March 1882) died within a little over three weeks of each other? Coincidence? But it certainly must have had an effect on what Nettie was trying to do for Zoe and her life.

Nathan and Zoe had 12 children, according to a census statement by Zoe,  and we know of the following: Harriet, Asahel, Betsey, Cynthia, John, Nathan Arthur, Luther, Rebecca, Orrin, Monroe, and Chester as follows:

47 F         i.  Harriet Curtis  was born on 3 December 1811 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and died on 13 September 1883. Harriet married Ozias Spoor  on 11 September 1831. He died on 24 July 1842.
     48 M        ii.  Asahel Curtis  was born on 18 October 1813 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Asahel married Elizabeth Johnson  on 11 May 1836 in Afton, Chenango County, New York.
      49 F        iii.  Betsey I Curtis  was born on 25 December 1815 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and died in 1904. Betsey married Samuel J. Teed III  on 23 June 1841. He died after a long illness on 18 April 1884. The letter below from Betsy (Curtis) Teed (sister of Luther Curtis), to her niece, to Sarah Lovernia Bennett,  indicates that the Teed's lived in Trout Creek, Delaware County, New York on 23 April 1884.

Betsy Curtis Teed letter to Sarah Sophi Bennett? (Submitted by Kay Frielander)


Betsy Teed letter probably to Sarah Lovernia Bennett, perhaps either before or after the letter above. Who is Owen? (Submitted by Kay Friedlander)

      50 F       iv.  Cynthia Curtis  was born on 26 September 1819 in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Cynthia married Charles Northrup of Franklin, Delaware County, New York. He died on 16 August 1864.
      51 M       v.  John Curtis  was born on 23 September 1821 in Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. He died before 1890 and was buried before 1890 in Bennettsville, Bainbridge Township, Chenango County. John married (1) Elmira or Almira Birdwell  on 4 July 1848 in Sidney, Delaware County, New York. Elmira was born about 1829 and died on 13 May 1853.
John married (2) Caroline M. Warner  on 3 December 1854.
    +52 M     vi.  Nathan "Nat" Arthur Curtis  was born on 22 December 1822 in possibly Bainbridge or Otego, Chenango County, New York. He died on 25 December 1862 and was buried in the Bennettsville Cemetery, Chenango County, New York.
      53 M      vii.  Luther Curtis  was born on 20 June 1825 in Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. 

According to (Harlan E., The Descendants of Thomas, Richard and William Curtis of Scituate, Mass. -1638  "Private Records from Bruce T. Sherwood of Sherburne, N.Y. 1950." Luther Curtis married Charlotte Bennett on 30 December 1846, and in 1850 was living in Sidney, Delaware County, New York.. Charlotte died on 3 June 1865. This source says that:

Luther was a farmer and school teacher and lived with his wife and family at the Phineas Bennett across the road from the Curtis house in Bennettsville [Bainbridge Township[. Luther had a large family of daughters. After the death of her parent she removed to Cannonsville [Delaware Co., N.Y.] and purchased a farm on the river. About 1865 he went to live in either Plymouth or Nanticoke , near Wiles-Barre in Luzerne Co., Pa., where he kept a store with some success. His mother lived with him. Three of the daughters were teachers. At least one, Mrs. John Fairchild graduated from Mt. Holyoke. The family as enumerated inn the 1850 Census for Sidney, Delaware County, N.Y. consisted of Luther, age 24, b. N.Y.; Charlotte, age 22; and Sarah, age 2.

It appears that he married three times, in possibly the following order. Luther married (1) Charlotte Clarissa Bennett on 30 December 1846. They  were in Otego, Otsego County New York in March 1847, "The first [Sunday School] class in the village of Otego was formed March, 1847 Luther Curtis, Charlotte Curtis." (D. Hamilton Hurd, The History of Otsego County New York, 1740-1878).  In 1850, they were living in Sidney, Delaware County, New York. (Census?)( In 1855 Census) they were living in Sidney or Walton. The 1855 Census for Delaware County will have to be consulted tom confirm which town,)  and in 1860, they were living at Walton, Delaware (Census?) Charlotte died on 3 June 1865. . Kay Friedlander said that she found inscriptions in the text books of their children Sarah Lovernia Curtis and Emmet Curtis when they lived there. Walton was previously known as "New Road," She died in 1865. In that year, their son Emmet Curtis was 11 years-old, Edgar Curtis was 4, and Nettie was 6. (Census?) (2) In the 1870 Census in Plymouth Borough, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, his wife was listed as Teresa. Helen and James Hubell were also listed in his household. She must have died between 1870 and 1880, because in the 1880 Census for Nanticoke Borough, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Luther was married to Helen Hubel. She  was born about 1830? in New York. A letter from Helen indicates that she and Luther  had moved to Beach Haven Luzerne County,  Pennsylvania and that "grandmother" was with Vernia [daughter Sarah Lavernia (Curtis) Wildrick. "Grandmother" was undoubtedly, Zoe (Cudworth) Curtis. (Much of the data on Luther and his father was provided by Kay Friedlander.) Luther's will is recorded at the Luzerne County Court House: Curtis ,  Luther, Salem Township, 1892,  300  M  556.

We know little about Charlotte Bennett's parents. According to the 1850 Census,  Luther Curtis, Charlotte Curtis, and their daughter, Sarah Lovernia  were living in Sidney, Delaware County, New York. The adjacent property [next down on the census page] was owned by Ebenezer Bennett who had a wife, Charlot, and daughter Sarah A., so it seems possible that those persons were probably Charlottes parents, and Charlotte's sister, respectively. [The census entry indicates that they were living in the same dwelling. Editor] There is an Ebenezer Bennett at Franklin, Delaware County in the 1830 Census with 1 male 5 and under 10, 2 males 15 and under 20, 1 male 40-50 and 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 40-50. There is an Ebenezer Bennett in the 1840 Census for Sidney, Delaware County, New York (Ancestry.com Online Images 15-16 of 22 from Roll 274, p. 38-92) with 2 males 20-29 years old, 1 30-39, 1 50-59 [born 1781-1790] and 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19 and 1 female 50-60 [born 1790-1800], 2 of whom were engaged in agriculture.   In the same 1840 census there is also an Ebenezer Bennett at Franklin, Delaware County, New York 80-90 years old [born 1850-1860] and a female 60-7 [born 1770-1780]. (Ancestry.com Online Images 5-6 of 36 from Roll 274, p. 437 which shows Ebenezer Bennett a "veteran". Could the older male and female be Charlotte's grandparents? I was unable to locate Ebenezer and Charlotte Bennett in the 1860 Census, but will try some more. As Ebenezer was age 75, he may have been retired from farming and they were living with someone. In the 1870 Census for the Town of Franklin, Delaware County, New York, enumerated 29 June 1870 Ancestry.com Images 18-19 of 80, p. 159, Lines 1 and 2, Ebenezer Bennet was 84 was born in Connecticut and Charlott was age 81 and was born in Connecticut. They were living at Dwelling 130, Family 168 in the Household of  their son, Line 38, Geo. W. Bennett, age 65, a farmer, real estate worth $8,000 and personal property worth $4,000 and his wife Caroline Bennett, Line 39, also age 65, Keeping house. Also listed with the on Line 40 was Mary E. Hanford, 4, At home. They do not appear to be in the 1880 census, According to Kay Friedlander, Ebenezer died on 4 January 1875 in Wells Bridge [near Franklin, New York] and Charlotte died shortly before that time. According to a letter from Charlot (Bennett) Curtis, Sarah Bennett married LeGrand Stone and they lived in Wells Bridge near Franklin, New York. They had a son Theodore who died at 23. He had a daughter Netta.

In the 1855 Agricultural and Domestic Manufacturing Census for ____ [probably Sidney], Delaware County, New York [Dwelling? Farm?] No. 336 enumerated 28 June 1855:

Frame house worth $300, personal property [perhaps $358--needs to be checked]

Luther Curtis age 30, born Delaware County, had been in city 6 years, a farmer.
Charlotte C. Curtis age 27, born Otsego County, had been in the city 6 years.
Emmet P. [?] Curtis age 1, born Delaware County.

[This portion was enumerated 23 June 1855. T Wilham Dewey, Jr., Marshall.

55 improved acres. 18 unimproved acres. Value of farm $1700, $460 stock, $180, tools $180. 8 acres plowed the previous year. 34 acres pasture. 13 acres of meadow,16 tons of hay harvested. 1 1/2 acres spring wheat, harvest 14 bushels harvested. 1 1/2 acres of oats, harvest 50 bushels. 2 acres of buckwheat, harvest 50 bushels. 2 1/2 acres of corn, harvest 60 bushels. 3/4 acre of potatoes, harvest 100 bushels. 60 bushels of apples. 3 neat cattle under 1 year. 7 cows. 7 cows milked. 7 cows produced 1000 pounds of butter. 3 horses, 5 swine under 6 months, 1 over 6 months. 5 sheep.

In the 1860 Census for the Town of Walton, Delaware County, New York, Roll M653_744, p. 781, Image 781 as found in Ancestry.com Image 17 of 77, enumerated 16 June 1860 Dwelling 137, Family 146, lived:
Line 32 Luther Curtis, age 33, Farmer, real estate valued at $300 and personal property valued at 1267, born in New York.
Line 33 Charlotte C. Curtis, age 32, Housekeeper
Line 34 Sarah C. Curtis, age 12, attended school
Line 35 Emmit Curtis, age 5, attended school
Line 35 Mary J. Curtis, age 2
Line 36 Angevine? Doherty, Hired man

At some unknown date, the Luther Curtis's moved to Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where he was a founder of the Methodist Church.


Certificate of Marriage of Luther Curtis and Charlotte Bennett (Provided by Floyd DeWitt).

 Luther Curtis and Charlotte Bennett had at least four children:      

                   1. Sarah Lovernia "Vernia" Curtis was born in Plymouth, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania on 13 May 1848, and died on 29 April 1907. (Luther Curtis Bible and 1850 Census for Sidney, Delaware County, New York.  She married Hezekiah Wildrick. In the 1870s they were living in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Plymouth is not far from Nanticoke and just over the Wyoming County Line. They had three sons: Luther Curtis Wildrick, William Wildrick Curtis, and Edgar Wesley Wildrick. He was unmarried and died of consumption.* See below for her descendants. Kay Friedlander said, "Lavernia lived in several places after she married Hezekiah Wildrick--Nanticoke, Trucksville, Beach Haven, Salem township all in Luzerne County. I think she moved to Sayre sometime after her husband died in 1907 but I have not verified that nor have I found where she might be buried."

                    2. Edgar Wesley Curtis was born on 21 October 1860 at New Road, Delaware County, New York. He married in 1889 Mary Carolyn Witman, of Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Weseley Curtis was educated in the public schools of Nanticoke, and in Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where he was graduated in the class of 1884. Immediately thereafter he entered the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and on January 1, 1891, accepted his presented position as the freight agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company at Nanticoke. Mr. Curtis was a very popular railroad man, had won the confidence of his employers and the respect of their many patrons along the line. Socially was  a member of the P. O. S. of A., and in politics he was a Republican. Mostly from H. C. Bradsby, 1893, History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania). Wesley and Carolyn had two children: Emmet LeRoy  was born on 8 September 1891 and died after 1920 and Ethel Caroline Curtis who was born on 1 May 1890.
                 3. Walter Curtis who was Edgar's twin and who died on 21 November 1860 at one month old.
                4. Mary Janette "Netta" or "Netta" Curtis was born about 1859 and died on 7 April 1882. She married John H. Fairchild. a farmer in Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Kay Friedlander said,
 I believe he was fairly well to do because someplace I have a photo, or print of their home. She cannot have been married too long and I don't believe there were any children of her marriage. It is my assumption that Nettie had consumption but so far no proof. She wrote a letter to Vernia from the home of her aunt Sarah Bennett Stone (Mrs. Legrand Stone) who lived in Wells Bridge NY and it appeared she was trying to get well there."

Other possible children were Lodema Curtis, Luther Adrian Curtis, and Emmet Parmer Curtis. The latter died in 1893 at Bloomsberg College where he had probably been a teacher.

      54 F      viii.  Rebecca Curtis  was born on 3 November 1828 in Delaware County, New York. She died on 14 October 1908 in Nineveh, Broome County, New York and was buried in October 1908 in the Nineveh Cemetery under the name of her second husband, Jonas Hobbs. Her stone reads, "Rebecca Curtis Cable wife of Jonas Hobbs."

. Her grave marker reads, "Rebecca Curtis Cable wife of Jonas Hobbs." Rebecca Curtis on 12 October 1847 at Sidney, Delaware County, New York married (1) Isaac Cable/s  (Marriage Record, Town Clerk's Office, Sidney  (It is unclear from this note from Mary Cable of Deposit, New York whether the marriage date was 12 October 1847 or whether that was the date that there was a news item in a newspaper). Another note But a note also says that she married at 17 on 13 November 1847). He was born on 2 March 1820. Isaac died on 31 March 1861 "age 41 4 mo. 29 d." and was buried in the Bennettsville Cemetery, Bainbridge Township, Delaware County, New York. In the 1860 Census for Sidney [?], Delaware County, New York, Isaac Cables was age 40, Rebecca age 30, Erwin age 7, and Myron age 5.  Rebecca married (2) James or Jonas Hobbs on 20 September 1864. He was born about 1837 in New York. In the 1865 Census for Sidney [?]. Delaware County, New York, Jonas Hobbs was age 37 and had been in the Army, Rebecca age 36 and had three children, Erwin Cable 14, Melvin Cable 12, and Myron L. Cable 9, and Hoe [Zoe] Curtis, mother-in-law, born Massachusetts, had 12 children and was a widow. [Where was she in later census enumerations?
      55 M      ix.  Orrin S Curtis  was born on 12 February 1831 in New York and died on 15 July 1840.
      56 M     x.  Monroe Curtis  was born on 21 August 1834 in probably Sidney, Delaware County, New York and died in 1911. Kay Friedlander also reported a Monroe Curtis living in New Jersey with a birth year of 1834 in the 1880 Census, so that needs to be checked out as to whether or not Ether  that is our Monroe Curtis  or a coincidence in name and birth year.

According to (Harlan E., The Descendants of Thomas, Richard and William Curtis of Scituate, Mass. -1638  "Private Records from Bruce T. Sherwood of Sherburne, N.Y. 1950."

He married, first. Marion M. Van der Hule on April 15.185, who died with her first child. He married, secondly, Harriet Landers of Afton, Chenango County, New York, widow of the Hon. Asahel Bixby, on Jan. 18, 1863. The family was not listed in Chenango County or Delaware County at the 1870 census. . . Monroe was first a school teacher and then had an Insurance and Real Estate Agency for the rest of his life. He was for many years at Hanover. Lusanne [Lucerne County?], Penna. and then returned to his farm on the river road at Afton, N.Y. He died in 1911. SA the 189- census he was living in Orange, Cattaraugus County, N.Y. He was listed as born August 1864, and living alone. . . . [His one child] died as an infant.

According to the 1880 Census for Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (LDS Family History Library Film 1233149, NA Film No. T9-1149. p. 523c,) he was married to Harriet ____________ who was born about 1836 in Vermont.


(From Harold E. Curtis, The Descendants of Tomas, Richard and William Curtis of Scituate, Massachusetts - 1638.
1. Monroe Curtis, self, age 46, born New York, farmer, father's birthplace New York, mother's birthplace Massachusetts
2. Harriet J, Curtis, wife,  age 44, born  York, keeping house, father born Vermont, mother born New York
3. Chester E. Curtis, son, single, age 20, born New York, blacksmith, father born New York, mother born, New York
4. Alice Curtis, sister, single, age 21, born New Jersey, at home, father born Connecticut, mother born New Jersey [An earlier census shows that she was adopted.]
Plus seven other males, including curiously John Hahn age 62 born Pennsylvania, who were farm laborers.
     57M   xi. Chester Curtis, born New York.


Nathan Curtis, Sr. Family Record  as recorded in a Curtis Family Bible from the Luther Curtis Family. A copy was also sent by Mary Cable of Deposit, New York, which included the statement, "Los Angeles July 12, 1921. Given by Aunt Clarinda."  We don't know whose Aunt Clarinda" Nathan Curtis. Born June 12, 1787. Xoe [Zoe] Cudworth Curtis. Born May 26, 1790.  Zoe stated in one census that she had had 12 children. Chester Curtis may be one of the two missing children. Ruth B. Curtis was Nathan's daughter his spouse, Ruth Bonny, who may have died in child birth)
1. Ruth B. (Bonney) Curtis was born on 30 April 1810. [The Bible version has only "B," not Ruth B. (Bonny) Curtis]
2. Harriet Curtis was born on 3 December 1811.
3. Asahel Curtis was born on 18 October 1813.
4. Betsy Curtis was born on 25 December 1815.
5. Cynthia Curtis was born on 26 September 1818.
6. John Curtis was born on 23 September 1820.
7. Nathan Curtis, Jr. was born on 22 December 1822.
8. Luther Curtis was born on 20 June 1825.
9. Rebecca Curtis was born on 3 November 1828.
10. Orrin Curtis was born on 12 February 1831.
11. Monroe Curtis was born on 21 August 1834.

The Bible, dated 1874, was the property of Luther Curtis, but is uncertain whether this is the Bible of Nathan Curtis, Sr., or Luther Curtis, or Nathan Curtis, Jr., or another Curtis, The Bible is owned by Kay Friedlander kay@lightlink.com  (Provided by Floyd DeWitt dewitts@midtel.net ):


Additional information on Luther and Charlotte Curtis provided by Kay Friedlander kay@lightink.com :

*Luther and Charlotte's daughter Sarah Lovernia Curtis married  Hezekiah Wildrick. They had 3 sons.
     1. William had several children. One son, Harold  I knew until he died and I also know his daughter Katherine Halstead a retired nurse.
     2. Edgar H. died of TB about 1910. He spent time at a sanitarium called Bon Air In Bradford PA .  I learned much of that information from letters from him and his sweetheart Alice Barclay to my grandparents Orie Croop who was married to Luther Curtis Wildrick.
     3. Luther was the 3rd son of Hezekiah and Sarah Lovernia Bennett Curtis.  Luther Curtis Wildrick died when my father was 3 in a railroad crash. Sayre was a big railroad town having Lehigh Valley shops.

Luther Wildrick was first married to an Irish woman named Margaret Cassidy. They had two children, Helen and Loretta. It is my assumption that Margaret died during childbirth and the baby died too. That is definitely a guess. I do know that my father's mother Orie raised Luther's child by his first marriage. Her name was Loretta and she married Glenn Fish. That branch is where the Curtis line will be continued.

Luther Wildrick married Orie Croop in 1909. Besides Loretta Wildrick Orie also took in and cared for Margaret Cassidy's mother according to a letter I read. Grandma Wildrick was indeed a saint. She raised 4 children on her own. She had been a school teacher when she married Luther. She was Valedictorian of her 1900 Sayre PA graduating class. I found her speech, "Rowing Not Drifting". She also was a very religious woman and taught the little children in Methodist Sunday School classes. She was an active member of the WCTU. She died when I was 16 in 1960. As young children we would go to her house after we got out of school until my mother got home from work at 5.  Her Sayre house was always filled with fun things for children to do.  She had a chicken coop in the backyard and lots of canaries inside. She raised beautiful African violets. It is her house that I've been cleaning out for 2 years and where I've gleaned so much information because she saved everything.

Orie and Luther had 3 sons.

1. John Wesley Wildrick who was only one year old  when his father was killed. He married Helone Green and they never had children. She was a school teacher. In 1978 they moved into Grandma's house. They too were pack rats and this was compounded with the Alzheimer's Disease my aunt suffered. John was one of the best plumbers around but failed to bill people. They were also very active in the Sayre Methodist Church.  John was a Seabee in the South Pacific during WWII. Helone died in a nursing facility and John came to spend the last several months of his life with us in Ithaca. He died of colon cancer.

2. Luther Curtis was the oldest son and he married Laura Semans whose parents had a farm in Naples NY. Curt, as he was known, went to Center College in Kentucky and taught school and farmed. They never had children but the nieces went to stay a couple of weeks on the farm every year. It was a real highlight of our lives. I was very close to them both throughout my life. Curt served in the Air Force during WWII.

3. Andrew Adelbert was my father. He married my mother Anna Cowell 25 Apr 1937 in Norwich NY. It was a secret elopement. My mother was a surgical nurse at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA. In the late 30's women were not allowed to work and be married so they kept it secret for a year or so. Finally they "fessed up" and because she was scrub nurse and OR supervisor for Donald Guthrie (the chief surgeon) who could not manage without her he granted permission for mom to continue to work. She thus was the first legally married nurse who worked there. My father had been a clerk at a hardware store then became  a Metropolitan Insurance salesman. My parents also lived in Sayre, PA a town of about 7000 inhabitants.. My mother's mother, who had been widowed twice (my maternal grandfather dying when my mother was 7) lived with them. She died when I was 2. My sister Francine Anne Wildrick was born in 1942. She was brain damaged during birth by forceps. The result is moderate mental retardation.  I think in 1943 my father was drafted or enlisted in the Army. I was born in September 1944. He was killed in February 1945 in France by a German sniper just before the wore ended. He never saw me.  (Submitted by Kay Friedlander, who submitted the item below as well. ]

The below item is put in as received from Kay Friedlander. I will work it in to the text above later. Editor

What I have learned from the Luther and Charlotte Bennett Curtis data is that in 1850 they were in Sidney, in 1860 they were living in Walton both in Delaware Co NY. Walton  used to be called New Road and I found that inscription in the text books of Sarah Lovernia and Emmet Curtis when the family lived there. I have deciphered that Sarah Lovernia is nicknamed Vernia and Mary Janette is Nettie or Netta.
     Luther evidently was married 3 times.

1. My gg grandmother- Charlotte Clarissa Bennett who died in 1865
2. In the 1870 census in Plymouth Luzerne Co Pa Luther had a different wife-"Theresa".  Helen and James Hubell were also in the household at that time. She must have died because
3. In the 1880 census Luther was married to Helen and Hoe(Xoe, Chloe) was with them.
4. I have  letters  from Helen and another from Nettie Curtis Fairchild to Sarah Lovernia which I'll scan and send to you when I get home. The one from Helen indicates that she and Luther had moved to Beach Haven (no date), Luzerne Co PA and that "grandmother" was with Vernia. I assume because the Beach Haven house was small. I have not found Hezekiah and Sarah Lovernia Wildrick  yet in the census but know they were in Luzerne Co  Nettie died in her early 20's but in her letter  talks about an uncle being in PA and then going back to NY. I wonder if this was a Curtis, Bennett or possibly a Hubell.
Luther obviously remarried because he had young children still.. In 1865  when Charlotte died Emmet was 11, Edgar 4,  Nettie 6.
I'd send you the census data if you don't have when i get home,
I also have found Charlotte's sister Sarah through a letter to her niece. She married a LeGrand Stone and they lived in Wells Bridge near. Franklin, NY. They had a son Theodore who died at 23. He had a daughter Netta and the wife (mother) must have died in childbirth.
My question is why did Luther move to Pennsylvania?


[1850] [This entry may be for Nathan, Jr. and Clarinda Curtis.] Delaware County Deed Records. Deeds 1797-1851. Grantee. Nathan Curtis, Jr. 1850 Book 35, p. 113. 1852 date also. [This deed needs to be found and copied.]

[1852] [This entry may be for Nathan, Jr. and Clarinda Curtis.] Delaware County Deed Records. Grantor. Nathan Curtis & wife to John Barlow. 1852, p. 166. 50.-132 [acres?]. 1958 [Don't know what this date is.]

[June 1855] [This entry may be for Nathan, Jr. and Clarinda Curtis.] Delaware County New York, Probate Court, Indentures [Delhi]. Liber [Book] 47, Page 168-169:

 This indenture Made this twenty Eighth day of June, one thousand Eight hundred and fifty five [1855] between David B. Cook and Betsy Cook his wife of Masonville Delaware County, of the first part and Nathan Curtis of the same place of the second part. [Why is his wife not named?] Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of five hundred and fifty, five Dollars, to them in hand paid. do grant bargain sell and confirm into the said party of the second part, and to his heirs and assigns forever, that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the Town of Tompkins County, of Delaware and the State of New York in Great lot 27 [?] Evans patent, and hundred as follows, on the East by Stephen Van Schuyks [?] land, on the  North and West by Stephen R. Cook's lands, and on the South by Isaac D. Smith's land, Seventeen acres [17]of the Land here conveyed, being land conveyed to Francis O. Cook by Stephen R. Cook, by Deed bearing date the [p. 168] Eleventh day of November 1846, and the ballance a part of ance of said lot having been here tofore conveyed by the said David B. Smith, to the said Isaac O. Smith, reference being, had to the said Deeds from Stephen R. Cook for a more particular description) containing thirty acres [30] of land be the same more or less, and I the said David B. Cook, do covenant with the said Nathan Curtis, as follows. first that I am lawfully seized of the said premises: 2d that I have a good right to convey the same: 3rd that the same are free from encumbrances: 4th that I will warrant and defend the title to the same against all lawful claims. In witness whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and year first above written. Sealed and delivered in person of S. D. Hulce [Justice of the Peace]   D. B. Cook L. S.  Betsy Cook L. S. . . . Recorded January 14th 1856 T. P. M. [?] Benj. Cormer Clerk

[1856] [This entry may be for Nathan, Jr. and Clarinda Curtis.] Deed Records, Delaware County, New York. June 14 1856 Book 47, p.168. With David B. Cook.

[1860] Probate Court, Sidney, Delaware County, New York, Liber [Book] 53, p. 201-202

This Indenture Made this Sixteenth day of June one thousand Eight hundred and Sixty between Nathan Curtis and Xoe his wife of the town of Sidney County Delaware and State of New York parties of he first part and Joshua Stone of said town of Sidney and of the Second part Witnesseth that the Said party of the first part for and in consideration of sixteen hundred and seventy dollars [$1670] to them in hand paid by the Said part of the second part do grant bargain sell and confirm unto the Said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigned [?] forever al of the following of pieces or parcels of land described and bounded as follows viz [?] being part of lot No 38 in Wallace's patent bounded as follows [Beginning Beginning at the North westerly corner of Henry William's land in the center of the highway turning thence North of West 19 chains to the bank of the Susquehanna river and to the mouth of a [end of p. 202] brook called trout creek thence southwesterly along down the bank of Said river to lands of Simon Bidwell , thence south10 [degrees] 14' [minutes] East along said Bidwell's land10 chains 39 [?] links to the northerly Side of the highway, thence northeasterly along of Said highway, thence northeasterly along of Said highway to the beginning containing by Estimation twenty and fifteen one hundredths of an acre [21 15/100 one other piece of land  being part of the Williams farm So called  in Sidney Delaware County and patent above mentioning , and bounded as follows to wit. [Beginning at a stake  and Stones on the height of ground from the Susquehanna River and turning thence North 20 [degrees] west 13 chains along the line between land of the Widow Williams now or lately and to the lands of Henry Williams to a Stake and Stones thence due west thence due west along a line of marked trees 22 chains and Seventy two links to a hard maple tree blazed on the Sides South [degrees] East 11 chains 17 links along a line of marked trees to a Stake and Stones  thence South a5 [degrees] East 25 chains 29 links to the place of beginning containing by estimation 27 acres and 52 hundredths of an acre be the Same more or less and being the same premises which was by deed deed the 2nd day of August 1848 conveyed by the executors of the last will and testament of John Williams  deceased to he said C. C. Noble Subject however to the conditions of a ____?mortgage of $50 given by one John Curtis [probably their so] who and now or lately held by one ____ _____ ? of Mandville [?] Otsego Co N.Y. . . . [Stated that the above was from from encumbrances] except as hereinabove mentioned a Mortgage of $500. . .  Recorded August __? 1860.

One wonders if this was their removing from farming and perhaps even Sidney.  However, they do appear in the Sidney 1860 Census so the date of that Census should be found and noted.


1830 Census for Franklin, Delaware County, New York, line 13:
3 males under 5 years of age
1male 10 and under 15
1 male 15 and under 20
1 male 40 to 50
1 female under 5
2 females 10 and under 15

2 female 15 and under 20
1 female 40 to 50

1840 Census Sidney. Delaware County, New York, Ancestry.com Online Image 15/22: 1 male 5 to 9, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 50 to 59; 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 50-59.


1850 Census for Sidney, Delaware County, New York (Ancestry.com Internet, Image 147 of 149, Roll M432-494?, pp. 72-73: Dwelling 95, Family 105, enumerated 15 August p. 72:
Line 42 Nathan Curtis. Age 63 [1792]. Head. Farmer, real estate worth $1,000, born Massachusetts.
p. 73. Line 1. Chloe [Zoe] Curtis, Age 60 [1790], born Massachusetts. Wife.
Line 2. Munson Curtis. Age 15, born New York [Which means that the family has been in New York since at least 1835]

1855 Agricultural Census, Town of Tompkins [?],  Delaware County, New York, County Record Office At Delhi, enumerated 16 June 1855:
Line 22. Family 255?  Curtis, Nathan, age 68 [1787], he had been in Delaware County 20 years [since about 1835]. He had 40 improved acres, 17 unimproved acres. Cash value $2000, $325 stock, tools $200, 4 cows, 500 pounds butter, 300 chickens, 3 horses, 1 pig, 8 sheep.
Curtis, Zoe, age 65 [1890]
Curtis, Munroe, age 20 [1835], born Delaware County

Another version or extract: Wilham Dewey, Jr., Marshall. Enumerated 19 June 1855.
Line 22. Dwelling 237. Frame house, value $100 [earlier extract said $300?], Family 255.
Nathan Curtis. Age 68 [1787]. In Sidney [?] 20 years [since 1835]. Farmer. Born Mass.
Line 23. Xoe Curtis. Age 65 [1790]. Wife. Born Mass. Has been in city 20 years [since 1835]
Line 24. Monroe Curtis. Age 20 [1835]. Child. Born Delaware County. Has been in Sidney city 20 years [since 1835]

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