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13 January 2007


The contact for those interested in Randolph Elementary School information is  Michelle Durkes. She and her husband, Kevin, are collecting memorabilia and would welcome anything that you who attended Randolph would like to contribute. Tier email address is kdurkes40@cox.netHerewith her answer to my letter on 26 July 2006:

It is always wonderful to hear from a former Randolph student. I am the school historian for Randolph Elementary, a place very dear to our hearts here in the Durkes household. My husband attended Randolph in the late 60's and early 70's and then all four of our children attended there over a span of about 18 years from the middle 80's until 2003. We have a granddaughter who will start kindergarten there next fall (2007). Randolph has been like a second home to us for many years. I am honored to be able to discover and preserve all the history I can about the school. Three years ago we held the 75th anniversary at the school and I met many wonderful alumni, all with great stories to tell. I had several of them come and speak to different classes at Randolph to give the students a taste of what the school was like over the first 75 years. The kids and teachers loved hearing all about Randolph's past. I also had the 5th grade students each interview an alumni from each of the years at Randolph so they could get a one on one view of Randolph history. It was a great project, the students learned so much and so did I. At the 75th anniversary celebration I had everyone who attended fill out a form telling me about themselves and when they attended the school as well as any special memories they wanted to share. I also arranged for the walkway out front to be uncovered and the flowering crabapple trees to be re-planted as a 75th anniversary commemorative project. One of my sons best friends was looking for an Eagle Project for Boy Scouts and since he was an alumni of Randolph I thought it made a perfect project. When the walkway was uncovered and it was discovered to be just gravel we decided to start a commemorative brick drive and so we have been selling bricks for the walkway for three years now and we are about ready to lay the final bricks. I would like to mail you one of the forms for you to tell me a little about yourself and your history at the school. I will also include a brick order form in case you would like to be included in the walkway. I would love to have the newspaper clippings and anything else you want to share for our history collection. You can mail the form I send you back with your donated history items to my home at --- 1737 SW Webster Ave. Topeka, Ks 66604.  Thank you so much for sharing some historical items with me, I look forward to receiving them. It's always so exciting to see and hear more about Randolph. I will be happy to look through my alumni list and send you contact information on anyone who attended during your years at Randolph. I will get their permission to give out their information first, of course. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding Randolph. Michelle Durkes, Randolph Historian kdurkes40@cox.net

or Michelle michelledurkes@parentscorps.org  Tel: 785-235-9483

Randolph Elementary School 1932-1938 (age 6 to age 13). Tommy walked to Randolph Elementary School, about .6 mile away, twice a day, going home for lunch, rain, snow or sunshine. Some streets had back alleys that added to the variation of the walk. Sometimes I walked alone and sometimes with a neighboring classmate.

From Home at 1120 SW High Avenue to Randolph Elementary School, at 1400 SW Randolph Avenue

(From a March 1983 letter from Florence Hahn to Tom Hahn: "So have had a walk. There is a slight chill at times and sun goes under for a few minutes and then out. You want a sweater on and turn the corner and want it off. You know how that goes and I thot about one time in kindergarten r 1st grade. You didn't want to wear a sweater to school in afternoon. It was one of those changeable days in early spring, our first one, and you begged me to let you go without and a norther wind came up in afternoon. and it was very cold, then you came all sniffly and almost bawling you were so cold."

From grade cards:
Kindergarten, school year 1932-1933, teacher Vivian Peak. Enrolled Sept 12th, 1932, school year 1932 to 1933

Grade 1B, second term, school year 1932-1933, teacher Eleanor R. Fyler
Grade 1A, first term, school year 1933-1934, teacher Myrtle Garrison
Grade 2B, second term, 1933-1934, teacher Myrtle Garrison
Grade 2A, first term, school year 1934-1935, teacher Myrtle Garrison
Grade 3 B, term B, school year 1934-1935, teacher Florence M. Skinner
Grade 3A, first term, school year 1935-1936, teacher Mabel R. Karr

Grade 4B, second term, school year 1935-1936, teacher Mabel R. Karr
Grade 4A, second period, Oct. 26, 1936, teacher Frederica Moore "Tommie is doing excellent work - even does extra work."
Grade 5A, first period, school year 1936-1937, teacher June Henderson. "Tommy is on of the most dependable ands courteous boys in the room."
Grade 5B, school year 1936-1937
Grade 6A, school year 1937-1938, teacher  Esmet Granger.
Grade 6B, date 11 March 1938, school year 1937-1938 
The principal for this period was L. L. Kauffman.

Tom in front of Randolph Elementary School in 1939 (Thomas Hahn Collection) [Photo needs improving]

Dean "Tony" Beck's Birthday Party 1935? (Hahn Collection)

Grade 3A, Randolph Elementary School, Topeka, Kansas, 1936. Back row left-to-right: 1. Sonny Bunker?, 2. Franklin Allen?, 3. Barton Brown, ?, 4.? 5. Bobby Beecroft. (Thomas Hahn Collection)

Grade 4B, Randolph Elementary School, Topeka, Kansas 1936. (First row, left-to-right): 1? 2. Jimmy Pearson? 3. Tommy Hahn 4. Bobby Carnahan? 5. Miles Mayo? 6.? 7.? 8.? ( Second row, left-to-right): 9. Jack Sargent 10. Clayton Cline 11.? 12.? 13.? 14. Betty Rippey 15. Barton Brown 16.? 17. Barton Brown? (Third row, left-to-right):  19.? 20? 21? 22? 23. Allison Jones? 24. Darwin Woodworth 25.? (Fourth row, left-to-right): 26 Dean Beck? 27.? 28?  Thomas Hahn Collection)




Whole Room, Grades 3A and 4B, Randolph Elementary School, Topeka, Kansas, May 1936. Tommy second row, 4th from left. (If anyone out there can identify any of the people in the above photographs, persons, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Tom Hahn swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net (Thomas Hahn Collection)

Randolph Cub Pack (article from a Topeka newspaper in 1937): Scout Organization Outlined at Meeting at Randolph School  The Randolph Cub Pack completed its organization Tuesday evening at a meeting held at the Randolph school. The Pack has been in the process of organization for the last two months, starting with a training course for the parents, the selection of a Pack committee, and chiefs, who are older serving in neighboring scout troops.  The Randolph Pack organization is composed of the following Den Dads serving as the Pack Committee: T. O. Hedrick, Gary Bbeecroft, Dr. Ray Wooodworth, D. H. Leighton, Perry Pitcher, Rae Shrens, Lendrum McEachron, R. E. Wise and Richard Barnett. The Den Mothers are: Mrs. W. F. Hahn, Mrs. Devere Allen, Mrs. Robert Bunten, Mrs. C. W. Menninger, Mrs. H. T. Davis, Mrs. Glenn Romig, Mrs. W. G. Walton, Mrs. Jack Ecord and Mrs. J. Arthur Meyers.

Cub Scout Pack Members from an item in a Topeka newspaper in 1937. Members: Ford Acker, Max Rae Ahrens, Franklin Allen, Willis Anton, Dick Barnett, Dean [Tony] Beck, Robert[Bobby Beecroft, Keith Bossler, John C. Brier, Sonny Bunker, Bobby Bunten, Douglas Coe, Ted Crane, Jack Davis, Ralph Davis, Donld Decker, Clark Duncan, Jr., Jackie Ecord, Jack Fink, Billy Fisher, Bob Fleming, Harrison Fraser, Phil Gilman, Norman Groves [Thomas] Tommy Hahn, Donald Hedrick, Roy Lee Ijams, Jack Knowles, Oliver David Leighton, Dean Albert McCall, Billy McCombs, Scott McEchron, Roy Menninger, Al Joe Miville, Billy Moore, Tom Myers, Joel Nordeen, Jimmy Pearson, Tommy Pitcher, Richard Pringle, William H. Richter, Richard Romig, John [Jack] Churchill Sargent, Jr., John F. Schungel, John Simmonds, James EW. Sloan, Charles Robert Smelter, Keith Tabor, Bill Walton, Bobby Ward, Thomas Luther Woodward, Darwin Woodworth, Billy Wormington, Bobby Wormington.  

The Randolph School building continues to function as an elementary school and is now, of course integrated. During the Brown [versus the Topeka, Kansas Board of Education], it was the white school cited as the second possible attendance center for the following plaintiff's child: Lena Carpenter's daughter, Catherine. [It is interesting to note that SchoolTree.org reports the following mixture of students among its 316 total.: Native American 12, Black 56, Hispanic 28, White 214. It is too bad that I missed the diversity of students while attending this school.] Gone from the front (north) side of the building ais the graveled walkway and the beautiful cherry trees flanking the walkway.

Boswell Junior High School at SW 12th Street and Boswell Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 1938-1941: Tommy generally rode his bicycle to Boswell Junior High School, about .9 mile a day, again going home to lunch each day. The school building is no longer there. Junior high was very important in forming wonderful friendships and experiencing very good teachers. Tommy was the editor of the Boswell Broadcaster and a cheer leader. Anyone having a group photograph of the Graduation Class of 1941--I think it was--please contact Tom Hahn  Swiftwater@lenapedelawarehistory.net

Route from Home at 1120 High Avenue to Boswell Junior High School, at SW 12th and Boswell

   This image was obtained from the Kansas State Historical Society and is used with their permission. (Hahn Collection)

1. Maxine Tiffany  2. Eleanor Coulton  3. Joyce Frederick  4. Donna Talbot  5. Gloria Johnson  6. George Trautwein  7. Bobby Qunley  8. Bill Ayres  9. Tommy Hahn 10. Mahlon Bunch  11. Loren Westerdale  12. Betty Bramer  13. Phyllis Duff   14. Bernice Steenson  15. Betty Rippey  16. Lou Don Minich  17. Phyllis McCord  18. Evelyn Jackson  19. Jean Burdette  20. Ford Ackers  21. Dick [Richard] Gross  22. Phil Gilman  23. Maxine Taggart  24. Willadene Davis  25. Martha Rutter  26. Frances Bechtel  27.  Dorothy Morris   28. Virginia Shrake  29. Norma Lee Collins   30. Jimmy Pearson  31. Roland Robbins  32. Martin  O'Connell  33. Marjorie Billings  34. Esther Turvey (Home Room and Art Teacher)  35. Guy Robbins  36. Bill McFarland  37. Hervey Wright  38. Jack Sergeant  39. Clayton Kline  40.  Dean Beck  41. Kathryn Mulligan  42. M. J. Whitson  43. Darwin Woodworth  44. Dale Rader  45.  Edgar Matthews  46. Jimmy Bonebrake  47. Verlin Goodman  48. Bob Robison      


Topeka Library Building on the Capitol Grounds. This building was razed and a new library was built on West Tenth Street. The Capitol is to the left. In the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s one could climb stairs to the top of the building for magnificent views of the city. The street car was used on the Eight Avenue line. In the background to the right is the First Presbyterian Church where Tom Hahn attended meetings of Boy Scout Troop 2.

Topeka High School, 1941-1944 Diploma: Tom sometimes walked, sometimes rode his bike, sometimes took a bus, and sometimes caught a ride with the good Wilcox neighbors behind to Topeka High School some 1.42 miles nearly two miles away. Patty Wilcox was in my 1944 Graduating Class. Topeka High School was, and remains, one of the most beautiful high schools in the country. Being a mid-termer, that is, one who began school in January rather than September, he took extra courses each term and one summer course in order to finish high school in  two-and-a-half years. On 10 October 2004, over 60 years after graduation, Tom was inducted into the Topeka High School Hall of Fame.


Designed by Topeka Architect Thomas W. Williamson, Topeka High School was completed in 1931 at a cost of more than $1 million. Today it is one of the city's most distinguished landmarks. The mast spar from "Old Ironsides" can be seen on the east lawn of the school. Visitors are welcome on school days.

Route from  Home at 1220 SW High Avenue to Topeka High School at 800 SW 10th Avenue

Tommy Hahn, Sophomore Topeka High School, May 1942 (Thomas Hahn Collection)

Caption reads: After all, Tommy, "It's only liquid air!" (1944 Sunflower -- Topeka High School Year Book

The courses Tom Hahn took in high school were geared toward entering  college. With this in mind, Tom took advantage of an academic scholarship to attend the University of Kansas, at Lawrence, about 25 miles from Topeka. During his one term there, he lived at the Battenfeld Hall scholarship hall on Louisiana Avenue. During World War II, most colleges and universities were on a tri-semester system. Accordingly, Tom was at KU from July until October in the College of Engineering as an aspiring Chemical Engineer. The term was busy with working for coach Fogg Allen, working at the scholarship hall, being in the symphony orchestra and the band, and being on the track team, and being an active member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity, being a member of a Methodist Church choir, going to Topeka on some weekends, and generally engaged on university activities. All this came to a short end when Tom enlisted in the United States Navy at Kansas City, Missouri on 6 October. He was subsequently was sent to Memphis, Tennessee on 22 October. For most of his life, Tom tried to piece together an education, taken advantage of opportunities as they arose, but it was not always easy due to work situations in the navy. His motto regarding education was, and remains, Vek yzhi, vek ychi ) Russian saying: Live a hundred years, learn a hundred years. Only twenty-two years to go!

Tommy Hahn, Senior Photo, Topeka High School, taken November 1943 (Hahn Collection)

Tom with Topeka High School Shirt 1943 (Thomas Hahn Collection)

 (left to right)  Topeka High School Buddies Bob Beine, Dean "Tony" Beck, Tommy Hahn (Thomas Hahn Collection)

High School Buddy Scott Briar with his First Wife, Eleanor Whipple, Topeka, Kansas c1947 (Hahn Collection)

Topeka High School Hall of Fame Induction, October 2004

University of Kansas, 1944, School of Engineering, Lawrence, Kansas, Extension Course 1945:

Tom Preparing to Return to the University of Kansas from his Home in Topeka in September 1944 (Thomas Hahn Collection)


                                            KU Mascot                  
The Memorial Carillon and Campanile, a monument to the 276 KU men and women who died in World War II, was formally dedicated atop Mount Oread on 27 May 1951.


Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House at the University of Kansas, 111 West 11th, Lawrence, Kansas


The Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at the University of Kansas, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas, provided useful social activities and friends and acquaintances.

 Southern Methodist University, 1945, School of Engineering, Dallas, Texas:

         Southern Methodist University, Dallas Hall to the back, right.

Atkins Hall. I think our room was on the second floor, left (west) wing)


University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1945-1948, Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medicine, Bachelor of Arts  (Psychology) minors in chemistry and naval science:


Tom at the University of Texas

             Tom Hahn, University of Texas, Austin, Texas (Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn at a University of Texas Football Game at Austin, Texas c1946 (Hahn Collection)

View of University of Texas Administration Building and Tower. The tower was the home of a massacre several years later. The lights in the tower glowed orange after victories by the Texas Longhorn Football Team (Thomas Hahn Collection)

From the University of Texas Yearbook 1947/1948 "Tom Hahn tied the intramural 50-yard dash record." (Hahn Collection)


Delta Tau Delta Track Team Intramural Co-Champions (University of Texas Yearbook) 1947/1948. Left-to-right:
Front row: H. K. Allen, Franklin Pigg, Tommy Hahn, T. A. Outlaw, Fred Werkenthin.
Bud Higgs, Winston Manry, John Evans, Vilbry White, Pinky Quarles, Max Werkenthin, Ballard George. (Hahn Collection)


Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1948 (Thomas Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn with Walt and Florence Hahn at the University of Texas. I am not sure whether this was when they visited when I was discharged from the Navy in 1946 or in 1948 when I graduated from the University of Texas. (Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn at Barton Spring, Austin, Texas about 1947 (Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn and Clement C. "Sonny" Gibbs, Room Mates at the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, University of Texas and both from Topeka, Kansas (Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn with Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Brothers at the University of Texas. I will identify some of them later. (Hahn Collection)

       Tom Hahn University of Texas ID Athletic ID Card, 1947-1948 (Hahn Collection)

Yale University, Graduate School, Institute of Far Eastern Languages--Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese 1956-1957, New Haven, Connecticut, Diploma in Mandarin Chinese.

Letter of Introduction from the Director of the Institute of Far Easter Languages, Yale University to "Y-CY" on Graduation from Yale in 1957. Somehow I forgot that I had the letter and never used it when I went to the Republic of China later that year on a navy assignment to the Taiwan Defense Command at Taipei. Probably a missed opportunity.

I mailed you a letter last month. I do not know whether you have received it or not. How are you and Mrs. Han? I hope you let me know soon.

Congratulations! Your father is the Governor of Taiwan. Presently one of my students, Naval Lieutenant Hahn is ordered to go to Taiwan. He has good school grades and is very interested in learning anything about China. He is also very nice to the Chinese people. This letter serves the introduction of him with whom you might like to talk. Perhaps he might need some help during his stay in Taiwan. I would highly appreciate it if [of] any help you might give to him.

Sincerely, Lee Bao 9/27

George Washington University, 1948-1949, Graduate School, Psychology, Washington, District of Columbia.

American University, Graduate School, 1950, Psychology, Washington, D.C.

University of Maryland (Republic of China Branch, Taipei), 1957-1958, Arts & Sciences, French.

University of Maine at Winter Harbor, Maine, 1968, Arts & Sciences, Sociology.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Industrial Archaeology Institute, Troy, New York, Summer 1973.

University of Vermont, History, Industrial Archaeology Institute, Burlington, Vermont, Summer 1977.

Shepherd College. Bachelor of Arts (History), Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia 1976-1978

Goddard College, Master of Arts (Industrial Psychology), Plainfield, Vermont, 1977-1978.

West Virginia University, School of Education, Social Studies in Secondary Education, Master of Arts, Morgantown, West Virginia, 1977-1979.

West Virginia University, Interdisciplinary Studies (History, History of Science and Technology, Industrial Archaeology, Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies), Doctor of Education,

Shepherd College, courses in Geography and Computer Science 1984-1994; Jefferson County (WV) Board of Education, Computer Science courses, 1994-1995.

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