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28 September 2006

Tom Hahn Family Part 8


"But ask the animals, and they will teach you." Job 12:7

His mother, Florence (Torgeson) Hahn and Captain

Florence Torgeson with her dog, Captain, in White City, Kansas c1920) (Hahn Collection)


Tommy and Kitty Purr Meow ca1932 in a Swing in their Backyard at Topeka, Kansas (Hahn Collection)

Tommy with Kitty Purr Meow on the Running Board of the Family 1932 Chevrolet at Topeka, Kansas. Note the knee patches on his overalls. ( Hahn Collection)

A Kitty Purr Meow on a Clothes Line Support in the 1930s at Topeka. (Hahn Collection)

Tommy with Kittens in front of their House in Topeka about 1935. Is one of these kittens the Kitty Purr Meow in the image just below? (Hahn Collection)

Tommy and Kitty Purr Meow 2 or 3 at their Home at Topeka in 1936. (Hahn Collection)


Tommy holding Tar Baby and Neighbor Marge Holding Her Cat at our House in Topeka, Kansas in 1936. This is the south side of our house, with the dining room window to the left, the kitchen window in the middle, and the breakfast nook window to the right. We had awnings on the east, south, and west sides of the house.  (Hahn Collection).

Tommy with Tar Baby at the Back of their House in Topeka in 1939. Tar Baby was a beautiful male Persian. Note the awning on the east side of the house. This was at my bedroom. Peeking out at the lower left-hand corner is the door to our basement. (Hahn Collection)

            My Beautiful Tar Baby in 1939 at Topeka. (Hahn Collection)
(From Florence Hahn to Tom Hahn): "Your letter came today and I had to look y=up about a Shrew, as only knew one definition for it and that is witch so also d=found out it is a mouse like creature with a longer snout. Your cat, Tar[baby] used to find so many mice in the vacant lots back of us, and he would play with one and wear it out."



Tommy with Chipmunk in Colorado in 1940. Hahn Collection

Tom Hahn with a Young Mountain Lion at Miami, Florida ca1985. A casual acquaintance. A nice soft, kitty. (Hahn Collection)

                         Sand Hill Cranes at Sabal Springs Fort Myers, Florida (Tom Hahn Photo)

About 2000, a family of sand hill cranes appeared on the golf course behind our house. They appeared occasionally for a couple of years and then did not return. In 2003, while sitting at the breakfast room window, I heard the older pair with their offspring. They brought the young one for me to see, stayed a few hours resting under the shade of a pine tree, then went away for two years. In 2005 the older par returned with two offspring. I gave their call from where I was across the little lake behind me, and they came over. The two young ones were skittish as they did not know me. They stayed around for a brief period, and then departed and have not returned as of March 2005/.This winter I became friendly with them and they would come up to me. They stayed for a brief time and then departed, and have not returned as of March 2005.

Pea Fowl

Several pea fowl come out of the woods to gather along a clearing each morning. They either wander about from someone's property or are feral fowl. In Any event, I enjoy observing and photographing them.

     Two Peacocks Vying for Territory (Tom Hahn Photo, April 2005)

           Peacock in North Fort Myers, Florida (Tom Hahn Photo, April 2005)

The Spread. Someday I will catch the light better, but so far the peacocks in their "Spread Position," are reluctant to come out of the shadows. (Tom Hahn Photo, April 2005)

If the last view didn't attract you, then how about this one? (Tom Hahn Photo April 2005)

      Now We're Getting Someplace! (Tom Hahn Photo April (2005)

The Pride of the Flock (Tom Hahn Photo, May 2005


Peter Rabbit

                                                      Peter Rabbit Eating Cabbage in Maine (Tom Hahn Photo)
Peter Rabbit is your ordinary, domestic white rabbit, right? Wrong! Peter Rabbit was a VERY SPECIAL RABBIT. In summers in the late 1960s into the 1990s, we spent much of our summers at a cabin on Lower Lead Mountain Pond in Township 28. The nearest store was a small one at the crossroads of Amherst, Hancock County, Maine, ten miles away. One day, to our surprise, we saw a domestic white rabbit munching away at some grass in front of our cabin. We had no idea where he could have come from. Perhaps someone had dumped him on Route 9 about a mile away? In any event, he came and went all that summer. At about seven each evening, he would come thumping home up the gravel road that led to our cabin. Sometimes at night he would go down to our tiny beach and lie with his hind feet in the water. Peter would come up to be fed, but never to be picked up, and occasionally to be petted. Peter died on 22 August 1980(More narrative about and photos of Peter Rabbit later. Editor)

This was in a letter from my mother, in which she said, "I think this is the most unique and downright plain, but it speaks an unknown language. What do you think, and who are you thinking about?" You guessed it, PETER RABBIT


Tom and Miss Kitty Boo at Fall Church, Virginia 1950. Kitty Boo ended her days at a farm in Virginia (Hahn Collection)

Miss Kitty Boo sitting in Chris's Chair (Tom Hahn Photo) Collection)

Miss Kitty Boo Encounters the Mop (Tom Hahn Photo)

Miss Kitty Boo (Tom Hahn Photo)


Tom with a Dear Kitty, Tar Baby II, a male Persian, at Falls Church, Virginia. Tarbaby was killed by an automobile on Gallows Road in front of the house. (Thomas Hahn Collection



Princess Papooli, just visible in the lower, left-hand portion of the photo,  was probably acquired from a neighbor at Kawailoa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii c1963. In the right hand corner is one of her kittens. The fish are tilapia caught in a pond in a sugar cane field.  Tom belonged to the Haleiwa Fishing Club; one of the members, who was a vice-president of a sugar company, gave Tom a pass to fish in the ponds and lakes that belonged to the company. (Thomas Hahn Collection)

Duane Torrey and Possibly Ranger. The cat looks like Ranger who adopted us by coming to our Lock House in Brookmont, Maryland on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Unfortunately, Ranger did not live very long as he was sick when he came. The difficulty with the photo is that the back says October 1971 and we didn't move to the Lock House until 1972, but the note may be wrong. (Tom Hahn Photo)                                                              

The smartest cat that I have had was Dovey, a part-Siamese tortoise shell who was born in Pennsylvania. Dovey was my son's family cat, but at an early age we took her in when they moved to an apartment that didn't allow cats. She lived with us until she was eighteen years old.

Dovey with Ribbon at Shepherdstown, West Virginia. She sometimes wore ribbons on festive occasions in lieu of or in addition to her usual collar. Note the "blaze" on her chest, one of the characteristics of the "classic" tortie. (Photo by her "Grandpa" Tom Hahn)

Dovey with Ruffle at Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Occasionally, I would dress Dovey up a bit, t her great disdain. (Photo by her "grandpa" Tom Hahn)


                Dovey as a Unicorn (Photo by Tom Hahn)
After this photograph was returned by the photo shop, I was amused to see that Dovey looked a bit like a unicorn. "The "  unicorn" was in fact a young  pear tree in its protective wrapping. Occasion, at night, and usually at the full full which greatly animated Dovey, she (and I) like to play tag in the yard. Dovey would run up to me and slap my leg with a paw and take off for some part in the yard. When I found her I gave her a tap on her hiny and I would "hide." She often came to this particular tree as a base when she and the tree -- and I suppose, I -- were older. This photo replicates pretty well the beautiful markings and color of a true tortie.

Dovey at Our Home at Tropical Palms, Charlotte County, Florida. In this place I first used a laptop computer on a coffee table while I sat on a sofa. Dovey, my faithful companion, was usually at my side. One day before I started working, the screen saver, an aquarium scene, was on the computer. Dovey immediately became interested in the fish swimming by. She watched them, then circled around the computer to see where they were on the back of the computer. This seems to frustrate her. See next image for the conclusion. 

So, she sat back down, studied the computer screen, then hit one of the keyboard keys with her paw and turned off the screen saver. Then she looked at me as if saying, "That takes care of those buggers." I thought it was a fluke and that she had removed the fish randomly. However, the next morning she did the same thing. So, I changed the screen saver to something less irritating to her. Note the white "hole in the stocking effect" on her left paw, one of the characteristics of the "classis" tortie. (Computer photos by her "Grandpa" Tom Hahn)

                                                                                                                   Dovey Circle Design
When Dovey was quite small, she brought up a picture wire from the basement to play with. From then on she collected bits and pieces of wires and then. We put them in a basket. Soon old necklaces went there and then wires from champagne bottle. Then, at some point, Dovey began to make designs with them when we were away. The longer we were away, the more intricate the design. Shown here in 1883 in our kitchen in the old house at Shepherdstown, West Virginia is an empty food dish of hers surrounded by four champagne wires and one picture wire. (Photo by Tom Hahn)

                                                                   Dovey with Another Design of Her Toys.
These champagne wires lead up to al old collar in her dry food dish. Note the other "former collar" in front of her food. Dovey did not mind wearing collars at all. In point of fact, one time her collar fell off in the yard and she came in carrying it in her mouth and placed it in front of one of us. (Photo by Tom Hahn)

Dovey Design with Necklace at Center (Photo by Tom Hahn)

                                                                                                                                          Dovey's Toad (Photograph by Tom Hahn)
You may be wondering why a toad is here on the section on Dovey. Dovey did not have any other cats to play with in our house. She was a "singe grandchild" living with her grandparents. Dovey did not care for other cats. The only cat who ever was a match was a handsome male who came to the little slab of concrete in front of our kitchen door at the old house in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. We called him "Bully Cat," but he was was antagonistic and never was Dovey. They simply sat and stared at each other. Dovey had been spayed as a very young cat. To our knowledge she had never had sexual intercourse with another cat. Perhaps she she looked at Bully Cat and wondered what life would have been like in the Fast Lane? Dovey despised kittens kittens and small children. She was bane of many a dog who even dared to pass by our house. She was attracted to mice, shrews, chipmunks, birds, and the occasional lobster, and, a TOAD. This particular toad on occasion came to the screen door of our cabin in Maine to visit in the evening. I would let Dovey out and she and the toad faced each other and simply looked at each other for long periods of time. That was it! Maybe Dovey thought the toad would turn into a Prince!

Dovey Always Ready for a Nap with her Grandpa. Pretty wild colors here. (Hahn Collection)

Dover in the last year of her life (Tom Hahn Photo)


Swift Kitty at Amherst, New Hampshire, Christmas 1999 (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Swift Kitty on the Stairs in Amherst, New Hampshire in 2002 (Photo by Lisa Sasser)

Swift Kitty and Her Dog, Clipper ca2003 (Photo by Lisa Sasser/Betsy Hahn)

After Dovey died on 6 October 1997, Tom and Nathalie decided not to have any animals so as to be free to travel. However, because of changes to their lives, they decided in 2005 to adopt two new kittens, Tiger Tabby Aaron and Tortie Marrisa Annie on 6 October 2005, the death date of Dovey. He they are in their first week at home in Fort Myers, Florida.

Aaron and Annie at their new home at Fort Myers in October 2005. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Master Aaron on Guard on the Patio (Tom Hahn Photo)

Miss Annie at Home (Tom Hahn Photo)

Annie and Aaron on Our Bed in December 2005 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Annie Looking out at the Patio and Pond in December 2005 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Aaron on a High Perch by the Temple Dog January 2006 (Tom Hahn Photo)

This Apple Box from CostCo continues to be the Favorite Play to play for Aaron and Annie
                                                            (Tom Hahn Photo)

Handsome Aaron Decorates Guest Room Dresser February 2006 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Aaron Relaxed in a Favorite Chair. February 2006   (Tom Hahn Photo)

Annie Loves High Places. Sometimes she sleeps in this old Indian basket. (Tom Hahn Photo)

               And in Even Higher Places February 2006 (Tom Hahn Photo) 

Like most Couples Aaron and Annie have their Spats . Aaron is about to emphasize a point in a February 2006 discussion with a right paw. (Tom Hahn Photo)             

Thereupon ensues a "meaningful" discussion in which Annie "convinces the subdued Aaron of his sinful ways (Tom Hahn Photo)

And they return to their daily routine (Tom Hahn Photo)

How Do You Like our New Deco in May 2006. (Jan Foster Photo)

Aaron April 2006. Where does the cat start and end? (Tom Hahn Photo)

Aaron and Annie--Just Good Friends May 2006 (Jan Foster Photo)

Aaron--Chessie Cat May 2006 (Jan Foster Photo)

Annie and Aaron playing Hide-and Go Seek. Look for the ears in the Indian basket as a dead giveaway (may 2006) (Jan Foster Photo)

Betsy and Lisa's Pets


"Choco," Betsy and Lisa's Chocolate Labrador, at Arnold, Maryland. He also lived at their farm at Clear Springs, Maryland, and their house at Amherst, New Hampshire. (Hahn Collection)

Clipper in the Snow at 106 Horace Greeley Road in March 2005.
(Photo by Betsy Hahn)

Clipper Dress for Mardis Gras 2006 (Sent by Betsy Hahn)

Clipper Sasser-Hahn All Set for Hunting Season in New Hampshire (Sent by Betsy Hahn)

Diane Torrey's Pets

Gideon on the Hahn Steps at Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Duane and Linda Torrey's Pets

Duane and Linda Torrey's Kitty (Hahn Collection)


When we lived in Cherryfield, Washington County, Maine, in the mid-1990s, there was an odd family down the down who had all sorts of uncared-for cats. Most of these cats had various problems, mostly transmitted one from the other. I did what I could for them. I took Muffy (middle right) to a veterinarian to see what was wrong with her -- as an example of the others --  and talked him into selling me with medicine for all of them. To my knowledge, they all died, one at a time, and were probably succeeded by others. One family member told me that they were sick "from eating grass!" I did what I could at the time. (Tom Hahn Photo)
Misty Worobec, a Canadian Friend of the Family

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