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31 May 2006


Gene Mulligan about 1949. Gene and I were in the same class Russian class at the Naval Intelligence School at Anacostia, Maryland. He married a fellow Topekan, Dorothy Cochran, and is the godfather of Chris Hahn. Tom Hahn Photo)

(Left-to-right: Wayne Bjorlie, Clara Bjorlie, Lou Dittmar, Duane Torrey at the Hahn's Old House in Shepherdstown, West Virginia Tom Hahn Photo)

Ilana Bjorlie, daughter of Clara and Wayne Bjorlie, and god-daughter of Nathalie and Tom Hahn at Shepherdstown, West Virginia (Hahn Collection) Shepherdstown

Janis Lesbines at her Pernnial Garden near Harrington Maine (from a Calendar  featuring her for the month of April 1997. "

Some of my earliest memories are of weeding my grandmother's garden for a dime or just the sheer pleasure of it. Today, over 35 years later, I still find some of my most pleasant times are spent weeding and tending my own gardens, The gardens have taught me a great deal about life: patience, discipline, acceptance of disappointments, and rejoicing in accomplishment. I've gained an understanding of nature and my place in it. From the pesty weed to the tiny striped beetle, we all try to survive within our garden microcosm. Another great pleasure is seeing a customer's joy over the discovery of the magic of growing perennials and exchanging gardening knowledge.

A resident of Washington County for over 15 years, Janis has found the time t raise a family, work on her stained glass, and build her flower business, Barney Brook Perennials in Columbia. She is always willing to help others by sharing her green thumb experiences.

Marni Lesbines, Daughter of Janice and Damon Lesbines, Narraguagus (Herrington, Maine) High School Graduation 2006

Marlys and Jay Bell at their Home in Palm Coast, Florida 2002 and Nathalie and Tom Hahn (Hahn Collection)

Jay Bell at Home in Palm Coast, Florida 2002 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Marlys Bell at Home in Palm Coast, Florida 2002 Tom Hahn Photo)

Linda Jacobs Thanksgiving 2004. "It's How Many Days until next Thanksgiving?"

Nat and Barb Pizzini on Kentucky Derby Day 2005. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Friends at Kentucky Derby Day Party 2005 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Bob Lloyd and Linda Chamberlain at Tropical Palms 2005 (Photo by Chris Hahn)

Gordon and Mildred Barton of Winter Harbor, Maine

Unitarian Friends at Captain Con's on Pine Island, Spring 2006 (Photo by Ed Elrod)

Times New Roman 14 point. Photo check A. TH