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7 July 2006



1926  1120 High Avenue, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas

1927  Olive Avenue? Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

1928-1944  1129 High Avenue, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

1944 July-October  Battenfeld Hall, Louisiana University of Kansas, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas

1944 October  Naval Air Technical Training Center, Millington, Tennessee

1945 June  A/S, USNR, Navy V-12 Unit, Box 174 Southern Methodist University, Dallas 5, Texas

1945 Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Prather Hall, University of Texas, Austin, Texas

1946  September Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House, 3801 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, Texas

1948 July Near Ward Circle on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, District of Columbia

1949 Calvert Street N. W., Washington, D. C.

1950  Arlington, Virginia

1946-1948 June

1952  2002 Gallows Road, Falls Church, Virginia

Winter Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

The Town of Winter Harbor, September 1966 (U.S. Navy Photo)

A Favorite Winter Pastime (Hahn Collection)

* * *

Washington, District of Columbia
MacLean Gardens 1968-1970

Apartment B80, 3801 39th Street Northwest , Washington D.C. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Duane, Betsy, Chris,, Diane, mid-November 1968. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Fort Meade, Maryland 1970-1972

7845 Galt Street, February 1970 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Brookmont, Montgomery County, Maryland 1974-1975
Lock House 6, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Chris, Duane, Betsy (Tom Hahn Photo)

(Left-to-right) Duane age18, Chris 23, Diane 22,  Betsy 15. Year? (Tom Hahn Photo)

Duane, Betsy, Chris, 1973 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia 1975-1999

The Dining Area, a part of the Kitchen. The lock house had four rooms: Downstairs: Living Room, Kitchen-Dining Room Upstairs: Two small Bedrooms. The Bathroom and my small Office were in the basement. 1973. (Tom Hahn Photo)

This car first belonged to Betsy Hahn, then she sold it to Diane Torrey, so it is in a way a "family car." parked in the parking lot of Lock House No. 6. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Shepherdstown Old House 1975-

Duane, Betsy, Diane, Chris, 1974-1975 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris, Diane, Betsy, Duane, 1976 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Betsy, Chris, Tom Hahn in Living Room  (Tom Hahn Photo)

Nathalie with Dovey in the Middle Room Upstairs (Tom Hahn Photo)

Front: Betsy, Diane, Duane Back: Nat, Tom, Chris (Hahn Collection)

Chris, Diane, Duane, Betsy (in back) (Tom Hahn Photo)

Chris, Betsy, and Florence Hahn at the Stairway (Tom Hahn Photo)

Diane, Duane, Chris (Tom Hahn Photo)

Christmas. Diane, Duane, Florence Hahn, Betsy. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Thanksgiving. Chris, Florence Hahn, Duane, Chris Adams. Note the Spode China and the Ceramic turkey that were once belonged to Florence.

Save time and setting as above (Tom Hahn Photo)

"The Manor," near Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia. \

Some of the Brick Work Done by Duane Torrey at the Rear of The Manor. (Tom Hahn Photo)

111 BonAire Drive, BonAire Village, Shepherdstown, WV 25443


Tropical Palms

#82 Evergreen  (East Cypress?),17111 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, Florida 33955

Tom in the Sun Room with Pond to the South, 1993 (Hahn Collection)

Sabal Springs Golf & Racquet Club, 3741 Schefflera Drive, Fort Myers 33917-2040, Lot 10 Block 24

Our House at 3751 Schefflera Drive, Sabal Springs, Fort Myers. Florida (Photo by Bob Reineke)


Lower Lead Mountain Pond, Township 28, Hancock County, Maine 1967-1998?

Nat, Duane, and Betsy on Donny Fish's Boat Next Door , ca.1969 (Tom Hahn Photo)

Betsy Hahn and Tom Hahn, 1976

View looking west toward the lake. The windows were from an old house in Bar Harbor and swung up and were suspended by ropes. The pine paneling and electricity was added. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Tom on Sofa in Living Room Area. View of the lake to the northwest. Note the remains of the old boat that came with the cabin at the bottom of the window to the left. The pine paneling is an addition to the original cabin. 1983 (Hahn Collection)


Sometime in the early 1970s, Betsy took found miscellaneous old paint cans in the storage shed--later bunkhouse--and painted the interior of the outhouse. The paint remained bright the last time we visited there. The seats are more recent version. The upper portion of the photo is part of a double exposure. (Tom Hahn Photo)

The Roost. Third Hill Mountain, Berkeley County, West Virginia 1969-1990?

The Roost, 1969 (Hahn Collection)

Tom Hahn in Front of the Stairs to the Loft, 1970 (Hahn Collection)

View from the Deck of the Shenandoah Valley to the East, 1972. (Tom Hahn Photo)

Times Roman 14 point. Photo check A. TH