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William Penn's Treaty with  Lenape Chiefs at Shackamaxon , 1682
     (Edward Hicks) (Gilcrease Institute of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma)

 1661-1809   1814-1829     1832-1855  1856-Present 

If you see any errors or know of any additional treaties or agreements between the Delaware and the United States or between the Delaware and other tribes or nations, send them to me, Tom Hahn,  swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net. Regarding errors in spelling, remember that some of the spelling may not be the same today as it was up to 200 years ago. Also, many personal names were variously spelled.  Thanks to Kansas Delaware Cindy Gentry of Lawrence, Kansas for her generous assistance. Certain Munsee and Stockbridge Treaties have been included. The basic work on the treaties is now completed.

After one has read these treaties, he/she will understand better the statement made by Chief Red Cloud, Ogallala Lakota:  They made us many promises. more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land and they took it.

The country selected in the fork of the Kansas and Missouri River....shall be conveyed and forever secured by the United States, to the said Delaware Nation, as their permanent residence: An the United States hereby pledges the faith of the government to guarantee to the said Delaware Nation forever, the the quiet and peaceable possession and undisturbed enjoyment of the same.   Treaty with the Delaware, 1829

Or, the statement made by Henry B. Whipple in "The True Policy to the Indian Tribes, ca. 1877":  There is no page in our dealing with the Indians upon which we can look with pleasure.

And, the statement by Black Elk (1932) in Black Elk Speaks :  Once we were happy in our country and we were seldom hungry, for the two-legged and the four-legged lived together like relatives, and there was plenty for them and for us.

Treaties, Indexed by Date
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1809 1814 1815 1817 1818 1825 1825
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1832 1833 1839 1843 1846 1848 1850 1854 1854
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1856 1860 1861 1866
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