15 December 2005

Delaware Indians who Served in the Civil War in Florida
(From the Pratt Papers, Roll#5, page 40.00615 [?]

Muster Roll of Captain Moses' Company. Indian volunteers mustered into service April  26 and September
1863[?] Signed 13 September 18xx [Can't readchanged year on copy] at Delaware Station by A. R. Johnston, Inspector. Someone has made some notes and "corrections."

Captain Moses Pay $18.00 to widow [as note, Ah pun[?] he a lah he[?]
James Connor
Silver Smith [Silas added as note. Also, perhaps, Pa pa ma pa nay[?] ]
Salt Peter
Charles Chene (dead)
Ta la o wha [Ta lo quay added as note]
Black Sled or Silk [Slut added as note] sadded as note, or Stump Hop in las]
Caleb Lewis
Pa pa ma panay cox min
Ke sho wha Has one child at Halfmoons
Isaac Hill
Woosh she len dam
Jacob Williams
Ah hay lays
Pa nah po she
Ah lin o qasa
Too Tee (Dhawnee)
Jim Chene
Jim Littleducks
Ke [He] lo [to] lo [to] wha
Sam Monns [Bonns]/ Ma mah che
James Coghorn/James Ketchum
Wolf or Jim Wolf [note added: This is evidently the father of James Wolf who married Rachel Ketchum.
Jim Pipe
Kay keto ka pu ete
En da las c[l]ond
Black Head
Pozo quay pete
John Bog Knife (Shawnee)
Pa puck e so (Shawnee)
Charles Blanchard (Shawnee)
Long Jake
Kay [Nay]ta mes land  has a widow
Ele i me ton ways
Woosh she
Charles Blanchard (Shawnee)

Company. II, 5th Regiment: Orange S. Smith died 26 October 1862 at S. Louis

Company C, 5th Regiment: Norman Ferry, died 26 October 1862 at St. Louis

Company F, 5th Regiment: Michael H. Marley, died 31 October 1862 at St. Louis

Roll 3, p. 533. Caney & Stevens pays Delaware Militia in Beef & Corn. 1864. Delaware Soldiers:
Wm Honeywell, Little Buffalo [May be two separate people]
Joe Armstrong
J C Grinter
Ne[?] cot ch che
John Wilson
Lem Ketchum
Louis Ketchum
Go. Williams
John Thomas
John Wilson
H Tiblow
John Connor
Tom Williams
Fred Clinger
Wm Adams