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44 April 2007

Tom Hahn Family - Part 6


Topeka, Kansas

Tommy Hahn's Grandparents at the Torgeson Hahn on West 17th (formerly Euclid Avenue)at Topeka, Kansas ca1929. Left-to-right: Tomas "Tom" Torgeson, Margaret "Maggie  (Owen) Torgeson, Christian "Chris" Hahn, Mattie (Defries) Hahn (Hahn Collection)

Tommy's Grandparents in front of his Home at 1120 High Avenue, Topeka, Kansas in the 1930s. The photograph was taken before 1939 when Thomas" Tom" Torgeson died and 1934 when Christian "Chris" Hahn died. Left-to-right: Tom Torgeson, Tommy Hahn, Maggie (Owen)  Torgeson,  and Mattie ) Defries) Hahn (Hahn Collection)



Tom with  Al Curtis and Mabel Curtis at Padre Island, Texas  in 1947




Falls Church, Virginia


Tom and Florence Hahn on the Potomac River near Washington,. DC c1955. This was during a visit by the Walter Hahn's to the Tom Hahn's at Falls Church, Fairfax County, Virginia. (Photo by Walter Hahn)

Residence: Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland 1960 - 1962

Chris and Tom Hahn, 1960, at their Home on Glenwild Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland  - STILL A GREAT TEAM FORTY-FIVE YEARS LATER!! (Hahn Collection)







"Tom Hahn and his son Chris show teamwork rigging the family tent at the YMCA camping demonstration." (Cover of the THE STAR MAGAZINE: Washington, D.C., May 14, 1961)










Residence: Kawailoa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii 1963 - 1964

Tom and Betsy Hahn at the Side of their House at Kawailoa Beach. Tom is holding a mahi-mahi in his right hand and an ono is his left hand, both caught in the Boat ISLANDER of out of Honolulu. (Hahn Collection)





Fort Meade, Maryland










Betsy and Duane Imitating "Laugh In" Couple at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia (Tom Hahn Photo)


Left to right: Chris Hahn, Betsy Hahn, Duane Torrey, Diane Torrey. 1976? (Tom Hahn Photo)





Bev with her "Nanny" in a Chinese Restaurant at Shepherdstown, West Virginia 2002 while visiting there (Tom Hahn Photograph)




Tom and Nathalie Hahn at the Dole Political Center, Lawrence, Kansas on 7 October 2004. (Photo by Ken Blair)






Betsy Hahn, Nathalie Hahn, Lisa Sasser at Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida and Crabs, 2004

Chris and Nat Hahn at Sabal Spring, Florida December 2005 Hahn Collection)

Tom and Nathalie on Tom's 80th Birthday as They Prepare to Leave for a "Surprise" Birthday Lunch at Hurricane Harry's in North Fort Myers. Those attending were Nathalie and Tom Hahn; Linda Jacobs and Bill Peed; Elaine Cusic and Hank Shapiro; Carol and Ed Elrod; Barb and Lou Pizzini; Norma and Howard Silverman; Nancy McGlasson; Mildred Smith and Dick Stcokton; and, Fran Drevers. (Hahn Collection)


Tom and his parents at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas in 1951 (Hahn Collection)







(Left-to-right) Alice White, Nathalie White, Brian White





Daughter Diane Torrey of Florida at Work 2002 (Hahn Collection)






Sylvester of Miami through a Screen Door, Florida ca. 2002 (Tom Hahn Photograph)





Son Duane Gifford Torrey of New Hampshire at Bangor, Maine 2002 (Hahn Collection)







Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Hike, May, 1974. Betsy Hahn, Brenda, Duane Torrey, Chris Hahn (Hahn Collection)

(Left-to-right top) Chris Hahn, Diane Torrey, Duane Torrey, Betsy Hahn (Bottom) Nat Hahn, Tom Hahn) August 1973, but Where? Who is taking the photograph? (Hahn Collection)

Left-to-right: Cousin D. J. Reineke at Bob Evans in Fort Myers, Florida March 2006 (Photo by Bob Reineke)


Left-to-right: Nat Hahn, Tom Hahn, D. J. Reineke at Bob Evans in Fort Myers, Florida (Photo by Bob Reineke)

Nat Hahn in front of the Reineke's Car in Fort Myers (Photo by Bob Reineke)

Chris Hahn and Tom Hahn at the Navigator Inn Prior to taking a Boat Trip on the Peace River near Port Charlotte, Florida in the Spring of 2006 (Hahn Collection)

The Colony of Wood Storks Seen on the Boat Trip was truly Spectacular (Chris Hahn Photo)