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This roll or census is a variation of the 1842 Delaware census or roll. The roll of the heads of families by number with the number and ages within each family can be found on Page 1 of Faye Louis Smith Arellano, transcriber. Delaware Trails: Some Tribal Records 1842-1907 published in 1996, reprinted 1998. ISBN 0-8063-0194-5. Order from: Clearfield Co., 200 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.

I alphabetized this listing in order to assist me with the transcribing a document recorded several years later and I thought I would put it here in the web site to assist others in their research. In the document English first names were first and then the family name. For ease in finding an entry, I have placed the family names first. Lenape-Delaware names remain as they were in the document. Bear in mind in your research that sometimes the latter are difficult to transcribe and that the names vary from record to record, both English and Lenape-Delaware, but particularly the latter. The 1842 document is important as it is the first record found of a listing of Delaware. Other lists may be available from from their periods of residence in southeast and southwest Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio, but is so, we have not found them. Editor

There were 260 names of Heads of Families consisting of 189 males under 10, 260 males of males of 10 and under 40, 53 males over 40, 182 females under 10, 302 females of 10 and under 40, and 73 females over 4, total 1,039 individuals. However, it appears that 16 of these Heads-of-Families individuals were not Delaware, so that the total number of Delaware is probably 1,018 individuals. comprising 181 males under 10, 245 males of 10 and under 40, 50 males over 40, 179 females under 10, 293 females of 10 and under 40, 70 females over 40. Faye Louise Smith Arellano indicates that the 16 individuals may have been non-Indian, but she also notes on page 8, Delaware Trails:

Most, though perhaps not all of the individuals enumerated here on the last page of the 1842 Delaware census . . . are Munsees. The Whiteeyes, Hill, Lewis, Israel, Peters and Samuel surnames all appear on an 1852 census of the 98 Christian Indians within the Kansas Agency (the successor to the Fort Leavenworth Agency, established 1 July 1851). [See Delaware Trails for a more detailed explanation of the non-Delaware individual's on the census roll.

No.   Names of Heads of Families

134.  Ah push tim
84.   A hin pah ke nah
81.   A lun so tah o qua
234.  A lah ne to nas
200.  A lah ti a qua
135.  A spig gond
90.    Ah yo qua e
153.  Ah hum go nah
122.  Ah lah lun mah
195.  Ah le mah ka a qua
92.    Ah pahle nah
52.    A le ma na wind
170.  Al le mah pin a qua
100.  Ah le nah
238.  Ah le nu pah ke nah
116.  Ah lim la dah a qua
127.  Ah lis tah
117.  Ah pah mah pe tah o qua
159.  Ah pah me ti a qua
134.  Ah qush tim
230.  Ah sah cah pin a qua
121.  Ah sah ke lun ga o qua
154.  Ah sah ke na o qua
234.  A lah ne to nas
170.  Al le mah pin a qua
115.  Al le we nah
8.      Any how
35.    Ard len e wise [?]
135.  A spig gond
113.  Averet [Everet], Solomon

106.  Besion,  Francis
105.  Besion, Joseph
248.  Betsey (non-Delaware)
232.  Big Bird
194.  Big Raccoon
225.  Bob
113.  Buffaloe

236.  Carter, George

178.  Ce tah le mah
167.  Ceen da cah tars
165.  Chah ne ca tars
102.  Char lot
114.  Cho can ti a qua
190   Co ca tah wa wha
132.  Co chick can nah qua
85.    Co che can ke cum in
97.    Co lip pa pah ke nah
56.    Co qua chi cah pe
123.   Co tah te ese
136.   Coal pah qua e
16.     Cole, Capt.
49.     Cole pe cah pe
169.   Conner [,] John
244.   Cow pin a qua
167.   Cun dah cah oqua

69.    David
172.  (Capt.) David
152.  Decky
142.  Dicky
67.    Doct No mon

176.  En dah le nah o qua
64.    En da lu tond
156.  En tah tah a qua
137.  En te nah o qua
245.  Evans, Tobias (non-Delaware)

150. Fer me na osk
29.   Fish, Jam
226. French Woman
26.   Furgerson, Esther

143. Gillis, Mary
174. George, Jim
173. George, John
143. Gillis, Mary
101. Grinter, Anna

249. Hill, Thomas (non-Delaware)
255. Hill, Yepter(non-Delaware)

253. Israel, Jesse (non-Delaware)

 59.   Jackson
206.  Jim Jack [May be Jack, Jim]
254.  Livy, John [May be Livy, John] (non-Delaware)
259.  Joab, Samuel
33.    Jonacake [same as Journeycake?], Charles
43.    Jonacake, Isaac
250.  Jonacake, Noa (non-Delaware)
23.    Jonacake, Solomon


220. Kaw com do qua o
228. Kaw ki ni si mo
91.  Ke ats sin qua
87.  Ke she pah ke nah qua
214. Ke she long
60.  Ke tah ca wha se
2.    Ketchum, Capt.
21.  Ketchum,  Charles
11.  Ketchum, George
22.  Ketchum, James
10.  Ketchum, Osage

196.  La no tet
175.  Lah pa le nah
110.  Len hun di a nund
254.  Levy, John
251.  (Lewis?), Stephen (non-Delaware)
30.    Little Beaver
254.  Livy John [John Livy?] (non-Delaware)
107.  Lo sit tah o qua
197.  Longbone

54.  Ma e lund
44.  Ma se hum end
15.  McCullock, George
41.  Mah mah che
89.  Ma tah tese
189. Mah win nah le nah
147. Mary
104. Marshall Mrs.
149. Me se nah o qua
188. Mo shan nah co wha
151.  Muck cun chase

213.  Na a ton is tond
141.  Na que mun
86.    Na can pin na qua
47.    Na nam he con
65.    Na scop pite
70.    Na tam mo han land
219.  Nah ti qua e
63.    Na we lun go nart
242.  Nah lah a le mah
160.  Nah to quase
140.  Nancy
93.    Nan he pah la qua       
1.      Nat co met
224.  Ne he lah to qua e
112.  Ne con tarks se
34.    Ne com he cond
216.  Ne pah ite
40.    Ne shan na co wha
183.  Ne tah me he nen
168.  Now low o qua e

187.  Ne sho wha
183.  Ne tah me he nen
45.    Ned
3.      Nonandagomin
168.   Now low a qua e

201.  O lah pah na o qua

120.  O lah ti o qua
184.  O le a cum in
155.  O le ca ne mah
155.  O le cah ne mah
161.  O le cah o qua
  O le lah a qua
36.    O le me tak se
125.  O le pah ke nah o qua
139.  O le pah ke cum in

162.  On lin den ca he qua
158.  O nah ti a quah
131.  O te cum e
80.    Oth qua te la qua
148.  O we ta lenah
76.    O whe lun go na qua
61.    Oxen, Johnson [Oxen Johnson?]

128. (Capt) Pachel
99.    Pa che nun nu la
31.    Pa me tum end
243.  Pa nu cah le case
185.  Pa pa mah pah na cumin
53.    Pa pah mo hol land
74.    Pa pen donde
55.    Pa se quah ka
217.  Paschal, Delaware
39.    Pa so qua p
144.  Pa ta te
179.  Pa pah me cah pi
231.  Pa sho qua
166.  Pa tek se
180.  Pa yark site or (titi?)
119.  Pah kun dah que nah
 95.   Pah kun do qua
202.  Par chel
223.  Paw ne
157.  Pe narps se
24.    Pechalker, William
25.    Pechalker, Elizabeth
247.  Pellip Pem (non-Delaware)
145.  Pem mah ti a qua
14.    Pemp Scat [Scat, Pemp]
164.  Pen nah o qua
204.  Peter
258.  Peters, John (non-Delaware)
237.  Possum, Charles

37.   Qua che mund
73.   Qua che wind
96.   Qua e che nuse
209.  Qua e sick
222.  Qua se mark se
72.    Que se pah que hind
126.  Qua shah pin a qua
235.  Qua she lin gase

68.    Red one
198.  Rogers, Delila
199.  Rogers, Samuel

171.  Rogers, Mary

5.     Sackendiathen
20.    Sa lak sut tond
260.  Samuel, Fred
259.  Samuel, Joab
103.  Sa sah go wha
130.  Sah cahco to la la qua
13.    Salt Peter

6.      Saucoxy
14.    Scat, Pemp [?Pemp Scat
66.    Seigler [Zeigler], Logan
252.  Selway, Anthony (non-Delaware)
38.    Sham, Jim
28.    Sham, John
109.  Shi o pas
108.  Sho shon
218.  Skecket, Isac
9.      Smith
177.  Snap Capt.
251.  Stephen (Lewis?) (non-Delaware)
77.    Su gar snu si
57.    Sun no we tark se
4.      Swanac


18.    Ta lo qua a
210.  Ta moke
239. Ta tah o pe e tond
19.    Ta to ge mund
146.  Tah te pa la qua
124.  Tal les tah
240.  Tame sea ho land [?]
163.  Tan le me pah co wha
138.  Tan le naugh qua
208.  Te tish sho
83.    Tel loth qua
229.  Ten dah lo wua e
78.    Thompson, Joseph
42.    Thread
207.   Tiblow, Henry
205.  Ton gah to cah pah ta to
62.    Tousy, Timothy
12.    Troit

94.     Tun dah lo qua a
203.  Tun ge marks se
48.    Tus po wha

133. Un da la a qua
152. Undo qua

223.  Wa e nah ung hick um
79.    Wa en dah pun a qua
182.  Wa le ta har lin
186.  Wa me a tark se
191.  Wa ho lah li wha
51.    Wa le part
46.    Wa len go wha
118.  Wa mah pah na qua
221.  Wal wil lis tah o qua
227.  Wa mah ti a que
17.    Wa me cah pah
98.    Wa win ge pah ke la qua
71.    Wah cah ten nah
181.   We cha wend
192.   We che qui a e
111.   We to wha
50.    We tum go nund
212.   Wen ge ise
215.   Wheeler, Billy
211.   White Feather

32.     White Horn
257.   Whiteeyes, Godfray (non-Delaware)
246.   Whiteeyes, Mary (non-Delaware)

27.     Wiles, Betsy
193.   Wil lin din ah o qua
240.   Will, Randolph
256.   Williams, Gideon (non-Delaware)

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