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There is considerable conflict between what is attributed to William Marshall and Wilaquenaho's son, William or John Marshall. Our desire is that one day all this will be sorted out. It might have been better not to have included the "data" on this person/persons. My position is that we need to lay out what we have in the hope that there will be those who having corroborating or negating information that will assist with this family. As stated elsewhere, the Lenape-Delaware History web site is an ongoing, historical research site. Those of you who introduce the data on this and other pages into your family data bases and histories without weighing what the data are, do so at your own peril. This web site is not an encyclopedia of Lenape-Delaware History. It is, rather, a reflection of what we know about ourselves and what others say about us. Editor Tom Swiftwater Hahn  swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net

John Marshall was the son of Betsy Wilaquenaho and William H. Marshall (whom see). Descendants Wanda Weeks/ Annie Stephens (both deceased) that he was born in 1825 in Ohio. He may have died 1861-1862.They also said that a son William was born in 1828 in Ohio.  According to Jack Douglas Large, "The Delawares of Idaho," M. A. thesis, University of Idaho, 1987) in Rodney Staab, Grinter Place, pp. 6-8, John married Lucinda "Lucy" Llewellyn or Flewellyn whose mother was Rebecca Lucas. According to the 1862 Delaware Census, which lists her age as 35, Lucinda would have been born about 1827. Staab notes that Rebecca Lucas, alias Memchow, was No. 929 on the 1862 "census" at age 60, that is, born c1802, while Lucinda Marshall was No. 928. "In other words, Rebecca and Lucinda were more or less living side by side. (Staab, Grinter Place, pp. 6-8). [So far I can't locate those numbers in that census, but will check further. Editor]  (Louise Faye Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails: Some Tribal Records, p. 104). However, this may be the wrong Lucinda. He may have had a son Charles born about 1845.
CONFLICT: We have conflicting information for the wife of John Marshall. According to Ruby Cranor, John Marshall married Sarah E. Ketchum (1827-1861). She was the daughter of Lusittahoquah (1817-1881) and William Riley Ketchum. Her siblings were Nancy Ketchum (1849-1880), Joel Ketchum (1852-1872), Caroline Ketchum (died 1854), Absolom Ketchum (died 1856), and Henry Clay Ketchum (died 1859). According to this source, their children were Charles Ketchum (died 1845), Rosanna Marshall (died 1850),  and William (Washer) Marshall (1853-1899, who married Susan Whiteturkey/Lizzy James. The children for the latter and wives were Ida Mary Marshall (died 1879, who married Frederick Metzner/D. N. Broadbent), Andy Marshall (died 1886), Sam Marshall (1890-1890), (James J. Marshall (died 1892), and Jane Ann Marshall (1894-1928), who married Charley Longtail/Tyler Adams).  "Kik Tha We Nund" the Delaware Chief William Anderson and His Descendants, p. 180).  One family record says that he married a Connor.

Another family record supports the John Marshall/Sarah E. Ketchum marriage. It notes that John Marshall, the son of Betsy Wilaquenaho (whom see), died by 1962. This record says that Sarah E. Ketchum died before 1862, leaving five orphans who were:
 1. Rosanna Marshall, born 1850, died young, raised by Anna (Marshall) Grinter.
 2. William Washer Marshall, born 1852, died 13 February 1899, was in the household of James Connor in 1862, and married 1 Susan Whiteturkey (Toantoxqua), born c1853, died 1899. They had a daughter Ida Mary Metzner. born 1879, died 1885, and was buried in the buried Bezion Cemetery. William Washer Marshall married second Lizzy Secondine (Waladohhee/Wilatia), born 1864, was the daughter of Jane and Thomas Secondine. Lizzy died in 1922 and was  buried in the Bezion Cemetery. Their children were: Charley Marshall, born 1885, died 1885, buried Bezion Cemetery; Andrew "Andy" Marshall, born 1886; Sam Marshall, born 1890, died 1890, born Bezion Cemetery; James J. Marshall, born 1892; Jane Ann "Annie" Marshall, born 1894, married William Tyler Adams; and, Maggie Marshall, born 1896.
 3. Anna Marshall, born 1854, died Kansas, and was in the household of Rosanna Grinter.
 4. John Marshall, [Jr.], born 1857, and raised by Anna (Marshall) Grinter, died 13 February 1899
 5. Mary A. "Polly" Marshall, born 1859, died 26 Feb. 1895, raised by Mary Jane [Grinter] Defries, married 1 Joseph Brown, born 1866, son Joseph Brown, born 1881; married 2 Edson D. Washington,  son George W. Washington born 1890. (Much of the above data was provided by Vickie Wilkins .[To be continued.]

(We are trying to sort this out. As I have said before, this is a historical research site, and we are as interested in ongoing research as well as the finished product. If you have something to offer on this or other subjects we are working on, we would appreciate hearing about it. Editor Tom Hahn.

The children of the John Marshall and Lucinda Llewellyn/Flewellyn version, according to Staab, Grinter Place, pp. 6-7 were:
1. Rosanna Marshall, born 8 June 1849. [Source?] She is No. 131 on the Allotment of Delaware Lands in Kansas Under the Treaty of May 1860 as Rosana Marshall, No. 235 on the 1862 Delaware Census, allotment E/2 SE/4, Section 20, Township South 20, Range East 24, 80 acres. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails, p. 30)  She is on the 15 February 1862 Delaware Census No. 235, 15 December 1862 Allotment No. 13, age 12, under her aunt (her mother's sister), Annie [Marshall] Grinter. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails p. 98.)
2. William H. Marshall, born c1855.  [Source?]
3. John Marshall, Jr., born 20 Feb. 1854. [Source?] A John Marshall is listed on the Allotment of Delaware Lands in Kansas under the Treaty of May 1860 , No. 132, No. 236 on 1862 Census Roll, W/2 SE/4 Section 20, Township 11, Range East 24, 80 acres. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails, p. 30). In the  15 Feb. 1862 Delaware Census, he is shown as Roll No. 237, Allotment No. 132,  an orphan, age 9,  living with Anne Grinter. (Ibid, p. 98) 
4. Annie Marshall born c1855. [Source?] In 1862, Annie, age 8, was living with Rosanna Grinter. [Staab says that Annie was living with Rosanna Grinter who was the sister of Annie and John, but it is more likely that she would have been living with the Rosanna Grinter who was the elder John's sister.] In the Allotment of Delaware Lands in Kansas Under the Treaty of May 1860, there is a Annie Marshall, No. 43, 1862 Delaware Census Roll No. 245, listed as "dead", with allotment of Lots 5 and 6 in SE/4, Section 36, Township 11, South 11, Range East 23, 77.60 acres. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails, p. 27.)
5. Polly Marshall, born c1859.  Polly, who was two or three years old in 1862, lived that year in the household of Mary Jane (Grinter) Defries (whom see). Mary Jane was the daughter of Anna Marshall.  She married Audley Paul Defries in Johnson County, present Kansas,  3 April 1859.
6. Mary Frances Marshall. The mother of Otelia E. F. Creech, the mother of Arthur Creech, whose nephew Clyde Creek and whose daughter Charlotte C. Simmons provided much of the family data. (Large, "Delawares in Idaho, pp. 61-62 cited in Staab, "Grinter Place," p. 6-8. Large identified William, Lucinda, and Mary Frances as being on the 1867 Pratt Roll.)

[We are trying to distinguish between Lucinda Llewellyn (the alleged wife of John Marshall) and Lucinda Marshall, a daughter of Betsy Wi-la-que-na-ho and William Marshall. Editor] Lucinda, the mother of five children, was listed as living alone in 1862. Which Lucinda is she? Staab summarizes the status of John Marshall's children as follows:

To summarize the above, the circa 1860 break-up of the John and Lucinda Marshall family left the five children scattered among four households. One of those households was that of Moses [and Annie] Grinter. As late as 1875, two of the five were still living in Kansas with their aunt Annie Grinter. William H. Marshall, the second-born of the five, is recorded by Richard Adams as living in Indian Territory by 1874. (Richard C. Adams Papers, Vol. 7, p. 213, now in the Kenneth Spencer Research Collection, University of Kansas). cited in Staab, Grinter Place, 6-10) The fate of the other two as of 1874-1875 is unknown. None of the five became a U. S. citizen in 1867. It may be that a sixth sibling became the progenitor of the Idaho Delaware" (Staab, Grinter Place, 6-10).  The same could be said for the children, except for the sixth, Mary Frances Marshall whether or not the spouse of William Marshall was Lucinda Llewellyn or Sarah E. Ketchum.

Staab also comments that the author Large, may have mistakenly "Lucinda," living with her son William, as living with a husband of that name, and that Lucinda between 1862 and 1867 bore another daughter, whom she named Mary Frances Marshall. Staab notes further, Partially corroborating this is the February 1867 Delaware payroll....which identifies the adult Lucinda Marshall #310, and the minor child William Marshall as #399 . No one else was recording as living with either Lucinda or William, and no other Marshalls (or Grinters for that matter) are listed on that payroll. (Staab, Grinter Place, 6-7, 6-8. Staab commented regarding the whereabouts of John Marshall: I have heard from a Delaware historian/genealogist that this John Marshall did not actually die, but left for Idaho. At this distance one can only surmise the circumstances behind the arrangements visible in the census data. Most of these family facts are from the 1862 census of Delawares contained in Pratt's papers,  the 1890 Goodspeed account of the Marshall Family, [and] the Grinter family Bible (for the birth dates of Rosanna and John Jr.).... It should be added that James Connor's maternal grandfather was a Ketchum, and that Annie Grinter's mother's maiden name was also Ketchum. Thus all five children were in the homes of relatives." (Ibid, 6-9)

That John Marshall, the son of Betsy Wilaquenaho and William Marshall lived on the Delaware Reserve in present Kansas is substantiated by several sources: He is probably the male between 10 and 40 on the Roll or Census of the Delaware Tribe of Indians within the Fort Leavenworth Agency for the Year 1842. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails, p. 3.) On the Delaware Payroll of 18 April 1857,  No. 208 there is a listing for a John Marshall: 1 man, 1 woman, and 6 children, total 6, paid $460.00. (Ibid,  p. 14) So, we know that he was married to or living with some woman in that year. A John Marshall No. 183 is listed on the 1 Jan. 1858 Delaware Payroll, again: 1 man, 1 woman, six children, total 6, paid $760.00. (Ibid, p. 22.) A letter of 14 April 1858 to M. McGaskins [name may not be spelled correctly] ] from the Osage River Agency said that he was due money from the U. S. Government as a "head" of William H. Marshall, but that does not mean that he was physically there on the Delaware Reserve to receive the money. [Need the other "heads" and source.] One family record says, "Marshall, John 1/2 [blood] on 1858 roll only," implying that he does not show up on later records. That John was a half-blood would fit his situation with and a Delaware mother and a white father. 

It appears that John Marshall the elder is not on the allotments for some reason. One has to be careful to try to differentiate between the elder and younger John Marshalls. John Marshall does not appear in Moses R. Grinter's Trading Posts Records 1855-1860. (Smith-Arellano, Delaware Trails, pp. 75-87. However, if he had a Lenape name, we might not associate it with his English name. A Lucinda Marshall  is listed separately in the Allotment of Delaware Lands in Kansas Under the Treaty of May 1860 as No. 928, with No. 472 on the 1862 Roll. Her allotment was part of E/2 NE/4 Section 17, Township South 11, Range East 24, 80 acres.  She appears alone on the Delaware Census of 15 February 1862 with Census No. 472 and the 12-15-1862 Allotment No. 928, at age 35. However, it appears that we cannot account for the whereabouts of John Marshall the elder from about 1858. [But again, which Lucinda is this?]

The following entries are for a John Marshall, but it is likely that they are for the younger. A pamphlet, perhaps published between 1894 and 1908, about the Delaware who went from Kansas to Indian Territory (present Oklahoma) includes a John Marshall, "living." [Source?] The Register of Delaware Residing in the Cherokee Nation on 4 Aug.1898 in Smith Arellano, Delaware Trails. p. 359, lists No. 401 John Marshall "living" at age 41, with 18 cultivated acres, 10 acres enclosed, and 60 acres not enclosed, with a value $400. The "Index to Delaware Cherokees in The Index to Final Rolls of Cherokees by Blood, Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes Cherokees 4 March 1907 in Smith Arellano, Delaware Trails, . p.-- lists John Marshall on p. 515 with  Delaware Roll No 193;  and Smith, Delaware Trails, p. 524, lists  No. 194 John Marshall age 45 3/4 blood, Census Card No 181. [Something may be wrong with the blood quantum.] Mary Leiter, a descendant of  Wi-la-que-na-ho, said, "Betsy" [Wilaquenaho) (Ketchum?) Marshall may have came into Oklahoma to live with John Marshall, but it is non known whether this was her son or another blood relative. I believe it was the son who married Lucy Conner since most of the Conner's moved in to Oklahoma and lived in the Bartlesville area."

John Marshall, Jr., Willaquenaho's grandson, went to Indian Territory on 30 May 1875. He lived in the CooWeeScooWee District, with a post office address of Nowata, Indian Territory, apparently the spring before Willaquenaho died. (Vickie Wilkins )

[I suggest that you do not use this biography with caution until it is finished. Editor]

MARSHALL, John M. Descendancy Chart. Submitted by Patricia (Kiddoo) Leibham, whose Email address will be added. Some of this data conflicts with other data submitted on "John Marshall." The Marshall/Ketchum Family is a difficult one from a genealogical point of view. We are going to include everyone's view until it gets sorted out. Editor.
1. John M. Marshall born unknown, died about 1862
Spouse: Lucy Conner
   2. Rosanna Marshall, born 1850
   2. William [Henry] (Washer) Marshall, born 1852, died 13 February 1899 at Hogshooter, Washington Co., IT
       Spouse 1: Susan Whiteturkey born about 1853, died about 1883 at Hogshooter, Washington Co., IT
       3. Rosanna Marshall, born unknown
      3. Ida Mary Marshall, born 10 February 1881 at Bartlesville, Washington Co., IT, died 28 November 1951 at
          El Dorado, Butler Co., Kansas
          Spouse: Frederick William Metzner, married 26 June 1898, died 24 May 1911
         4. Frederick Farmer Metzner, died 1 April 1938, Guthrie, Oklahoma
         4. Frederick William Metzner, born 22 August 1899, died 9 October 1901 at Nowata, Oklahoma
         4. Herbert Metzner, born 9 June 1901, died 30 January 1992 at Ponca City, Oklahoma
         4. George Frederick Metzner, born 8 April 1903 at Nowata, Oklahoma, died November 1983
         4. Amelia Metzner, born 7 May 1905 at Nowata, Oklahoma, died 19 April 1989 at Riverland Medical Center,
             Ferrida Concorida, Louisiana

         4. Annie Metzner, born unknown, died 26 September 1911 at Nowata, Oklahoma
         Spouse: David Newton Broadbent, married 27 April 1913
         4. Leonard Leon Broadbent, born 8 February 1914 at Nowata, Oklahoma, died 18 June 1978 at Wichita, Kansas
         4. Henry William Broadbent, born 15 April 1916 at Nowata, Oklahoma, died 18 June 1978 at Wichita, Kansas
         4. Helen Bernice Broadbent, born 13 November 1918 at Nowata, Oklahoma, died 3 May 1995 at Tucson,

            Spouse: Howard Charles Love (living?), born  26 November 1916 at Woodville,  Mississippi, married 17
            September 1939.
               5. Phyllis Virginia Love (living)
               Spouse: Albert Matthew Kiddoo (living)
                  6. Susan Dianne Kiddoo (living)
                  6. Patricia Kay Kiddoo (living)
                  Spouse: James Andrew Leibham (living)
                      7. James Andrew Leibham (living)
                  6. Albert Matthew Kiddoo, Jr. (living)
               5. Marilyn Sue Love (living)
               5. Diane Marie Love (living)
   Spouse 2. Of William (Washer) Marshall), Lizzie Secondine, born 1864, died 1922
       3. Andrew Marshall, born 1886    
       3. James Marshall, born 1892
       3. Annie Marshall, born 1894
  2. Anna Marshall born1854
  2. John Marshall, Jr., born 1857
  2. Polly Marshall, born 1859  

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