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6 September 2006


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We are adding data to this section on a continuing basis. Some names may be duplicated. All spellings of names are included. Both Lenape and English versions are included, when available. Also, I am beginning to  sort out similar names. At this juncture, all data are being added without substantive editing. There are discrepancies in the sources used, so use the information presented with some discretion. Names are Lenape-Delaware persons (either English or  Lenape) unless otherwise noted. The term "Whom See" for an entry is being replaced by the full entry for both the English or Lenape version of the name. It takes up more space more work for the editor, but easier for the reader.  Originally, I had tried to separate the different parts of the Lenape name by a hyphen, but now I am going back to the simpler form. For example, Wilaquenaho, rather than Wi-La-Que-Na-Ho or WiLaQueNaHo.

As explained in Lenape Nation on the Web, at one time there were both War Chiefs and Peace Chiefs. The peace chief, ruling when there was no war, was hereditary. The title of war chief could be bestowed on any brave warrior. After the white men came they helped to instigate the idea of having one principal chief over all. They were usually chosen from the chiefs of the Turtle Clan (totem group), the Lenape believing  the Turtle to be the receptacle for the creation of man. In the 1800s, chiefs were chosen from local communities of family groups. This continued until the 1920s when chiefs were elected by the general membership of the Nation.

Munsee who were signers of treaties have been added. All Delaware--and Munsee  who were signers --from the treaties have now been entered. Currently I am trying to find and document the sources for each entry. The symbol
* by an entry means that I have something further to add to the entry such as a source, a date, or the checking of the spelling of a name. Editor

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